50 Fantasy Writing Prompts For Beginners

Fantasy is one of the most loved genres by children because it takes them to a world of wonder and imagination. A world where creativity knows no bounds and there is a possibility of anything and everything.

Children often grow up watching fantasy movies and do have an idea of how these stories flow. So, writing them may not be as difficult as finding the perfect topic to write on. Therefore, getting students to write fantasy can sometimes become quite a challenge. But not if you have our collection of fantasy writing prompts at your disposal! Our long list of prompts will serve as a good starting point for your students. Find them below!

There are many good reasons to get students involved in fantasy writing. Here they are:

1. Fantasy writing allows students to use their creativity and imagination to write unique stories.

2. It gives teachers an idea of the thought process of every child.

3. Fantasy writing fosters problem-solving skills as students find creative solutions to the challenges that appear in their stories.

4. It builds their vocabulary, refines their grammar, and improves their writing skills just like creative manipulatives and online writing games.

5. Writing fantasy allows emotional expression in a safe and secure manner.

6. Students build confidence and a positive self-image as they receive appreciation for their work.

7. Fantasy writing encourages students to read more stories, which builds their language and storytelling skills.

1. A young girl discovers a magical treehouse. She can travel to different worlds if she enters it. Tell us how the story unfolds.

2. A boy finds a pair of magical shoes that allow him to run faster than the wind. Does he wear them, and where does he go?

3. You find a talking cat who wants you to find a hidden treasure. Will you listen to it, and how will you go about finding the treasure?

4. You borrow a book from your school library without knowing it takes kids into the story’s world every time it’s opened.

5. A group of students find their school is dealing with an ancient curse. How do they relieve the school of the curse?

6. You befriend a genie who grants one wish every day, but…

7. One day you and your friends discover you all have gained superpowers. How will you use these powers to protect your city from evil forces?

8. A baker has a big order to fulfill, but his staff is on leave. Suddenly, all the utensils come to life, and are ready to help him prepare the order. How do you think this will go?

9. A boy discovers a dragon egg and must keep it safe from dragon hunters.

10. There is a princess who cannot talk but can understand the language of animals. How do they help each other solve a mystery in their kingdom?

11. You spent the whole night making a painting, but somehow it turned out to be magical. Whenever someone looks at it, it takes them to another realm. How do you bring back all those who have been transported through your painting?

12. A young boy realizes he can travel to the world of candies, but he must travel alone. What would his journey be like?

13. You wake up in the middle of the night only to see a fairy. She is ready to grant you three wishes, but there’s a catch!

14. A boy takes his dog out for a walk in the woods. He unknowingly crosses a portal that takes them to a land of giants. How do they survive there, and can they ever come back?

15. An old witch spells a curse on a village and its people. She is, however, ready to make things back to normal if one of the young village boys completes three impossible tasks. Who do you think comes forward to save their village, and how?

16. A pirate team learns about a sunken ship with several chests of gold. They convince a mermaid to help them in their quest to find the sunken ship. Write about how they find their way to the sunken ship. Do they find the gold?

17. A girl has the ability to talk to plants. They talk about how worried they are as more and more trees are being cut down in today’s world. The girl promises to stop this from happening. Write how she does it.

18. You are a young and intelligent inventor who creates a robot, but somehow it develops destructive abilities. How will you fix this problem?

19. You found a bunch of keys that unlock doors to different worlds.

20. A boy discovers a hidden world inside his grandfather’s clock. He goes inside, but forgets his way back to the real world. And then… 

21. A boy visits an aquarium with his family. A fish in one of the tanks reveals a strange secret, and…

22. You have heard your neighbor is a werewolf, and you often observe him doing strange things. One night…

23. You and your family go on a trip to explore a cave. As you go inside, you find a baby dragon hiding inside. What happens then?

24. A little girl is watching her favorite TV show about unicorns. One day, a unicorn comes out of the TV and welcomes the little girl into a world of their own. What adventures do you think the little girl might have?

