10 Helpful Chrome Extensions For Those Struggling In Mathematics

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Mathematics is a fundamental subject that provides a foundation for many areas of study, including science, engineering, finance, and more. However, mathematics can also be challenging for students, particularly when they are faced with complex calculations, abstract concepts, and problem-solving tasks. Fortunately, there is now a wide range of tools and resources available that can … Read more

Important Tools And Resources For Successful Project Based Learning

project based learning

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Project Based Learning is a learning method that is used by many teachers, professionals as well as students to acquire knowledge and develop skills by working for a certain period of time to understand, analyze, solve and respond to a challenging set … Read more

8 Essential Tools For Synchronous Learning

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Synchronous learning has always been valued, and technology has always tried to empower this form of learning. But how would the world have survived if it wasn’t for technology and the internet during the pandemic? It is a fact that synchronous learning tools came into the limelight after the widespread prevalence of virtual synchronous learning.  … Read more

Abacus Or Calculator: Does It Matter?

Math has been around for centuries, and there are a variety of tools that have been used to help with calculations. Two of the most popular are the abacus and the calculator. However, being used for the same idea, both are poles apart, hence, what is the difference between the two technologies? A calculator is … Read more

8 Online Tools For Students To Improve Their Note-Taking Skills

Online note taking tools for students

The world has changed. Information is available at our fingertips, and it can be hard to keep up with the pace of change in this digital age. For many people, writing notes by hand is just too time-consuming.  Note-taking is an essential skill for a student. But it is not always enjoyable. Here, online note-taking … Read more

How Do Graphic Organizers Help Students With Dyslexia?

How do graphic organizers help students with dyslexia

Students with Dyslexia may need assistance in organizing their thoughts to complete their assignments and notes. As they may prefer visual learning, presentations in the form of flowcharts and tables may help. Looking into it deeply, these graphic organizers assist students by providing better details.  Not only in better executive functioning, there are multiple other … Read more

Top 7 Websites For Practicing Cuisenaire Rods Concepts Online

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Cuisenaire Rods are a simple and interactive learning tool that consists of various colored rods of different lengths. It facilitates a practical approach to exploring the math and mathematical concepts, including arithmetics, co-ordinate geometry, factorials, etc., in a manipulative approach. These can be approached through various online methods. Online Cuisenaire Rods is a virtual manipulative … Read more

5 Ways To Remotely Support Students With Dyslexia

Dyslexia and remote support

REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S EXPERT PANEL ON MAY 02, 2022 Remote assistance has been getting easier with improved technology. What teachers may now need are just a few tips to make it a lot more effective. For people with Dyslexia, these tips work not only for personalization but also ensure flexibility of resources and time.  To end your … Read more

9 Important Tools And Resources For Improving Executive Functioning In Adults

Tools & Resources for executive function skills

Be it planning for a party, or a family trip one needs to organize and put tasks in order and ensure these are accomplished. The ability to manage such divergent tasks all within a certain time span requires executive functioning skills. Comprehending the same, some may perceive to learn these in order to make a … Read more

Important Tools And Resources For Visual Learning

Tools & Resources for visual learning

Individuals often retain information not only through reading but also through visual learning. For that reason, we often effortlessly remember the signs and hoardings. Accordingly, learners may learn topics finer when the educators employ some visually appealing tools along with the traditional pedagogies.  Visual learning tools can be perceived as a set of ideas and … Read more