10 Engaging Story-Based Spatial Books For Preschoolers

Spatial books for preschool

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Spatial skills make an individual learn and interact with objects around them. Understanding what’s up, down and directions may be examples of these attributes. Being a significant personality attribute, cultivating these at a tender age may help.   Activities are often preferred way … Read more

Signs of High Spatial Intelligence In Children

Signs of spatial intelligence

The concept of multiple intelligence [1] was first introduced by H. Gardner. One of these intelligence is spatial intelligence.  Spatial intelligence is the ability to perceive and process three-dimensional visual data. It examines our conceptions of spatially related constructions in our conscious and subconscious minds. Imagine it like an aptitude to comprehend and envision abstract … Read more

7 Fun Spatial Relations Activities for Preschoolers

Spatial relation activities for preschoolers

Toddlers are very curious; they want to scrutinise and investigate new places and objects with their little limbs. Enthusiasm makes them learn fascinating skills. Schools today probably recognise this. They emphasise reasoning abilities for these curious learners of academics. Spatial reasoning and relations form a key lesson in this context.  Are you bewildered in search … Read more

9 Career Options For Individuals With High Spatial Intelligence

Career With High Spatial Intelligence

The definition of intelligence, over time, has been broadened from mere academic success pinning it down to a single, holistic factor. Today, various researches acknowledge intelligence to be composed of several primary mental abilities. In 1938, Thurstone defined the ‘space’ factor of intelligence that represented the ability to operate mentally on spatial and visual images. … Read more