5 Engaging Online Games For Learning Pronouns

Grammar is one of the most vital aspects of learning a language. Learning ‘Pronouns’ is simple and needs engagement and time. Pronoun learning reinforces knowledge as a part of speech and allows children to create sophisticated sentences. Learning pronouns out of the traditional setup is a boon for learners in the present education system. With proper use, online games can be an effective tool for learning pronouns. Perfect learning tool for teachers, counselors, and parents for teaching students tedious language concepts. 

Why are games & activities a better way of learning?

Activities and games are present online for each grade, and some of the following games might be suitable for students. Children have their way of thinking, learning, which is entirely different from adults, and game activities help enhance their understanding and knowledge. Studies by Hoffmann[1] conclude that learning through games is an incredible way to promote cooperation and mutual help in students. Online games are an effective method of exploring new ideas and concepts.

Keeping this in mind, we’ve curated a list of 7 online games for little learners to develop an interest in learning pronouns. 

Incredible games for learning pronouns

1. Choose Possessive Pronoun

Choose Possessive Pronoun

Correct usage of possessive pronouns is a must. In this game, players are given objects or persons, implying possession. They need to choose the correct possessive Pronoun given in the list. The game’s structure is interesting as it has audible instructions where the correct or incorrect is stated on the spot. This game offers audible and positive reinforcement for learners. The game starts with approaching tanks with pronouns written on them to choose for the given question. Hitting the right tank will make it explode and you gain the point. Hitting the wrong one will in turn make your tank explode. 

2. Identify Singular Pronouns

 Identify Singular Pronouns

In this game, players must be aware of a comprehensive understanding of singular pronouns to score well. This game is engaging as it has been designed with colorful graphics, animation, and replayability. In this game, players must click to shoot the arrow upon the dartboard to choose the correct answer. Incorrect answers lead to an automated replay of the game. The questions test our ability to correctly use the pronouns in a sentence. Hitting the correct answers before the timer runs out is what makes this game interesting. 

3. Balloon Pronoun Game

Balloon Pronoun Game

 How exciting it is to see a child curious about seeing a Balloon? In this game, players have to choose the correct word by hitting the correct balloon. To be precise, they watch the balloon rising and click upon as many pronouns as they can find before they fly off. The game is quite engaging as players can control the speed, making it more challenging.  

4. Space Dog

 Space Dog

The game focuses on the subject-object Pronoun that players have to choose by navigating a galaxy filled with monsters, a sea of pirates, and rivers filled with crocodiles. The game is based on an MCQ-type quiz with interesting graphics. For every correct answer, the space doggo gets a bone making the quiz engaging for kids.  

5. Sentence Builder

Sentence Builder

Sentence Builder is specifically catered toward first graders. Players are acquainted with the basics of possessive pronouns. Floyd is building a wall. Every layer of the wall is missing a brick. You get the option to choose the correct brick to fill the gap in the layer. Your answer should be based on the correct usage of the possessive pronoun as mentioned in the sentence on the layer. As you answer correctly, the wall will be simultaneously built, and the questions keep getting challenging. 


In a nutshell, these activities are exciting and easy to prepare. Such actions make the child curious, and an urge automatically grows in them to learn more. Learning Pronouns will make the child close to mastering the language in a better way. In grammar, pronouns are significant to make the sentence complete. Identification of pronouns only in classroom setup is not enough. This is why such gaming activities are substantial to learn about pronouns. Through such games, children can catch everything with ease and effectively.


[1] Hoffmann, L. (2009). Learning through games. Communications of the ACM, 52(8), 21-22.

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