10 Cool Apps For Improving Number Sense In Little Aspirants In 2024

Children are like molds of mud. If it falls into the right hands of expert potters, the outcome becomes impressive. The parents and the teachers are the potters who can give shape to the future of the children. But, in this era of technological advancements, other sources can also improve a child’s educational aspect. One … Read more

How exactly does Dyscalculia affect our Number Sense?

How dyscalculia affects number sense

REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S EXPERT PANEL ON MAY 26, 2022 Understanding the actual reason behind a disability is important to come up with fitting strategies. You may be aware that Dyscalculia is all about shortcomings in learning numbers and math concepts. But what leads to this instability is to unveil. What makes this important is that the individual … Read more

Important Components Of A Number Sense Lesson Plan

Number sense lesson plan

Teaching number sense requires systematic intervention to build this skill in children. It is why there is a well-thought process carried out in classroom sessions. Popular as a lesson plan among educators, this process schedule tells about how number sense will be taught in class. In simple words, a lesson plan is a written version … Read more

Number Sense Learning Goals – Overview, Examples, and Ways to Achieve

Number Sense Learning Goals - Overview, Examples and Ways to Achieve

When you sit to draft the lesson plan, you tend to think backward; means, you have to concentrate first on what the outcome of the teaching will be and then you move on to devising strategies. These outcomes are nothing but learning goals. As a teacher to early math learners, you may be required to … Read more

7 Effective Number Sense Activities For Kindergarten and Preschoolers

Number Sense Activities For Preschoolers

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Developing a number sense is an important step towards the overall cognitive development of children and for building a foundational base to launch their math skills. Of course, numbers also are a life skill that will help your kid throughout, right from … Read more

What are the Functional Math & Number Sense IEP goals? Strategies to achieve these

What are the Functional Math & Number Sense IEP goals? Strategies to achieve these

Educators emphasize having individualized education programs or IEPs to make education effective for students with different learning disabilities. IEP goals are an important aspect of special education programs. These are set for students with specific learning needs. The IEP goals are determined to set a learning aim for an academic year. This means the student … Read more

Number Sense Strategies & Activities for Multiplication Beginners

Number sense strategies and activities for learning multiplication

Fluency and flexibility with numbers is the simplest way to define number sense (Berch, 1998). Students need to grasp the numbers not only by their looks or sounds but in terms of what they imply. To impart learning of the corresponding value of numbers, helping to find relationships between them, understanding number patterns, and moving … Read more

Strategies to implement Number Talks effectively and its benefits

number talks strategies and its benefits

I have seen many teachers struggling with the process of establishing a connection with the students. They find it challenging to reach the students mentally and to bring them on to go further beyond rote learning. The ideal situation is achieved when a student gets to learn the concepts in the way a teacher intends … Read more

12 best number board games for math literacy

number board games

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Kids absorb a lot from their environments. Their inherent tool for learning is imitation. And after imitation, comes the games. Their curious minds want to learn by touch, seeing, and acting. That is why books boggle them and they demonstrate anxieties … Read more