8 cool games for learning trigonometry

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Last Updated on September 10, 2020 by Editorial Team

Trigonometry is an important part of the math curriculum in academics. It involves the study of triangles, properties of angles, relationships in triangle, evaluating measurements of height, distance, and angles. The applications of this topic are not just confined to exams or test series but also in our day to day life and other important career prospects. It is used extensively in surveying, statistics, navigation, engineering, astronomy, and other fields.

Critical thinking is required to have a good grip over every corner of this topic. Students must be well versed in the fundamentals. But the sad reality is, most of the students hate dealing with trigonometry. Sporadic pattern of solutions is one of the main reasons behind it. However, they do not understand that if the fundamentals aren’t clear then even the simplest question would pose a doubt to their preparation. Early adaptation to the topic with good practice is the only solution to the issue.

This post has been developed keeping in mind the little learners who struggle in this topic. One thing that always works out well when dealing with issues in math i.e. mixing it with fun. There are numerous ways of turning maths into a fun learning subject. One such is to present it to the kids in a form that they like the most.

Yes, you guessed it right! GAMES. May it be indoor, outdoor, board, or mobile games. Kids learn while playing. They develop analytical, strategical, and spatial skills while doing it. Here is a curated list of 8 cool games for learning trigonometry.

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1. Project TRIG

Project TRIG is a fun game to learn about angles and trajectory. Students can play around by adjusting angles and velocity variables to control the flight of the projectile through the cannon. The target becomes difficult to reach as the game progresses. Students can use the grid and data tables in the game so they can make connections to their formal math and physics knowledge and improve their scores. More advanced students can apply knowledge of trigonometry and projectile physics to accurately predict where projectiles will land. There are 12 levels of gameplay. The game is recommended for students in 5- 8th grade.

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2. Trig Ratio Race

Trig Ratio Race lets you compete against another player or computer in a race to find the largest ratios of the given triangles. It encourages a student to consider all possible side-length ratios in a triangle, and then work out which of the three most important trigonometric ratios, sin, cos, or tan, correspond to the ratio of largest value. It really helps in gaining a good knowledge of angles and how it shapes the triangle, which is an important component of learning and solving several questions in trigonometry.

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3. Rocket Angles

Rocket angles is a good practice for understanding the concepts of angle measurement. As per the theme, You’re the commander of a rocketship. Friendly space pals need your help. You have this protractor to help your buddy by finding the correct angle. To play the game, first, turn the protractor and work out the angle. Type the angle in the given calculator and then press enter. If your answer is right, the rocket will shoot in the exact direction of the target.

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4. Pythagorean Explorer

Learn and practice the Pythagoras theorem, a crucial part of Trigonometry. The activity includes finding the third of the trio numbers. You are given a triangle with two sides given and have to find the third one using the Pythagoras. You can set the difficulty level as per your skills. Track your progress by keeping a check on your scores. The app is created by shodor.org

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5. 3 Letter word

Exercise a good command over the various terminology of trigonometry. Users are given a set of one-word substitutions in which the answer is similar to the one of terms in Trigonometry. The timer is set for 3 minutes. The game stands out with nearly 9k plays and 4.4 ratings out of 5 on sporcle.com.

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6. Click the unit circle

Click the unit circle is good for practicing if you face difficulty in measuring radian angles. You are given a radian angle and have to find the corresponding degree angle from the angles given on the surface by clicking on it. The timer is set for 2 minutes with 16 questions to solve. The game has been played over 155k times with 4.7-star ratings out of 5 on Sporcle .com.

7. Trigonomtery Vocab

Improve your vocabulary for Trigonometry terminologies with Trigonometry vocab. The game uses a similar concept of word search puzzle, just here it is the terminologies of trigonometry that you have to find. You could choose the difficulty level according to your knowledge of the topic. Users are also provided with clues for assistance. This is one of several conceptual and educational games developed by Helpful Games.

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8. Angry Birds

Angry-birds needs no introduction. Being quite popular among kids, Angry birds is still leading play store charts around the world. Beside entertaining for hours, this game can be a good source of training you mind about the different arms of trigonometry. The core concept of game i.e. Shooting birds lets you practice the perfect strategy for choosing optimum projectile angle to pose maximum damage to the target. Moreover, it empowers the thinking ability of the students.

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