Top 15 Vocabulary Building Apps for Adults

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Learning never stops, even if you’re an adult, especially when it comes to the ever-evolving and changing English language. All around the world today, people are looking to get wordy by learning new words and enhancing their vocabulary. 

At times, it does feel like hitting a hard wall when you’re in the middle of a sentence, really trying to make a point, and you are just stuck over a word – because you just can’t remember it. There are times when you know what you want to say; you’re just not getting the right word for it. You can learn new words every day, avoid these mistakes, and enhance your vocabulary, even if you’re a grown-up! 

vocabulary apps for adults, college students

We all crave to create a lasting impact on people’s minds by just our words, but it takes some effort to do the same. But now, you can enhance vocabulary and learn great words every day with the help of that smartphone of yours!

Most adults don’t have the time to enroll in classes or mug up the dictionary. However, your smartphone can now be a powerful tool for you to learn new words every day. Just download some exceptional apps that you can access at any time of the day.

Useful Vocabulary Apps for Adults

1. – This is one of the most popular apps when it comes to vocabulary building. It serves as a pocket dictionary and creates a list of ‘words I’m learning’ for the users.

2.   Magoosh Vocabulary Builder – This App is used by plenty of adults who are appearing for SAT, GRE, or TOEFL, as this not only provides you with exam-level words but also tracks your performance through each word.

Magoosh Vocabulary Builder

3.   PowerVocab – This app provides a quiz type of interface, where users match words against multiple-choice definitions. This competitive application is quite popular among grown-ups.

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4.   A Word A Day Widget – Imagine being sent a new word every day to the notification bar of your phone. This certainly makes learning easy as you are forced to check the word without even opening the app.

5.   Words with Friends – This great app is more like scrabble, which you can play with your friends. It allows you a fun learning experience, where you can indulge in a fun game with a friend and learn simultaneously.

6.   Anki – A more old-school-style vocabulary booster, which has flashcards, decks, and uses sounds and images to offer a multimedia experience, makes learning a fun process.

7.   7 Little Words – This clever vocabulary game gives users seven definitions and letters arranged into words. Users learn new words while engaging in this fun game.

8. Reverse Dictionary – This app is excellent for all thesaurus lovers out there! This application lets you search the words from thousands of words in the engine. Through this app, you can always look up the word you’re searching for and learn thousands of new words. 

9. Duolingo – Technically, this application would be great for people interested in learning essential words of other languages, too, as it has a whole bunch of words that you can discover if you wish to flaunt some French, Spanish, or maybe German words?


10. WordUp – Expanding your knowledge of the English language is what this app is all about! This app used a visual aid to explain new words and offers a unique experience to all users.

11. Quizlet – This app uses flashcards, games, and puzzles to acquaint users with new words and their meanings, making them sound more thoughtful, smarter, and better.

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12. Memrise– With millions of people using this app, it is quite popular among adults. It leans heavily on the principles of mnemonics, a popular technique that helps remember specific facts and information.

13. Kindle Vocabulary Builder – While this app is only for people who own a kindle, avid book readers find it extremely useful, as whichever word they select while reading shows the meaning and, in turn, educates the reader about the word. 

14. Penny Dell Crosswords – Crosswords are proven to make the learning experience unique and fantastic for all users. Doing a crossword puzzle while learning new words and enhancing the vocabulary can be extremely exciting for all adults.

15. Word to Word – This application uses a different method of learning. Users are given a list of words, where they need to establish a connection between them which helps them gain knowledge about a few new words each day.

Benefits of using these Vocabulary Apps For Adults

These vocabulary-building apps have plenty of benefits. Apart from easy access, these applications offer some impeccable advantages.


  • Users can access these apps and strengthen their command of the English language without devoting hours and hours in the library. 
  • These amazing apps are fun, and all you need is a minute or two every day to learn some great words.
  • Vocabulary building applications guarantee you a lasting impression next time you wish to make a point. So now, you can easily convey your message without being stuck for a word.
  • These applications help you minimize the greys in your conversation by assisting you with a more intelligent and more concise word.
  • Vocabulary apps help you to expand the mastery of your language by teaching new words. This lets you be more confident among your peers.
  • Building a great vocabulary can also guarantee you occupational and professional success.
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Other Ways of Improving Vocabulary

Applications that make you sound smarter and well-versed with the language can be excellent. Still, one can try these conventional methods too if they don’t want to indulge in the application experience:


  • Read, Read and Read. Research has proved that reading for at least 15 minutes a day improves your vocabulary dramatically. Reading only doesn’t mean going through a novel. One can also indulge in magazines, blogs, newspapers, etc.
  • Go over the dictionary or the thesaurus a couple of times. This will help you expand your knowledge about new words, and you can also learn new synonyms for the words you already know.
  • Vocabulary workbooks have proven to improve the word knowledge of plenty of people. It might be a traditional and conventional way of learning, but it sure helps. 

Wrapping Up,

Learning something new can be an overwhelming experience. But with applications like these, gaining knowledge about new words is now fun and exhilarating. So now, it’s time to leave behind those apps that help you crush candies and grow farms from the smartphone, and indulge in something more enriching, which will expand your knowledge and help you reach greater heights professionally and personally.

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