Top 7 Engaging Noun and Verb Games

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Language is a classic enabler of communication that sets humans apart from other living beings. And, grammar skills make anybody truly language literate. Various parts of speech are the first lesson that anybody needs to master as a language learner. So far, all this is easy to understand. What becomes difficult to understand is – how to teach a child the basics of grammar like nouns and verbs when they are not so conversant with words in the first place.

The answer lies in tools like online noun games, verb games, or games that have both of them combined into one. Technology comes to the rescue of teachers who need a practical solution for teaching nouns and verbs. They can take the help of online noun and verb games to drive children into more practice by engaging them deeply in learning.

Why noun and verb games for young learners?

Mobile phones and tablets are the most enticing tools. The whole world is struggling with their addiction. If this addiction, especially the one prevalent in children, is used to achieve certain positive outcomes, why not try these? Noun and verb games online offer a handy reference and practice support that can help in:

  • Knowing and applying the grammar rules
  • Practicing more problems focused on rules and usage
  • Learning by understanding real-life applications of noun and verb
  • Gaining fluency in language literacy with noun and verb time-pressed games
  • Understanding sight words and their function as a noun or verb
  • Checking progress by taking the help of scores and trying games having different difficulty levels

We’ve curated a list of some of the really engaging games for learning noun and verb games right at the early stages. Here they are:-

Top 7 engaging noun and verb games

1. Speedy English Grammar Games

Speedy English Grammar Games

Wooble Monkey English Games brings you an all-in-one app to enhance your vocabulary and English grammar, including the right use of nouns and verbs. It has a heap of lessons, games, and exercises to support English learners of different levels. Imagine having over 300 lessons to teach and test your grammar skills. Now, that’s a really big collection.

Lessons and games in the app are divided based on proficiency level. So, if someone has beginner-level proficiency, they can attempt the material meant for their level and develop their skills from that point. Besides including challenging games to test grammar skills, the app also offers listening practice in American and British pronunciation to boost listening and speaking skills.

Game Link: Playstore

2. Noun & Verbs Helper

Noun & Verbs Helper game

The noun and verbs helper game offers you a premise to work on your noun & verb contractions and sentence-forming skills. It offers a basic exercise of identifying the word and classifying it as a noun or verb first. Later, it allows you to explore these parts of speech deeper and asks you to classify these into types such as possessive nouns, etc.

Once comfort with the words is attained, it enables us to practice how to make sentences with nouns and verbs. Either you may be asked to fill in the blank or create a new sentence of your own using the word provided. This noun & verb game is a complete tool that helps you befriend these parts of speech and be fluent in using them correctly in the sentence.

Game Link: Playstore

3. English Grammar And Vocabulary for Kids

English Grammar And Vocabulary for Kids game

English Grammar and Vocabulary game for learning nouns & verbs is actually a complete support for learning early English skills. Children can do a plethora of exercises like telling the nouns and verbs and other parts of the sentence as well.

With a repertoire of a variety of exercises like types of nouns, types of verbs, plural words, and a lot more, the kids can try to master all early spelling, pronunciation, and word usage skills by playing various quizzes on this game. The matching game, constructing sentences, spelling words – there is no premise that is left untouched in this game for improving noun and verb skills.

Game Link: Playstore | App Store

4. English Grammar Fun Learning Games for Kids

English Grammar Fun Learning Games for Kids

Basic Grammar skills learning starts with knowing nouns and verbs, and other parts of the sentence. Children start speaking from an early age using their imitation skills, but there is no cognition about what they are speaking.

By learning nouns and verbs, they structure their learning and understand the importance of using the right words to make correct sentences. This grammar learning game is a fun way of introducing the kids to nouns and verbs and allowing them to proliferate their learning further by understanding their connection with other parts of the sentence.

Game Link: App Store

5. English for Kids: Learn & Play

English for Kids: Learn & Play game

Grasp everything about nouns and verbs, apply them in quizzes and exercises, and assess your progress in learning – this grammar beginner game app is complete support that can make homeschooling easy and fun. Also, the parents can make learning more fun by giving a tool in hand that teaches as well as entertains the kids in their free time.

A rich collection of vowel matching, speak and write activities, word match, fill the blank and several other quizzes and games make this app wholesome learning support that a child can use right from the kindergarten stage. With the growth in the learning curve, they can become more fluent in grammar and may turn out to be confident writers of sentences or speakers with practice and engagement.

Game Link: Playstore

6. Learn English Vocabulary – Kids

Learn English Vocabulary - Kids game

Is vocabulary imaginable without nouns and verbs? Certainly, not! So, when you learn and enrich your vocabulary, you are actually learning the nouns and verbs too.

This Vocabulary learning game gives a playful option to learn, practice, and refresh your knowledge about nouns and verbs through stories, read-to-learn, write-to-learn, and speak-and-learn exercises, that can make you a grammar expert with practice and perseverance. By playing games on this app, you will not shy away from learning the language but will be more drawn to the practice and boast about the scores made.

Game Link: Playstore

7. Grammaropolis


Designed exclusively for iPads, Grammaropolis is a free app with the option to make in-app purchases. It has quizzes to practice nouns, verbs, and other parts of speech. The free version takes you to the Noun neighborhood where “Nelson,” the noun, guides you through the entire course of study and makes learning fun!

What makes this game app stand out is that every part of speech is represented as an animated character with typical traits they exhibit in a sentence. For example, the conjunction character always wants others to get along, whereas the pronoun character is always on the lookout to replace the noun from its position. Do you get the hint? This makes it interesting for learners and encourages them to learn more and refine their grammar skills.

Game Link: App Store

Activities you can do with nouns and verbs online games

Online nouns and verbs games offer activity-based learning support to improve reading fluency with parts of speech. Some of the interesting activities one can do with these online games are:

  • write and learn to spell
  • read words and learn the pronunciation
  • build lexicon
  • give learners puzzles and challenges
  • conduct a competition on language
  • play word games

Engage minds into learning – this is how the screen time of the children can be converted into learning time. I am sure, these online nouns and verbs games will create a win-win situation for both you as well as your kid!

Concluding thoughts,

Nouns and verbs are two important parts of speech, without which composing a sentence with appropriate meaning would be difficult. Therefore, English learners, whether young or adults, should strengthen their understanding of their usage to communicate effectively.

Gamification has made new-age learning innovative and fun. Noun and verb games are great examples that prove that learning is achievable even through play. So, engage minds into learning by turning the screen time of the children into learning time. I am sure, these online nouns and verbs games will create a win-win situation for both you as well as your kid!

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