Abacus Or Calculator: Does It Matter?

Math has been around for centuries, and there are a variety of tools that have been used to help with calculations. Two of the most popular are the abacus and the calculator. However, being used for the same idea, both are poles apart, hence, what is the difference between the two technologies? A calculator is … Read more

5 Innovative Abacus Toys For Kids


Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Abacus combines shifting the beads and acting with your fingers. It is a fundamental and comprehensive learning process. One of the ways to increase numerical proficiency and arithmetic aptitude is through abacus learning. This promotes mental arithmetic abilities and capabilities like imagination, … Read more

6 Fun Books For Mastering Abacus Skills

abacus books

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Abacus is one of the entertaining ways to learn and fasten the process of calculation. The beads and the rods have always attracted the kids and are known to be ideal methods to enjoy learning the operations. The Abacus has been a popular … Read more

Abacus Or Kumon Math Program: Which One To Go For?

Abacus vs Kumon

In the hope of getting their kids a little extra help with classroom preaching, parents always lookout for academic enrichment programs. There can be various reasons for this search, such as may be the student is struggling with the subject or just needs a little help to get higher marks and knowledge. Abacus is a … Read more

Major Differences Between Suanpan And Soroban

suanpan vs soroban

Retaining a mind-honing reckoner in hand is just like possessing a top-notch bat ready to hit the ball.  While there are a handful of options, Abacus can be pre-eminent due to its key role in improving creativity, accuracy, and concentration in kids. Nevertheless, several sorts of the abacus can make you bewildered to choose one … Read more

10 Engaging Games And Apps For Learning Abacus

Abacus apps and games

The Internet has brought in volumes of changes. The education sector still remains at the top of the list, though. It almost seems like the entire functionality of the learning mechanism has undergone a renovation. The advent of the digital abacus is one of the many examples supporting this statement. The other is how gaming … Read more

6 Interesting Abacus Activities for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners

Abacus Activities for kids

When you have a nursery kid at home, much of your time is likely to get consumed in attempts to either enhance their familiarity with the world around them or to expand learning experience. However, actualizing this is not a piece of cake in reality.  Kids tend to have an extremely short attention span, which … Read more

7 Online Abacus Training Classes For Little Math Aspirants

Online abacus training classes

It is believed that the Abacus was first used 5,000 years ago by Chinese merchants to facilitate their buzzing trade transactions. Rightly regarded as the first-ever calculating tool, Abacus still maintains its relevance in today’s age due to its strong fundamental nature and easy-to-understand techniques. Not only does it stimulate logical thinking, but it also … Read more

Is Abacus Useful For Adults?

Is abacus only for kids ?

What is the first picture that comes to your head when you hear the word ‘abacus’? A group of kids (exaggeration on ‘kids’) trying to manipulate a set of beads within a frame. An abacus is a tool that aids in performing various mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc, and improves math … Read more

Difference Between Abacus And Soroban

Abacus vs soroban

Regular academics get fascinating when distinct manipulatives are employed in pedagogies. Math is one such subject where pupils can employ estimators. Abacus is one such handy reckoner that has attained universality. In View of after-school programs, the abacus has a set of edges and catches too. Does the implementation of Soroban mitigate these?  While the … Read more