Free Printable BODMAS Worksheets For Grade 5-7 [PDF]

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Children learn basic mathematical operations at the primary level of education. Moving upwards, they need to learn to solve problems where a combination of operations is involved. Interestingly, if not solved in the correct order, the results can be different. That is why the concept of order of operations is taught. BODMAS is an acronym for the order of operations where B= Bracket, O=of, D=Division, M= Multiplication, A= Addition, and S= Subtraction.

When a question includes all these operations, they should be solved in this order. It does require a lot of practice to master this concept. To provide you ample practice material, we have designed and included free printable BODMAS Worksheets for grades 5,6,7 (PDF) in this post.

You can have prints of these BODMAS Worksheets PDFs and also save them on the device of your choice. With all these worksheets in hand, you can provide amply challenging questions to students of 5, 6, and 7 grades.

Free Printable BODMAS Worksheets For Grade 5-7 [PDF]
Free Printable BODMAS Worksheets For Grade 5-7 [PDF]
Free Printable BODMAS Worksheets For Grade 5-7 [PDF]
Free Printable BODMAS Worksheets For Grade 5-7 [PDF]

Types of questions included in BODMAS Worksheets bundle

Our bundle of printable BODMAS Worksheets includes interesting questions that your child will love to solve. We have included additional activities in the sheet to keep the engagement quotient high. Here is what you will get to do in our BODMAS worksheets:

  • Solve and match the kite’s equation with its holder: A question is written on the kite. Solve this BODMAS question, match it with the answer written in holder’s t-shirt. Also, color the kite and the holder carrying correct answer in the same shade.
  • Help monkey climb stair to reach banana by answering correctly: On every step, a number is given. You need to solve the corresponding question number and fill in the correct answer on that step. All correct answers finally take monkey to banana.
  • Help Sam reach school: Various turns of the path have a number written. Solve the question at corresponding number to guide Sam to reach school which is at the end of the path.
  • Use correct operational sign: A matrix of numbers is given. Ask the student to fill in the spaces provided in the matrix with the correct sign of operation. It is to be done in such a way as to maintain the correct flow of the problem.

How to use our BODMAS worksheets bundle?

Help children learn the art of problem-solving in the process of learning BODMAS questions with our worksheet bundle. Solving questions can become monotonous and students may not feel driven to the process if they don’t find any purpose fulfilled. We have included a challenge in these worksheets that provides a feeling of fulfillment to the students. You can utilize our BODMAS worksheet bundle in the following ways:

  • As an anchor chart: Give a break to the routine solving of worksheets and paste these printables as poster in your study area. You can have a group activity with your friends wherein you can take turns to answer various questions and write on the poster.
  • As a quiz tool: Have these worksheets as a poster in the classroom. Ask children one by one to come forth and solve various questions given in those. Since every question has a target to achieve, children work as team and utilize their BODMAS solving skills to be an effective contributor.
  • A self-study material: Children interested in practicing by self can solve these worksheets at home. Since these are in a device-friendly format, they can hone their mental math skills by solving these questions without using pen and paper.

BODMAS worksheets – Outcomes to expect

Why are our BODMAS worksheets to be used for mastering the order of operations? Well, it is not just a study material, but the bundle of positive outcomes Solve these worksheets multiple times and try to be faster than before. Expect the following improvements in your understanding of BODMAS by practicing this concept using our worksheets:

  • Be well-conversant with order of operations
  • Added comfort in applying BODMAS rules
  • Learn the order rules in without parentheses expressions
  • Improve mental math’s
  • Enhance problem-solving capabilities


Our BODMAS worksheets are quality study material that can help students have an engaging way of practicing this math operational skill. Include these worksheets in your practice kit and revisit them often to improve your calculation skills. Do share with us how our bundle of BODMAS worksheets for Grade 5, 6, and 7 have helped you enrich your operational expertise, and contributed to your better performance in maths.

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