Top 7 Websites For Practicing Cuisenaire Rods Concepts Online

Cuisenaire Rods are a simple and interactive learning tool that consists of various colored rods of different lengths. It facilitates a practical approach to exploring the math and mathematical concepts, including arithmetics, co-ordinate geometry, factorials, etc., in a manipulative approach. These can be approached through various online methods.

Online Cuisenaire Rods is a virtual manipulative provided by a website that provides information and activities related to Cuisenaire rods and other tools. These websites can assist a student in their practice or a teacher in demonstrating the concept virtually or in class. The list given below is the eminent choices of these sites as of our research. 

Online Cuisenaire rods-  How does digital manipulative assist?

Digital Manipulative is a great way for kids to learn about the subject through technology. 

  • The program allows students to check various websites on their smart devices and use them to create interactive stories or animations. They can also create games and interact with other students. 
  • With digital manipulatives, children will be able to take control of what they’re learning and grasp important concepts such as colors, letters, numbers, shapes, and basic mathematical operations
  • These online Cuisenaire websites can be easily accessed with any device. Since the websites are pretty basic- you don’t need a system with high specifications. 

The online Cuisenaire rods are easy to use as

  • You don’t have to buy a physical Cuisenaire rod, hence you can save money.
  • The online rods don’t need any kind of handling issues.
  • The progression made on online Cuisenaire rods can be saved and shared.
  • No additional space is required to store them.
  • You can take help with the website if required.

Websites for learning how Cuisenaire rods work

With the presence of smartphones and tablets in the hands of kids, using Online Cuisenaire rods is the simplest way to keep the children’s interest in learning different mathematical concepts. If said crisp and clear- using Online Cuisenaire Rods enhances the child’s interest while learning math and logical concepts. Because playing with colors makes them attached to the subject.

Here are a few websites that the students can engage in to get a better hang of cuisenaire rods.

1. Cuisenaire Rods by cuisenaire rods.surge

Cuisenaire Rods by cuisenaire rods.surge

Opening with a black gridded screen this web app has an easy-to-use interface with more activity space. Launching it, users can find a few options on the right side of the screen to operate the rods. 

There are particular, three different options a user avail:

  1. Rods: Users can come up with new rods from this section. There are five different rods each of varying length and color. Based on the requirement, the user can press/click on that rod to see it appearing in their workspace.
  2. Settings: This section has four handy customisation options: zoom in, zoom out, toggle gridlines, and toggle grid numbers. With these options, the child can change the sizes of the activity and also remove grids and reference numbers if needed. 
  3. Delete Button: Pressing on this button, the whole formation is cleared bringing back the blank screen to restart again.

The operation of rods is also easy on this site. One can easily press on them to drag and leave at the desired location. One important con that we noticed is that the rods here can only be placed horizontally only. This feature is not a major constraint for many users. 

2.  NRICH by


NRICH is an easy-to-use basic digital manipulative which is supported by the University of Cambridge. The interactive Cuisenaire environment in this site comes in handy yet with a large number of features to access and customize. 

Launching the site, the user can see tender greyish working areas with multiple options on the right and bottom of the screen. On the sidebar on right, they can find settings to change background, size, and appearance. Below that child can find options to add ten different rods of varying sizes and colors. And then a bin button where you can drag the rod to delete it. 

There are some controls and other options at the bottom of the screen like a couple of options to move and rotate each rod can be seen. Then, there are options to save, and add grids and labels to the activity. What makes this tool special is the options which makes the availability of preinstalled activities to practice and also a chance to collaborate with peers across the world. 

3. Modeling Fraction Cuisenaire Rods by PBS LEARNING MEDIA

 Modeling Fraction Cuisenaire Rods by PBS LEARNING MEDIA

For those who are looking to practice problems with digital cuisenaire rods, this tool may be a better take-in. Launching the tool, the user can make out the serene UI with minimal options and easy operation. 

It gives a question on the top of the screen, User needs to answer it using the digital tool given below. There are ten different rods to choose from the left side of the screen, The player can drag the one towards the activity areas at the center. On the right side of the activity areas there are four options: Hint, Clear, Help and delete. 

There are a total of eight questions that the users can shift by option at the bottom of the screen. Not only for solving these questions but the tools can also be used for other practices too. If the students want to learn about fraction models, this tool can get to the top places of your list. 

4. Math Bars by Math Playground

Math Bars by Math Playground

Math Bars is the cuisenaire manipulative offering from Math Playground. With a focus on improving the interaction of the child, it came up with some unique ways of operating. These make using tools easy and effective. 

The tool screen has an activity area on the top and a few options at the bottom of the screen. In the options bar, there is a rod selection menu, where the user needs to drag the bar to determine the size needed. Then, they can drag the rod to the activity plane. Users can choose if the rods should be labeled with their lengths. Other options include removing rods, clear, grid options, and crumble colors. 

With easy gameplay and a colorful interface, children may like spending their time learning operating cuisenaire rods digitally. Other handy options here include sharing to google classrooms and saving for future use. 

5. Graph Color Bars by TOY THEATER

Graph Color Bars by TOY THEATER

Looking for a simple tool without any options and effortless operations, this tool by toy theater is a good take-in. Launching this page users can see a simple and serene user interface where there is an activity plane on top and ten rods at the bottom.

All the user needs to do is to drag the desired rod to the activity area and perform their practice. To remove any rod, they can drag them back to the origin.

For handy operations and practice, this tool comes with almost no options making it quite easy to get hands-on. Also, this makes it suitable for young toddlers as well. 

6. Rods by Math Bot

 Rods by Math Bot

Math  Bot comes with a versatile tool for Cuisenaire Rods. Getting into this tool, the user can clearly make out a plethora of options available. This makes it a unique choice in this list.

The tool has options on the top and an activity area below it. On the left-bottom side, users can make quick access to rods with definitive length and color. Here are some handy options that this tool provides:

  • The size of the Rod can be varied to a length of 100 units and also its colors can be customized. 
  • Values and letters can be displayed on each rod for high-end calculations. 
  • Grids can be applied or removed
  • The activity can be Zoomed in and Zoomed out as per convenience
  • Rods can be rotated by pressing the Rotate button
  • There is an option for the Text box on the rightmost side of the menu. Enabling this option, the user can place a question on top of activity areas to solve it easily.

With all these professional features, it is a good choice for high-grade learners as well. An added advantage here is that the user can choose any color rod of any size, taking it to a next level of customisation. 

7. Cuisenaire Rods by GeoGebra

Cuisenaire Rods by GeoGebra

This tool from Geogebra comes with a simple yet unique operating style. Getting into the site, users can see a list of a few options on the top and an activity area below it. To avail of any of these options, the child needs to click on it and then again click on the area where they want to employ it. 

If the pupil wants to have a 2-units long rod, they should click on the options in the bar. Then come to the activity area and click again to get it there. Similar is the case with other options like edit and erase too.  

At any time, the player can undo a move by pressing the undo option at the top-right side of the screen.  This operating style makes it easy to use across devices 

Wrapping up,

The effective use of a Cuisenaire rod, in the correct form, allows children to perform various mathematical operations. Online options are further assistive with added convenience.  With access to all devices like phones and laptops, these choices may turn out to be easy options.

With the advent of technology, kids can make the most of these websites as they can be a good blend of activity hours along with learning. Check out the list above and see which of these websites may be apt for your little to take them nearer at a click away.

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