10 Classroom Activities For Learning Synonyms And Antonyms

Welcome to the wonderful world of synonyms and antonyms! These tricky little words can add so much flavor to our language and make it a whole lot more interesting. Just like the various examples of figurative language, they’re like spices in a recipe – without them, everything would be a bit bland. And let’s face … Read more

8 Engaging Vocabulary Games To Play Online

Online vocabulary games

If children got their way to live the life they’d like, they’d potentially spend the whole day playing games. Thanks to technology, games of the yesteryears like Super Mario and Duck Hunt are a thing of the past. Today, kids have various online educational games to indulge in. Engaging in word games like Word Scramble … Read more

7 Cool Vocabulary Websites For Middle School Students

Vocabulary websites for middle school

Vocabulary is essential for language acquisition, and a solid command of it is required, particularly for developing one’s style of writing and speaking abilities. Learning a new language is now simpler than ever, owing to the Internet. Both teachers and parents may access a broad range of materials to help them enhance and develop their … Read more

List of Commonly Used English Mnemonics for Vocabulary & Grammar

List of english mnemonic

As a child grows they start collecting information from their surroundings. They want to know every possible information about the things around them. As the information piles up, they start feeling the need for some techniques to memorize it all. Here comes the mnemonics. In English, there are several regulations that make up good grammar.  … Read more

7 Innovative Manipulatives For Building Vocabulary

Vocabulary manipulatives

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Language is the primal mode of expressing ideas. A person is said to be eloquent if he is able to make good and correct choices of words while writing or speaking. This eloquence emerges from the extensively built vocabulary. The lexical expertise … Read more

8 Effective Vocabulary Building Activities For Middle Schoolers

Vocabulary activities for middle school

Every parent thrives to make their kid edified and upskilled; and being rich in vocabulary comes along with erudite. Research shows strong language abilities with rich vocabulary are related to various positive things, including confidence, joy with family, scholastic achievement, and a wonderful career. Building vocabulary in our middle school students turns out to be … Read more

10 Fun Vocabulary Games For Adults

Vocabulary games for adults

All of us have played word games in our school days. They are exceptional for learning new words and making our vocabulary rich. But improving and enriching your vocabulary should not just be confined to childhood.  English has a large number of words, and learning them to expand your vocabulary should be a continuous process … Read more

Top 15 Vocabulary Building Apps for Adults

Top 15 Vocabulary Building Apps for Adults

Learning never stops, even if you’re an adult, especially when it comes to the ever-evolving and changing English language. All around the world today, people are looking to get wordy by learning new words and enhancing their vocabulary.  At times, it does feel like hitting a hard wall when you’re in the middle of a … Read more

Vocabulary IEP Goals for Speech Therapy: Importance, list, assessment tips, strategies

Teaching kids with special needs to speak can be overwhelming if there is no definite guideline available. Also, the child may tend to stray away from the learning process if there are no goals in sight. That is why a legal document has been prepared by the US govt called IEP goals. The Govt stipulates … Read more