5 Online Forums Focusing On Mental Math

Is mental math a skill, or is it a concept that can be learned over time? As much as it is taught in schools through the traditional methods, there are many forums that are now helping children acquire the ability to calculate in one’s minds and become a master at it! 

Mental math forums comprise trained and skilled educators who assist in upgrading the student’s academic performance. They employ certain tools and resources to teach mental math calculations. Furthermore, online forums also furnish worksheets and study materials to encourage the students to grasp the topic better. They provide quality learning – and boost the mental agility and intelligence of the students.

In this post, we will talk all about mental math forums, which ones are the best, and how they really help! 

Mental math: A compendious brief

Mental math is a delegation of skills where your brain acquires math concepts without using supplies or devices, such as a calculator. In other words, you can assert that mental math (or mental calculation) is the process of comprehending the basic ideas and concepts of mathematics in the head. It stipulates students to adapt to a new notion more prominently and effectively. Often employed as a strategic method to calculate an estimate, mental math uses math concepts, such as division, multiplication, or double facts – to carry out arithmetic calculations.

For example, if you’re asked to add 34 and 56. Wouldn’t it be much easier if you were allowed to add 30 and 50? Mental math teaches such strategies to break the calculation down to solve it easily in the head. Consequently here,

50+30=80; remaining 6+4=10. 

So,  the answer turned out to be 90! 

List of mental math forums

Mental Math Forums are free or paid communities for students, wherein they can learn and discuss math concepts with other fellow students in an effective and advanced way. These forums bestow a learning environment to the students to better implement the concept of mathematics – and develop a strong base. While most online forums are accessible free of cost, you need to pay a certain amount to get access to others. They provide the users with highly qualified and reliable educators – who help groom the students to perform better academically. 

Some of the most prominent mental math forums are: 

1. AoPS Online 

Striving to thrust students towards finer and interactive math online, AoPS (Art of Problem Solving) Community turned into one of the well-liked picks for mental math not only because of its forums but also for related queries and information about contests, Olympiads, and other programs.  The content is effectively categorized based on the grades so that visitors can mark them effortlessly. 

Started as a community to offer creative and persistent solutions to students, Aops today not only offers forums but also online classrooms to make a progressive difference. This ensures answers to the queries from knowledgeable instructors ensuring validity. Users can also avail free resources like Alcumus, videos and Math counts trainer. All this makes the user experience delightful

Forum link

2. Math Forums

While this forum covers all the topics related to math, Mental math questions form a reasonable chunk.  Along with relevant problems, generalized tips and tricks form a value-adding factor for the visitor. A divergent set of queries can turn into a free source to aid in academics and career guidance too. For better navigation, the content can be divided into various sections like high-school, university, and pre-university sets. 

The minimum age to avail features here is 13. Further, the data is ensured with privacy with their free services. A simple and clean interface eases navigation to relevant topics. Being a global forum, it encourages students across the world to post their queries giving rise to a huge community.

Forum link

3. Art of Memory

An organized forum that helps visiting students navigate to necessary topics easily.  With around 22 categories of topics you can choose from, you can also search using other tools like Badges, tags, and groups. Various resources and competitions thrive to keep the users motivated. Several tips and tricks to be used can be mined out from the Forum Help section. With healthy engagement, the insights it brings create greater value. 

Enticing customization options make this forum unique. For instance, Users can change the content they see on the welcome scream- Recent threads or relevant threads. Claiming to be a civilized platform, it ensures healthy discussions and clean from spam. The staff here respond pretty quickly. Further, users also get a chance to give feedback on their services. 

Forum Link

4. Physics Forums

A forum incepted for Physics, a section for mental math in it covers various mental math queries. This forum covers various sections apart from math like career guidance, engineering, and other topics like DIY projects and earth sciences. These forums can be visited as a parent to ask queries about their children too. Being focused on STEM development, it ensures to cover apparently all the relevant topics needed by the schoolers. 

This site also hosts articles relevant to subjects like math and science and is known as Insights. Moreover, math challenges conducted every month adds to the competitive spirit in peer visitors. Threads listed under Hot Threads and Featured Threads make navigation to trending threads facile. In addition, homework can be also posted in the Homework Forum section. 

Forum link

5. Math Help Forum

A free forum site for maths, physics, and chemistry notions which covers almost all the notions in math, including mental math sections like general math, challenges, and peer reviews too Just like other forums, users can divide the content into various sections like pre-university and University. To surf more about a topic, visitants get a lot of recent and related discussion, to which they can switch by a click for more insights. 

Founded in 2005, this forum welcomes all stakes like teachers, educators, professors, mathematicians, engineers, and also scientists along with students. Retaining the ideology and essence of professionals in the discussions can turn into a great take-in for inferences with validity. 

Forum link

Mental math forums: Comprehending where they get nifty

Incepted in the 1970s, forums have come a long way in offering generous edges to the communities. At the same time, these improved collaborations and communications, solutions for common problems were found out briskly. Apart from these benefits, Mental math forums get adorned with the following value additions:

1. Rising Queries that were previously not addressed

With increased academic complexities, there is always a scope for new challenges to arise, and sometimes the mentor could not address the same. In such scenarios, posting these in forums can make the pupil raise it before hundreds of peers and mentors, improving the chances of getting solved to mani-folds.

2. Creating a community of peers

Peers are evident in the school classroom. However, the queries raised by them can vary. Mental math forums can encompass learners who have similar challenges, thus creating a sense of collective strength, which boosts confidence and motivation.

3. To Share personalized tips and tricks

As we comprehend, Mental Math is substantially about tips and tricks to get the problem solved faster. Some personalized tips can be fabricated to accelerate the process further. When such latest tips are discovered or created, these can be shared to assist others. Mental math Forums assist by giving reach to millions of other students. 


From this article, we can conclude the importance of Mental Math Forums for students with relatively less interest in mathematics. Mental math-related activities make your mind quick sharp and increase intellect. Not only does the student’s interest go towards math, but also their mental agility and neural conduct are improved. This helps students to calculate in their minds with ease. Similarly, if students possess a better perception of the mental math concepts, they will develop a positive outlook of leading the way toward mathematics. Thus, we can say that an apparent concept about mental math is the key to success!

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