25. Create a story based in Wonderland with a young boy, a monster, and a pet dog as the main characters.

26. You notice disappearing footprints as you are walking back home at night. You follow them only to find yourself in…

27. You see and experience the presence of a ghost around you. Now what?

28. A family is on vacation. As they enter the hotel room, they receive a letter saying, “We’re waiting for you at home.” Who could they be? Why do you think they went to their home when the family is out?

29. You find a magical mirror that shows the future. And you learn that the end of the world is near.

30. Students in a school realize their teachers are hiding a secret. How do they go about finding out what their secret is?

31. You and your family go to the zoo. The gorilla comes near the cage railings and whispers that he wants your help to return to his natural habitat. Will you help him, and how?

32. A girl goes to her friend’s birthday party. They all drink a special juice that makes everyone lose their memory! Will they ever get their memory back?

33. Write a story about a man who wakes up in his past life.

34. There’s a haunted house at the end of your street. No one has ever dared to enter it, but your friends challenge you to go inside. Will you go? What do you think you will find?

35. You get the superpower of reading everyone’s minds. Write about what everyone is thinking about. Is this superpower worth having?

36. You prayed to God to turn you into the strongest creature in this world, so he turned you into a dung beetle! What will your life be like now?

37. Sherlock Holmes wants you to accompany him on his detective spree. Tell us this story.

38. Write about the day when the sun refused to rise.

39. You find a camera that captures the images of ghosts.

40. Your favorite cartoon character is waiting inside the closet to see you. You get up to get dressed for school. So, you open the closet door and…

41. While walking down the street, a big flash of light falls on your eyes and leaves you blind for some time. Moments later, when you can finally see again, you realize you have developed x-ray vision!

42. You meet a new friend. He calls you on his birthday. The cake has the number ‘100’ on it, but your friend just looks like a 12-year-old. Is this even possible? What is it you do not know?

43. Write a story about a child whose toys go on a protest, and do not play with him.

44. You find an invisibility cloak in your grandpa’s bedroom. Will you use it, and for what?

45. A camping trip turns out to be a nightmare. What happened?

46. Write a story about a girl who drinks a potion to remain young forever. Sadly, the potion creates the opposite effect, and she turns into a very old woman.

47. At one moment, you’re waiting at the bus stop. But then you enter a wrong bus, realizing later  that it is named “The Coach to the Unknown.’

48. The world is in search of a pen that turns written text into reality. What happens when it falls into the wrong hands?

49. The hero of your story wakes up one morning, packs his bags, and leaves his house. Where does he go? Build a story around this plot.

50. NASA receives a message from aliens living on a faraway planet. They wish to have a meeting. Tell us how humans on Earth made this possible.

Fantasy Writing Prompts
Fantasy Writing Prompts
Fantasy Writing Prompts
Fantasy Writing Prompts
Fantasy Writing Prompts
Fantasy Writing Prompts
Fantasy Writing Prompts
Fantasy Writing Prompts
Fantasy Writing Prompts
Fantasy Writing Prompts
Fantasy Writing Prompts

Before your students start writing, give them these quick tips to help them write an impeccable fantasy story:

  • Have a clear and well-thought-out theme in mind.
  • Create strong, well-described characters.
  • Build a connection with your reader.
  • Use catchy dialogue and incorporate clever twists in the story to grab attention.
  • Write vivid descriptions to take readers into the fantasy world.
  • Edit to improve flow and clarity, and proofread to create a mistake-free copy.

Fantasy writing is a great activity to engage students in. Think of it as an expression of creativity, as they use it to come up with stories others may never think of.

While it is quite possible to do a fantasy writing assignment in class, your students may do better at it if their writing isn’t time-bound. The same goes when students use creative writing prompts for their writing.

When students have no pressure to complete their writing on time, they enjoy the creative freedom to think and create worlds of their own. They can weave their thoughts with their storytelling skills to come up with stories that everyone will love to read and enjoy.

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