Top 8 Websites To Practice Handwriting Online

Handwriting practice websites

Legible, clean, and beautiful handwriting adds to individuality and enhances confidence. A child or an adult having good handwriting can ensure appreciable drafts and good penmanship. While worksheets and activities are applicable for practice, an additional strategy can add to the convenience of the learner. The advantage of online handwriting practice is that the pupils … Read more

Top 7 Websites For Practicing Cuisenaire Rods Concepts Online

cuisenaire rods websites

Cuisenaire Rods are a simple and interactive learning tool that consists of various colored rods of different lengths. It facilitates a practical approach to exploring the math and mathematical concepts, including arithmetics, co-ordinate geometry, factorials, etc., in a manipulative approach. These can be approached through various online methods. Online Cuisenaire Rods is a virtual manipulative … Read more

Top 10 Websites To Consider For Brain Breaks

Websites for brain breaks

Be it in elementary or high schooling,  the end goal of the learner is to be efficient in the classroom and while preparing assignments. In the case of longer sessions, these little brains may need recreation. While the sports period may be effective, smaller brain breaks may often be essential to rejuvenate pupils in shorter … Read more

7 Helpful Websites And Apps For Visual Learners

Websites and Apps for visual learning

Children learn in their distinctive styles. Educators need to understand the learning style and provide instructional support accordingly. Visual, auditory, read/write, kinesthetic – these are some of the learning styles.[1] Learners may not be adopting one of the styles solely but a combination of these, or use a multisensory approach. One of our posts on … Read more

7 Websites For Making Creative Flashcards Online

Websites for making flashcards

Knowing the various powers and incapacities of flashcards, teachers, and educators get coaxed with the need to indulge their little learners in some flashcard learning! Knowing the various benefits of these index cards, including enhancing memory, educators wish to entail this method for better education. From math formulas to English grammar, flashcards help with almost … Read more

10+ Creative Math Websites & Online Resources for Kindergarten tots

10+ Free Creative Math Websites & Online Resources for Kindergarten tots

We understand kids lacking interest in math. Lengthy calculations and varying logics might be the culprit here and it just adds up as they move to higher classes. Kids facing challenges in the early stages of the subject often have a hard time understanding advance level maths. Parents support in situations like these can improve … Read more

8 Websites that help in building Phonemic Awareness

8 Websites that help in building Phonemic Awareness

The ability to identify phonemes, and further blend, add, subtract, delete, and modify them to sound out words is described as phonemic awareness. It is a parameter for assessing the reading skills of a child. Whether it is for reading the content on a website or in a book, this skill needs to be in … Read more