100 Creative Writing Prompts For All Ages

All kids grow up listening to stories. But creating your own stories or sharing your own thoughts is even more fun! Though it may not be easy for most kids to start writing their creative pieces unless they have an idea in mind, a little prompt can open doors for new thoughts and imagination. They can then weave these thoughts into words to come up with interesting and engaging write-ups.

To help students get started with their creative writing journey, we have curated this article, wherein you will find one hundred creative writing prompts to spark creativity and promote storytelling skills. So, let’s get started!

In this section, you will find a bunch of creative writing prompts. These prompts are segregated into different lists for elementary, middle, and high school students. Choose topics from the appropriate list and start writing! 

1. For Elementary Kids

1. You wake up one day with a pair of wings. Write about where you would go first and what you would do there.

2. You are on a jungle safari. You see a tiger right in front of you. What would you do?

3. Write about a day when you get lost in the woods.

4. You and your friends find a hidden time machine. Do you tell your parents about it? Share your experiences during time travel.

5. You have found a magic wand in the attic. What will you do with it?

6. Your grandfather gives you a treasure map. Write a story about how you found your way to the treasure.

7. You get yourself locked in the bedroom. Now what?

8. Your favorite cousin comes to visit you.

9. Write about what it would be like to live with dinosaurs around us.

10. You wake up one morning only to find your pet dog is not around. Tell us what you did and how you found it at the end of the day.

11. You have turned into a mouse. How would you go about finding cheese for lunch?

12. Write about a day you spent with Grandma.

13. If you win free tickets to Disneyland, who would you take along, and what fun activities would you do there?

14. God wants to give you a superpower. What would it be, and how would you use it to make this world a better place?

15. You and your family are on vacation, but all your luggage is lost. You still manage to enjoy your vacation. How?

16. The day you found a hidden monster in your closet.

17. You spend a day with your favorite animals. What would it be like?

18. Write a story whose main character is your most beloved toy.

19. What would you do on a rainy day?

20. You and your friends befriend an alien. Tell us all about it.

21. Imagine getting to meet your favorite cartoon characters. What would you tell them or do with them?

22. Write a story about your teacher paying a visit to your house.

23. Read a story and write a new ending for it.

24. How would your life be without your mom and dad?

25. Share a memory that brings a smile to your face.

26. Imagine yourself as a doctor. How would you make kids comfortable during their visit?

27. Write about a scary dream that woke you up from sleep.

28. Disneyland or Legoland: Where would you choose to go and why?

29. Write about all the things you would do if you got a chance to be your mom for a day.

30. If animals spoke your language, what do you think they would talk to you about?

31. You see a trail of ants in your garden. You follow the trail, and you find…

32. How would you spend a day if you had no toys or friends around?

33. Describe your journey to the Moon.

34. Write about an adventure trip you would like to go on with your dad.

35. You lost your favorite toy but found it back again. Tell us what happened.

36. You’re gifted a robot on your birthday. What would you make it do?

37. What if you find a cat hidden under your bed?

38. You visit the local fair with your family.

39. A trip to the zoo.

40. If you could create the “happiest day ever,” what would it be like?

Creative Writing Prompts for elementary kids
Creative Writing Prompts for elementary kids
Creative Writing Prompts for elementary kids
Creative Writing Prompts for elementary kids

2. For Middle Schoolers

1. Share the tale of a sleepover at your friend’s place.

2. What qualities should a best friend have?

3. After school, you see something that makes you rush back home as quickly as possible. What did you see?

4. What is that one moment you would like to stay in forever?

5. What would your dream vacation be like?

6. Tell us about the time when you met your favorite celebrity.

7. You are watching a movie, but you don’t like its ending. What change would you bring to the ending if you got the chance to do so?

