5 apps for improving number recognition skills

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Number recognition, really? Why do we even need to talk about it? Don’t we all know numbers? 

These are a few thoughts that creep into our minds very easily when somebody talks about number recognition as something worth learning. Yes, it is true; we all have grown up with numbers all around us. However, we must understand that this fluency and familiarity are the outcomes of practice and ability to recognize or mentally associate with numbers.

A teacher finds it more challenging when the learning disorders pose hurdles in the easy dissemination of the concept. Thankfully, the teachers or parents can support educational games, manipulatives, mobile applications, and so on, which allow better reinforcement of the number recognition concept in the minds of small kids or math beginners. 

Number recognition apps for children offer a playful way of introducing numbers and early math skills. Log on to the app and have fun with numbers; as simple as it sounds, the number recognition apps allow children’s minds to build number sense concepts and help them have required confidence. Keeping this in mind, we’ve curated a list of 5 apps for improving number recognition skills in little learners.

5 best number recognition apps

1. 123 Toddler games for 2 3 year

If you are searching for an easy way of giving more number recognition practice to your little learner, this is the app for you! This app consists of games that help meet certain educational objectives like identifying and matching numbers with values, counting intelligence building, and ultimately, making children confident in doing early math operations.

By way of reciting and counting, the kids can grasp the shape and sound of numbers. Apart from developing number sense, this app offers practice for improving visual attention and finetuning the hand-eye coordination. The app, through gamification, promotes visual perception concept making it easy for kids to recognize numbers. 

App Link : Appstore

2. Kids number games for toddlers! Counting for kids!

Who knew number learning could be so much fun? Fun and frolic and the pretext to learn to write, and reinforce recognition of numbers come in abundance with this number game app for toddlers. It has a hide-and-seek puzzle that revolves around a story designed to teach number counting and sequencing. The kids pick the rogue numbers and put it in their proper position. Thus, reinforcement and practice are what you achieve with this game.

‘Catch the Numblot!’ In this game, you collect the needed numblot in a bucket with the help of magic paint. A respite from conventional writing, this game helps finetune the number 1 to 10 writing and recognition capability of your toddler. 

A plethora of games packed in a single application makes this app your trusted go-to when you want your kid to absorb math skills without feeling overwhelmed by the number recognition related challenges.

App Link: Playstore

3. 123 Numbers – Count & Tracing

Indulge the kids in learning while keeping the stress out! Kids are quite excited when they are asked to use mobile phones or tablets. This excitement is best channelized into building number recognition skills when you use 123 Numbers – Count & Tracing app. The app is a storehouse of puzzles, practice sets, and trace number cards. All of these features allow the kids to build confidence with number recognition and related activities. 

By using time-pressed number matching games and other similar activities provided in the app, the kids can check their number fluency level too. Let the child play it on own or provide supervision when needed; you can use the app the way it makes the whole learning activity comfortable for your little angel. The app proves its worth in building skills like number matching, number counting, and learn to write numbers. 

App Link: Playstore 

4. Learning numbers and counting for kids

This app is designed to offer a smooth transition from fun to serious learning of number recognition. Let the child play a little with numbers in the first section of this application. Here, the child gets to know numbers 1 to 10 through playful activities. The other half is made a bit educational in tone.

The child applies the learning acquired from the activities of the first section in this half. You can find worksheets, the bigger and smaller numbers collection, and various smart coloring pages that contribute to building number sense in the preschooler. 

The app proves to be a perfect pastime and can keep the child engaged in number learning activity even while you are on the move. 

App Link: Playstore

5. Preschool kids: Number & Math

Graphic images offer a pleasant alternative to conventional numbers. So, kick the confusion out and bring in conviction and confidence while teaching the child a few things about number recognition and operations. This app takes things from everyday life to give a more practical feel to the learning process. The images of a clock, missing number activity card, and the activity portions like ascending and descending order offers a complete know-how on numbers to your child. 

This app does not stop at familiarizing the kid with numbers; it goes a step ahead and talks about the basic kindergartner level mathematical signs like’+’ and ‘- ‘. The child just punches the numbers in designated places of the equation. App tells whether the answer is correct or not. This app acts as an interesting self-practice tool and offers more learning while keeping the entertainment quotient alive.

App Link: Playstore

Number recognition apps have opened the path to better and painless learning for new numbers and math skills learners. These apps offer all that your child needs to groom into a confident child with appreciable number sense. 

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