8 Cool Noun Games To Play Online

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Are you looking for unique ways to help your students learn and practice nouns? If yes, we have something for you. And that something is nothing but a fine collection of some super fun and engaging online noun games! 

Nouns, as we all know, are an important part of speech. They are the building blocks of sentences, and kids ought to learn them to build their language proficiency. Learning nouns through worksheets and activities is fun, but the entire learning experience gets even better if you add in some online games.

The games mentioned in this post offer a unique opportunity for little learners (and also grown-ups looking to learn the language) to improve their grammar, vocabulary, and language fluency in a playful and interactive way. So, let’s begin!

Engaging and interactive online games to learn nouns

1. Balloon Noun Game

Balloon Noun Game

The first online game to help kids brush up on their understanding of nouns is the Balloon Noun Game. It is a super fun interactive where several balloons emerge on the screen with different words on them. The player must browse the balloons and pop the ones with a noun written on them. The balloons continue to rise to the top while the player tries to identify the nouns and pop those balloons. 

To provide young learners with a bit of help, a sentence appears on top of the screen, which acts as a clue to help identify nouns. All you need to do is hover the cursor on a balloon to see a related clue. Before the game begins, there is an option to set the speed with which the balloons rise to adjust the difficulty level. As the game comes to an end, players can review their performance by looking at the number of correct and incorrect answers and learn from their mistakes.

2. Nouns Airplane Game

Nouns Airplane Game

Here is an engaging online game for all airplane lovers! The game features a red airplane gliding in the sky full of clouds. As the airplane moves forward, multiple word clouds appear on the screen. The player must identify which of those nouns fly the aircraft into those clouds and leave the rest untouched. Players can use the mouse to control the airplane if they’re playing on a laptop or PC, or use the touchpad available on the iPad or tablet. 

The goal of this game is to fly through ten noun clouds in the least possible time. The player who manages to do this gets the first position on the leaderboard. Not only that; for those who get a few incorrect answers, the “show answers” feature at the end of the game helps them evaluate and reinforce their understanding of nouns.

3. Nouns by Tiny Tap

Nouns by Tiny Tap

This game is a complete package to learn the basics of nouns. It begins with a brief lesson, so kids get a quick revision. The first section requires players to drag and drop the noun images into their respective sections of person, place, animal, or thing. Once they do so successfully, they head to the next section, which focuses on identifying nouns in a sentence. To make it easier for little kids, a voice prompt reads the sentences before they tap on their answers.  

But this is not all. There is also a final section that is all about reviewing the topic. Players are presented with three simple questions that test their comprehension of nouns. As the game finishes, the player’s final score is displayed on the screen depending on their performance in all three sections.

4. Noun Explorer

 Noun Explorer

Noun Explorer is a simple yet cute game that can help kids distinguish nouns from other parts of speech. The game is set up in the ocean, where five hungry fish labeled with different words swim on the screen. Players must feed these hungry fish with worms so they can have their tummies full. But there’s a catch! Players should only feed the fish labeled with nouns and not others. It is, therefore, necessary that players know what makes nouns different from other words. 

The game proceeds when the correct fish gets a worm to eat. A scoreboard notes the number of correct and wrong answers given during a game session which continues until the player has scored fifteen correct answers. While this is an interesting noun game, it is better suited for kids who have already learned the different types of nouns, as the game covers them all. 

5. Naming Nouns

Naming Nouns

If you’re looking for an online game that covers all the aspects of nouns, you must try the Naming Nouns game! This game is a collection of lessons and mini-games combined into one to teach and evaluate students’ understanding of the basics of nouns and their types, such as common and proper, abstract and concrete, countable and uncountable nouns, and more.

Your students will get all-around practice on the subject if they get a chance to play this game because it makes an excellent resource for revising the topic. There is also a noun quiz to test how well students have understood the subject and a noun monster game to conclude the series wherein players must feed the hungry monster with nouns present in the sentences provided. Funnily, the round comes to an end when the monster takes a loud burp when he is full and no longer wishes to eat more noun words. 

6. Noun Quiz

Noun Quiz

Quiz games are a wonderful way of combining learning and fun! The Noun Quiz is a stress-free means to support and test individual knowledge of nouns. It comprises ten questions at each level. A sentence is displayed on the screen, and the player must click on the word that is a noun in the sentence. The game continues until all questions are answered.

The player can then practice the same level if they have multiple wrong answers or move ahead to the next level to tackle new questions. A noun quiz is a nice game to motivate students and help them revise and assess what they’ve already learned. The best part is that when kids get the right answer in a quiz, it raises their self-confidence and encourages them to learn more. 

7. Nouns in Space

Nouns in Space

Kids always find space and aliens intriguing. The Nouns in Space game introduces players to an alien and his spaceship. The aim is to segregate various nouns into separate categories of person, place, and thing. A picture appears out of a spaceship, and the alien directs the player to identify what it is and which category it fits in.

The player must drag the image and put it in the hole meant for the respective category. A hand prompt directs players to the correct category in case they’re confused and need help knowing where to place it. The game continues for nine rounds before the alien releases Earth back into space and declares the game over. All in all, Nouns in Space is a fun game for little kids who are new to learning the concept of nouns. 

8. Types of Nouns

Types of Nouns

Here’s a challenge for students to test their knowledge of different types of nouns. You can get your students to try this online game once you have covered this lesson in class. It is a multi-level game wherein a sentence is displayed on the screen. One of the words in the sentence is colored red. Players must work on identifying which type of noun it is. Four options, namely common, proper, abstract, and collective, are present under the sentence. 

The player must click on the type of noun to which they consider the colored word belongs. Each correct answer adds a hundred points to the total score, and each wrong answer decreases the percentage of correct answers. As this game has numerous levels, it goes on for quite a long time and gives players a good round of practice on different types of nouns. 

Wrapping up, 

Online games are a fantastic way of improving your students’ language skills. They are free, easily accessible, and lots of fun! Parents home-schooling their kids can also incorporate them into their at-home lessons to build a solid foundation in English. As kids sometimes need a change from mundane learning tasks, games bring in variety and help keep their interest and enthusiasm alive. So start with online noun games, and later switch to noun and verb games to help students practice both parts of sentences. 

Periodic exposure to online noun games can make learning enjoyable and challenge kids to score better each time they play a game. You’ll be amazed to see how much your students improve by being involved in this unique way of learning through play. So, don’t wait any longer. Introduce your students to these exciting online noun games and see their language abilities soar to the next level!

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