8. Write a letter to your future self. Don’t forget to make it an interesting read.

9. Write a fictional story about a man who loses his memory.

10. You just found out that you belong to a royal family. How will your life change now?

11. You are on a road trip with your family. How will you make the most of it?

12. You find yourself stranded on an empty island. How will you survive, and what will you do to get back home?

13. Your team was about to lose the tournament, but you played your part and saved the day. Tell us more about it.

14. What is your favorite family tradition?

15. If your ancestors came back alive, what would it be like to live with them under one roof?

16. Share a story about a haunted house you would never like to enter.

17. While walking across a street, you see an old lady sitting alone on a chair. You go to her to see if she needs help. But …

18. Write about your life as a first grader.

19. You meet a blind man in a stadium. How would you describe the game to him so he can also enjoy it?

20. Your friend is missing. How would you describe him to the forensic sketch artist?

21. Create a ghost story with you as the main character.

22. You went on a trip to the mountains. Describe the beauty in your own words.

23. Rewrite a fairytale, but modify it as per your liking.

24. You are about to get punished for something you did not do. How will you prove your innocence?

25. You get to live the most luxurious life for a day. What would you do and why?

26. You have created a new video game. Tell us its storyline and how to play it.

27. Write five notes to your parents. Incorporate different emotions in each note, like humor, happiness, anger, sadness, and satisfaction.

28. Write a story about moving to another city.

29. The day I found I was all alone in this world.

30. You want to stay up late, but your parents won’t allow it. Create a plan to persuade them and make them say ‘Yes.’

Creative Writing Prompts for middle school students
Creative Writing Prompts for middle school students
Creative Writing Prompts for middle school students

3. For High School Students

1. The experience of meeting your childhood friend after ages.

2. I was about to hit the road when…

3. The day you revisited your birthplace.

4. You are invited to speak in a TED talk. Choose a topic you would like to talk about and create your own script.

5. Write a speech to give on your high school graduation day.

6. What are the worst and best parts of family vacations?

7. Write a story about a time when your entire class stood up against social injustice in education.

8. What would your life be like without technology?

9. Create a funny story with you as the main character.

10. You are traveling to another city to participate in a sports tournament. But you missed the flight! How would you work things out in such a scenario?

11. You are on a tree plantation drive, but all the plants go missing!

12. You’re late on your first day of work. What would you say to convince your manager and reassure him that it won’t happen again?

13. How do you imagine your life 20 years from now?

14. Write a song about your goals and aspirations.

15. You’re invited to meet your favorite music band. How would you dress up for the meeting? What would you say to them? Would you be excited, nervous, or both?

16. Write your thoughts as you come to the end of your final year of high school.

17. You are asked to address the world regarding climate change. What would you say?

18. You turn into a superstar overnight.

19. Your most hated person comes over to stay. Tell us how you would handle this situation.

20. You found a secret door in your backyard. You stepped in and…

21. Write a tale when one has to choose between friendship and love.

22. What is your biggest regret? If you could go back in time and change it, what would you do?

23. Write about the process of creating a best friend for yourself.

24. Write a play that involves a breakup, moving to a new city, and welcoming a new family member.

25. Build a write-up with your mom’s perspective on the topic, “A day in the life of a mom.”

26. Share five creative ways you would use to calm yourself down.

27. It is late at night. You just finished watching a horror movie. Suddenly, you hear someone knocking at the door…

28. If Math was a boy and could tell you his problems, what do you think he would tell you?

29. You are a secret agent on the job. Tell us your mission and how you will accomplish your secret task. 

30. Imagine you’re studying at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Tell us about your magical experience there.

Creative Writing Prompts for high school students
Creative Writing Prompts for high school students
Creative Writing Prompts for high school students

Writing a variety of texts helps improve a person’s writing.  Therefore, after you get the hang of creative writing, you can also try writing poetry and plays using inspiring poetry prompts and dialogue writing prompts to further enhance your writing abilities. 

Tips for creative writing 

Here are some quick tips to help students improve their creative writing skills: 

  • Be an avid reader. Read a variety of books to understand the writing styles of different authors.
  • Write a small piece every day to practice your skills.
  • Use descriptive words to add depth to your writing.
  • Write an engaging hook to grab your reader’s attention.
  • Write your first draft without worrying about perfection.
  • Edit to create an impact on your readers. Fix grammar and punctuation, improve clarity, and add details where necessary.

Creative writing is an important skill to possess. While it is true that not all kids will grow up to be authors, practicing this skill either by playing online writing games or actual writing sparks creativity and encourages students to think outside the box. It helps them understand how their favorite stories were put together and recognize the efforts of the authors. 

What’s more? Creative writing gives wings to their thoughts, allowing them to express themselves freely and without hesitation. It boosts their written communication skills and instills confidence in them. 

So, take your writing sessions to another level by using the creative writing prompts shared above, and have fun writing your heart out!

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