Adjective Lesson Plan [Printable PDF Included]

adjective lesson plan

Any sentence in English can be divided into different components known as parts of speech. These parts are meant to follow the rules of English grammar. Any English language learner, irrespective of their age, must be well-versed in these parts of speech and the rules governing them to become proficient in the language.  Apart from … Read more

20 Thought-Provoking Quotes Highlighting The Adjectives

Adjective quotes

Can you imagine reading a story or listening to one, without all the intricate details? These words that add more information about a noun and describe it, are adjectives. Adjectives help us imagine scenes and words we listen to. They are the words that help us create beautiful images in our minds while reading. Imagine … Read more

5 Fun Adjective Games for Adults


Adjectives are descriptive words and are in great use in daily life conversation. Be it complimenting someone, giving feedback, or specifying something in terms of number, quantity, and quality, adjectives are everywhere. Considering all these applications, it becomes crucial for all, even adults to get a strong grip on this concept.  Games, a fun alternative … Read more

7 Awesome Adjective Games To Play Online


There is no denying that grammar is one of the most crucial aspects of the English language. And when it comes to grammar, adjectives hold their own significance. Learning adjectives help to describe the nouns and add beauty to the language. An adjective is a part of speech.  The modern and out-of-the-box learning methods make … Read more

6 Activities To Master Adjectives For Little Learners

6 Activities To Learn Adjectives

Adjectives are an integral part of the English language. They are words that add quality to the sentence. The use of adjectives adds emotions to conversations and makes them easier to visualize interpret. For example, the nursery rhyme, ‘Chubby cheeks, dimple chin, rosy lips…” describes the body parts using appropriate adjectives. Now imagine if the … Read more