6 Engaging Activities For Learning Nouns In A Fun Way

noun activities

Nouns form a crucial part of daily conversation, whether it is verbal or written communication. When a child starts to learn a language and grammar, the first step after phonics is “nouns” as every other part of speech works in modifying and completing the meaning of nouns. To ensure that the child is learning and … Read more

20 Jokes & Puns On The Usage Of Verbs

Teaching a new language is no easy task, especially when it involves lessons in grammar rules and usage. While concepts like nouns are easier to understand, verbs might seem slightly difficult for beginner learners. Although children are able to recognize simple verbs as action words, they tend to get confused with the various forms and … Read more

Top 7 Engaging Noun and Verb Games

noun and verb games

Language is a classic enabler of communication that sets humans apart from other living beings. And, grammar skills make anybody truly language literate. Various parts of speech are the first lesson that anybody needs to master as a language learner. So far, all this is easy to understand. What becomes difficult to understand is – … Read more