6 Engaging Activities For Learning Nouns In A Fun Way

noun activities

Nouns form a crucial part of daily conversation, whether it is verbal or written communication. When a child starts to learn a language and grammar, the first step after phonics is “nouns” as every other part of speech works in modifying and completing the meaning of nouns. To ensure that the child is learning and … Read more

5 Engaging Activities For Learning Independent And Dependent Clauses

No doubt, Students find classroom activities interesting and exciting. Through these activities, it is easy for teachers to make them understand even complex topics easily. Learners often find English grammar confusing, especially when it comes to clauses. Defining independent and dependent clauses and giving many examples may not always yield the desired result. In such … Read more

9 Fun Online Games For Learning About Articles [a,an,the]

The ‘a,’ ‘an’, and ‘the’ hold more importance than one might think. Having its unique cruciality in telling the quantity and the nature of the object being talked about, articles may appear to be an easy topic, but they can be complex to young children; therefore, we must be thorough in our lesson planning.  Begin … Read more

7 Engaging Activities For Teaching Conjunction In A Fun Way

Conjunctions are words or phrases that link clauses, sentences, and other words together. Conjunctions are helpful in both written and spoken communication as they allow to group of similar concepts together and shorten, simplify, or clarify sentences.  Students learn about conjunctions in everyday communication. As they make different choices, they are likely to use the … Read more

7 Engaging Activities For Teaching The Correct Usage Of Articles

Articles are words used before nouns to modify them. Articles give more information about nouns in the sentence while defining whether it is in a specific context or a general context. Primarily, there are three articles in English Grammar, a, an, and the. These articles are categorized into different types as per their usage.  Teaching … Read more

10 Fun Grammar Games And Activities For Adults

We all know how education surrounds us everywhere! Whether you go to the office or simply at the grocery store, you’re bound to come across advertisements, hoardings, and everyday communication. All of this comes to you in unconventional ways yet they make you read and instantly connect with the text. Through all these languages, grammar … Read more

7 Engaging Active And Passive Voice Games To Play Online

At times, certain passages tend to give the information in rather short. concise and clear sentences while some use a long form to present the information. This is because of the concept of active and passive voice being employed here. Active and passive voice is important in communication as it defines the emphasis laid either … Read more

Printable Punctuation Rules Cheat Sheet

Read these two sentences.  Slow people working. Slow. People working.  These are two sentences with the same words but different meanings. What made all the difference? Your mind automatically read these two sentences differently because of the punctuation. Punctuation marks, as they are commonly known, help to add emphasis or pauses in ideas or thoughts … Read more

20 Jokes & Puns On The Usage Of Verbs

Teaching a new language is no easy task, especially when it involves lessons in grammar rules and usage. While concepts like nouns are easier to understand, verbs might seem slightly difficult for beginner learners. Although children are able to recognize simple verbs as action words, they tend to get confused with the various forms and … Read more

8 Fun Activities For Teaching The Usage Of Punctuation

Punctuation activities

Punctuation is the use of white space, traditional signals, and specific typographical elements to help readers understand and interpret written material correctly, whether they are reading it silently or loudly.  Capital letters and full stops, question marks, commas, colons and semicolons, exclamation marks, and apostrophes are the most frequently used punctuation marks in English. Writing … Read more