Fluid Intelligence: Characteristics and Examples to understand it better

Fluid intelligence characteristics and examples

Consider the following scenario – “You work for a courier company, and a huge consignment is waiting to be delivered. Everything is sorted, but all of a sudden, you learn of a glitch that will impact the delivery of the consignment. As there is no scope for late delivery, you start figuring out what you … Read more

6 Examples To Understand What Intellectual Curiosity Is

Examples of Intellectual curiosity

Learning should be a two-directional process. It requires the active involvement of both teachers and children to achieve a meaningful outcome from the learning process. But, learning is likely to reach a deadlock if children don’t reciprocate in any manner. A simple question, a reaction, or an explicitly expressed interest are a few ways a … Read more

Number Sense Learning Goals – Overview, Examples, and Ways to Achieve

Number Sense Learning Goals - Overview, Examples and Ways to Achieve

When you sit to draft the lesson plan, you tend to think backward; means, you have to concentrate first on what the outcome of the teaching will be and then you move on to devising strategies. These outcomes are nothing but learning goals. As a teacher to early math learners, you may be required to … Read more

What is Surface Dyslexia: Its Signs, Examples, and Management Strategies

What is Surface Dyslexia ?

REVIEWED BY  NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S MEDICAL REVIEW PANEL ON JULY 27, 2021 If people find it difficult to tell words that are not voiced out as they are spelled, it is the sign of surface dyslexia. For example, the words like island, honor, bought, Right, etc, are words that differ in grapheme and phoneme. Hence, this disorder is … Read more

What is Logical-mathematical Intelligence?: Importance, Activities, Examples and Its role in teaching

What is Logical-mathematical Intelligence?: Importance, Activities, Examples and Its role in teaching

Education is not only about reading books and getting graduation. It is about applying what we have learned too. Logical-mathematical intelligence is the ability to use mathematical and logical knowledge to perform daily tasks, analyze and utilize information to create new things, or improve existing ones. Thus, it is very essential to get into deeper … Read more

6 Common Examples to Understand Estimation Better

6 Common Estimation Examples

Calculating is a bookish act or pure arithmetic activity. Estimation is a more practical thing to do and is likely used often in real life. Unless it is about paying a sum or receiving it (where people want only the exact value), a person tends to find the approximate value or an estimate. Sometimes, estimation … Read more