6 Fun Books For Mastering Abacus Skills

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Abacus is one of the entertaining ways to learn and fasten the process of calculation. The beads and the rods have always attracted the kids and are known to be ideal methods to enjoy learning the operations. The Abacus has been a popular calculation tool throughout history. Many nations still use it as a fallback for modern tallying tools. 

Although there are various tools to learn abacus, books are a package of knowledge, real-world examples, and different teaching methodologies. Fun Abacus books include engaging fun factors that work on keeping the attention of students. They are different from other books as through unique methodologies, readers are able to connect and learn the concept.

Hence, this post aims to help you find suitable fun abacus books for you and your little learner from the list of books mentioned below.

Engaging books for learning abacus – Our recommendations

Books are a source of knowledge and are vital to gaining an edge in the learning environment. Abacus books can help you dive into ancient techniques with fun examples that you can employ in order to enhance the calculation speed. Check out these books to learn Abacus and get exposure to various calculation processes and their importance.

1.  How To Use A Chinese Abacus

How To Use A Chinese Abacus: A Step-By-Step Guide To Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Roots, And More

This book explains how to use a Chinese abacus to do basic mathematical operations, including addition, subtraction, and root systems. Additionally, you can learn about the archaic “additional bead” and “suspended bead” techniques. This is the ideal option if you are beginning to learn Abacus through books. Both kids and parents can use this book to understand the fundamentals of an Abacus. To make it easy for readers, the calculation process is thoroughly explained along with images at every stage.

This book briefly explains how the Chinese and Japanese employed the hexadecimal and decimal systems, respectively with an abacus. It demonstrates how to utilize these systems and practice. Technical details of Abacus and engaging writing style is what make this book, a must-have for this Abacus learning journey.

2.  Abacus Mind Math Level 1 Workbook 1 of 2

Abacus Mind Math Level 1 Workbook 1 of 2: Excel at Mind Math with Soroban, a Japanese Abacus

This abacus book is unique as it includes a workbook helpful for teachers and students. For kids and adults studying Soroban, the book simply offers practice exercises to understand concepts better. The Soroban, a Japanese abacus, is an amazing visualization tool that enables children to “see” numerals as beads while calculating.

Soroban offers a systematic method (formulas) for computation on the device and in the mind. This is completely adaptable to the present decimal number system. It has numerous practice questions, is easy to use, and follows a series of instructions. The book is easy to understand because it works on constructing each idea with minute details, which makes it simple to understand the Abacus and improves precision and agility.

3. Learn To Do Math With Soroban A Japanese Abacus

Learn To Do Math With Soroban A Japanese Abacus: Learn How To Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide And Find Square Roots

This abacus book is good for learning addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and prime number finding with an abacus. If you wish to learn through examples, this book is ideal for you! The book is filled with example questions with detailed answers that aims to develop a deep understanding through practicing and observing.

Learning abacus can be tricky, however, in this book, directions are supported by clear graphics that help to associate it with the theory part. Additionally, students, teachers, and adults can practice and sharpen their reading and calculating abilities. An additional feature is the inclusion of numerous exercise problems supplied at the end of each chapter allowing enough practice to get a strong grip on using an abacus. 

4. Chinese Abacus: Practical step-by-step Guide

Chinese Abacus: Practical step-by-step Guide

This is an interesting book to learn the origination and concepts of a Chinese abacus. Written by Nabil MJID, the book offers step-by-step instructions for readers to deeply comprehend calculations with a Chinese abacus. The book revolves around a strong practical approach thereby offering realistic learning to students and adults.

Learning the Chinese abacus is an absolute delight as the book is filled with multiple examples that help readers connect with real-world situations. It is a pleasure learning the Chinese abacus with the inclusion of high-end graphical illustrations along with an explanation guide. Students and adults can understand the basic rules of addition and subtraction performed on a Chinese abacus. The book also offers Knowledge of Square root extraction, multiplication, and division with examples in every chapter.

This book helps in visualizing numbers into a Chinese abacus and solving related problems. It helps students exercise mental muscles and enhances concentration, memory, and observation capacity.

5. Imaginary Abacus

Imaginary Abacus

If you are looking for a fun learning environment to learn abacus, the book, Imaginary Abacus is here to help you! The book is a great source for beginners as the tricky concepts and explanations are laid down in an interesting manner. You can get a good idea for solving problems as the book contains illustrations that engage learners and are visually appealing for students and teachers.

The book is designed with endless abacus problems that allow enough practice. The book offers a proper demonstration of how things need to be solved for getting the right results. It is a complete guide to learning subtraction and addition with the usage of an imaginary Abacus.

The book facilitates engaging learning with high-end graphics and realistic examples. Such a book is highly recommended for sharpening memory, improving concentration, and building focus toward math.

6. Complete Abacus Mind Math

Complete Abacus Mind Math: Step by Step Guide to Mastering Mind Math with a Japanese Abacus

The book contains instructions on how to introduce kids to mental math efficiently, as well as strategies to enhance the calculation speed. It offers a complete abacus mind math instruction along with a workbook to understand basic calculations. After every lesson part, there is an integrated workbook with certain problems to solve.

The book is ideal to comprehend the process of learning mental and Abacus calculations. Soroban has long been employed as a tool to help kids with arithmetic. Hence, a detailed instruction manual and workbook that instruct readers on employing it in solving various problems improve their proficiency in calculating and visualizing mental math.

Fun ways to learn abacus

While books are considered good companions, there are other fun ways to learn to operate Abacus. When teachers and parents incorporate different teaching methodologies, they can engage children in effective learning sessions. 

  • Abacus is even more interesting when parents, adults, and teachers decide to include innovative abacus toys in the teaching methodology.
  • Classroom Activities for abacus can be developed to create a challenging environment among students.
  • Several worksheets help students solve and practice multiple problems. As worksheets are structured, students learn in a systematic way.
  • Certain online games available on the web can act as a source of inspiration for students to play them and understand the usage of an abacus.
  • Physical objects are also used in teaching calculation after which an abacus can be introduced to students.
  • Abacus training sessions can also be implemented for students. It helps them specifically focus on learning calculations through Abacus.

Final word

Are you someone who is attracted to learning abacus but unable to find the right way? These books are your answer! The fun Abacus books pave the way for readers to understand the ancient application and techniques of using an abacus. It also provides wide exposure to Japanese and Chinese calculations that carry an impact in today’s world. 

As books provide a significant structure, pattern, and visually appealing illustrations, students are more likely to engage in the learning process. Parents and teachers can benefit from these books due to easy access, detailed explanations, and simpler methods for calculations.

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