Adjective Lesson Plan [Printable PDF Included]

adjective lesson plan

Any sentence in English can be divided into different components known as parts of speech. These parts are meant to follow the rules of English grammar. Any English language learner, irrespective of their age, must be well-versed in these parts of speech and the rules governing them to become proficient in the language.  Apart from … Read more

8 Fun Games & Activities For Learning Gerunds And Infinitives

Gerund and Infinitive Games and Activities 

Grammar lessons can be daunting as each concept has too many rules and techniques to follow. When it comes to the concept of gerunds and infinitives, it often creates confusion about how to identify them along with their correct usage. Gerunds are identified by the letters ‘-ing’ following the root verb, such as dancing, singing, … Read more

8 Fun Phrases and Clauses Games To Play Online

Did you know most of the sentences you use either have different phrases or clauses? These similarly sounding grammatical terms are different in their features. Phrases and clauses are an important part of learning language skills and enhancing communication. Whether it is writing a letter or doing everyday homework, a solid understanding of phrases and … Read more

8 Educational Activities For Learning Contractions In 2nd Grade

Contraction activities

Learning contractions is like discovering a secret language. It’s a shortcut to expressing more concisely and casually. Contractions add a playful and dynamic rhythm to communication, making it sound more natural and relatable.  Students interact with various people and things in their everyday life and they are likely to find many statements that use contractions … Read more

8 Fun Subject Verb Agreement Activities for Middle School Students

Subject verb agreement

Subject-verb agreement can be a tricky grammatical concept to learn in middle school. The rules can be quite overwhelming for students. More so if your middle-schoolers are solving the same old grammar worksheets with huge chunks of text in English class. If that’s the case with your students, it may be time to try new … Read more

10 Fun Active And Passive Voice Activities For Little Learners

active and passive voice

Remember the last time your little learners made a mistake while defining an activity done in the past? Students often make silly confusions in a conversation that involves the usage of active and passive voice statements. Most of the time, rather than understanding application, they are instead not aware of the usage of verbs. In … Read more

10 Kids-friendly Picture Books For Learning Similes and Metaphors

kids friendly picture books

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. We all are aware of the various figures of speech that are used in the English language. They contribute to a great extent in expressing ideas through comparison, observation, and exaggeration. The figures of speech are basically that spice that adds life … Read more

8 Fun Simile And Metaphor Games To Play Online

Simileand metaphor online games

Have you ever considered what makes creative writing, well, creative? Coming up with a fascinating manner to express something is a critical element of creative writing. And similes and metaphors can be very useful in this situation. But what are similes and metaphors? What, more crucially, is the distinction between a simile and a metaphor? … Read more

6 Engaging Activities For Learning Nouns In A Fun Way

noun activities

Nouns form a crucial part of daily conversation, whether it is verbal or written communication. When a child starts to learn a language and grammar, the first step after phonics is “nouns” as every other part of speech works in modifying and completing the meaning of nouns. To ensure that the child is learning and … Read more

5 Engaging Activities For Learning Independent And Dependent Clauses

No doubt, Students find classroom activities interesting and exciting. Through these activities, it is easy for teachers to make them understand even complex topics easily. Learners often find English grammar confusing, especially when it comes to clauses. Defining independent and dependent clauses and giving many examples may not always yield the desired result. In such … Read more