5 apps for improving number recognition skills

List of top 5 number recognition apps

Number recognition, really? Why do we even need to talk about it? Don’t we all know numbers?  These are a few thoughts that creep into our minds very easily when somebody talks about number recognition as something worth learning. Yes, it is true; we all have grown up with numbers all around us. However, we … Read more

Free Printable Number Recognition Worksheets 1-20 [PDF]

free printable number recognition worksheets 1-20 pdf

Kids’ ability to recognize, visualize as well as name the very basic numerals is analyzed in terms of his/her number recognition skills. Number recognition skills are required to be well imbibed in young learners as for them to take on advanced concepts later in academics. It doesn’t take much energy and time if the right … Read more

10 Popular Number Recognition Activities For Kids

number recognition activities

Number recognition is the ability to recognize numbers by their names and shapes and consequently assign them meaning through similar quantities. That is, the child learns how the number 3 looks and sounds and consequently understands that there are 3 apples lying on the table. This is used to then teach the child the art … Read more

Top 10 Number Recognition Games To Play Online [2023]

Number Recognition Games To Play Online [2022]

There are a few basic skills indispensable to anybody’s normal living, as those are the basis for inculcating other skills. One such important skill is the number recognition skill which encompasses various aspects of it. Caretakers/ educators needn’t struggle much and can employ smart & efficient ways for teaching these skills, like apps, activities, and … Read more

Number Recognition Guide: its importance & different learning methodologies

number recognition guide

Aiding in a child’s growth is one of the most crucial tasks for any parent or caretaker/educator, whereby the expectations of the child must be met in terms of offering care & satisfying his/her needs.  Meanwhile, on the same journey, skills required for the future must be inculcated in the child that requires that he/she … Read more