7 Fun Activities For Learning Parts Of Speech In Middle School And High School

parts of speech activities for middle and high schoolers

The notion of creating a wonderful and creative sentence has been an exciting source of research and intrigue throughout time. Many philosophers and writers have constantly worked and are still working on establishing a chunk of poetry, a story, or a poem that would embed the sense of an ultimate satisfaction regarding integrating accurate words … Read more

10 Online Games For Learning Conjunctions

Online conjunction games

A conjunction is a crucial joining word that helps adjoin and associate different ideas in a sentence. It completes the whole essence of a sentence. The conjunction is a vital part of a phrase for a plethora of reasons. One of them is that it signifies the union of vocabulary and brings together the complete … Read more

Top 15 Vocabulary Building Apps for Adults

Top 15 Vocabulary Building Apps for Adults

Learning never stops, even if you’re an adult, especially when it comes to the ever-evolving and changing English language. All around the world today, people are looking to get wordy by learning new words and enhancing their vocabulary.  At times, it does feel like hitting a hard wall when you’re in the middle of a … Read more

Top 7 Engaging Noun and Verb Games

noun and verb games

Language is a classic enabler of communication that sets humans apart from other living beings. And, grammar skills make anybody truly language literate. Various parts of speech are the first lesson that anybody needs to master as a language learner. So far, all this is easy to understand. What becomes difficult to understand is – … Read more