30-Second Elevator Pitch Examples for Students

When you apply for an internship or a job, you compete with several other candidates who want the exact role you’re seeking. So, how do you ensure you get the upper hand and increase your chances of selection? By delivering a remarkable elevator pitch!

An elevator pitch is a very short (around 30-45 seconds) persuasive speech, more like an introduction, but with the agenda of making an impression and grabbing people’s attention so they can consider you for the role you’re interested in. You generally use an elevator pitch when networking or meeting a potential employer to showcase your capabilities and tell them what you can bring to the table.

The fact that an elevator pitch has the power to help you land your favorite job or internship, it has to be extra special! Curating a well-drafted and precise 30-second speech with all your important information may seem like a daunting task. But worry not! We have put together a handful of effective 30-second elevator pitch examples for students to give you an idea of how you can create your own to make a memorable impression.  

What should your elevator pitch include?

1. Your name and credentials

It’s always a good idea to start with personal details like your name, what you’re pursuing, and which school or college you’re attending or have graduated from. This will help the listener know who they’re talking to and help build a connection.  

2. Your career goals

State your career interests and goals to give the listener an idea of what kind of work you’re interested in. It will help them find the perfect role for you if they have any. If not, they can connect you with someone who can help you find your desired position.

3. Past experience and unique accomplishments

If you’re a high school student looking for an internship, talk about the activities you were involved in at school. Something like experience in writing for the school newspaper or serving as a student council president will make you stand out from the crowd.

You could also talk about any summer programs you might have attended to overcome your learning disability. College students can talk about their internships, accomplishments, and how their work benefited the organization.

4. Why you make a good fit

Share what you have learned in your previous roles, the specific skills you have acquired, and how you can use those skills and experiences to fulfill your responsibilities at the company you wish to work for.

5. A question to extend the conversation

Always try to end your pitch with a question to nudge the listener to share their views or give their input. This will extend the discussion and hopefully get you some valuable information to assist you in building your professional experience.

30-second elevator pitch examples for building professional relationships

1. “Hello, I’m _______, a high school student of_______. I am passionate about all things science and technology. From building robots for competitions to developing interactive online games, I love to take on new challenges. I am interested in building a career in _______, and I’m excited to collaborate on projects that are open to innovation and make a real impact. Do you know any internship positions where I can make a difference?”

2. “Hi, I’m ______, a high school student who loves art and creativity. Art has been my passion since I was seven years old. My work is a mix of paintings, sculptures, and digital designs that reflect my diverse interests. Currently, I’m looking for projects where I can showcase my artistic flair to inspire and captivate the world. I would be glad if you could share some of your expertise with me while I assist you with some of your projects.”

3. “Hello, I’m _______, a senior at _______ high school. I have always been a student who is driven by leadership and believes in giving back to the community. My experience as a student council president and volunteer at local charities has equipped me with all the traits necessary to succeed as _______. Hence, I am eager to participate in initiatives where I can bring people together, create change, and make a positive impact in their lives. Do you know about any such initiatives in your company?”

4. “Hi! My name is _______, and I am a high school student with a passion for writing. Whether it’s crafting short stories or contributing to the school newspaper, I find joy in expressing my thoughts and ideas through my writing. I have engaged in several writing activities throughout middle and high school. I am currently looking for opportunities to gain some experience in technical writing too! I have heard you have internship opportunities available for aspiring tech writers. It would be great if I could join you!”

5. “From preserving ecosystems to mitigating climate change, environmental sustainability is the need of the hour.
Hi, I’m _______, a high schooler passionate about environmental sustainability and doing my bit to save our planet. Whether organizing campus clean-ups or advocating for eco-friendly initiatives, I’m committed to making a difference. If you have free time in the coming weeks, I would love to talk to you about your initiatives in this area and offer you my assistance.”

6. Hello, let me start by introducing myself. I am _______ with a strong interest in building a career in Computer Science. I have taken up a few coding programs to develop a solid foundation, and my journey also includes assisting in the creation of a mobile app for a local business. I am excited to apply my acquired skills and learn even more through an enriching internship program. Are there any positions available in your company?

7. Hi, This is _______, a senior at ________High School. My interest in understanding human behavior has nudged me to consider a college major in Psychology. I have taken the AP Psychology course to gain knowledge and served as a peer counselor in school to help fellow students. I am looking to pursue a part-time job or a volunteer position in human services to impact people’s lives positively. Are you aware of any such position?

8. Hello, I’m _______. A sophomore in _______High School. I would describe myself as friendly and energetic. Always open to help others and build connections. My teachers can vouch for my positive attitude and willingness to learn new skills. Currently, I am searching for a job so I can save for college. I would be glad to assist your customers, organize displays, handle transactions, and enhance the shopping experience at your store. Let me know what you think.

9. Hello, I’m _______, a dedicated high school student of _______ who has always been awestruck by ancient architectural designs. So much so that I always carry a book to draw sketches of new structures I see around. And I never miss a chance to attend architecture camps to hone my skills as an aspiring architect. I have learned you offer internships to high schoolers who are interested in pursuing architecture. Can you please provide me with details?

10. Hi, I’m _______. I go to _______high school and I attend _______for studying Entrepreneurship. I recently got the opportunity to showcase my leadership in an entrepreneurship team and build on skills like team management and time management. I love collaborating with peers and working in a dynamic environment. I see you have a few open positions where I can apply my skills and knowledge. Let me know if you would like to take this conversation further.

Tips to craft the perfect elevator pitch for yourself

  1. Keep your pitch short and to the point. Remember the 30-45 second rule!
  2. Research the opportunity well so you can showcase relevant skills and experiences that best align with it.
  3. Make your pitch interesting by adding an element of emotion or storytelling.
  4. Incorporate dynamic verbs and action-oriented language to highlight your abilities and achievements.
  5. Maintain calm body language and smile often to add a personal touch.
  6. Practice as much as you can so you can deliver your pitch as naturally as possible.
  7. Stay confident and authentic while you deliver your pitch. Don’t make false claims.
  8. Practice handling interruptions while you’re giving your speech. It’s possible that your listener may pose a question in between.
  9. Try some interview activities to practice your elevator pitch. 

Final note

An elevator pitch is a great tool to put yourself out there and grab the attention of recruiters. It opens the path to future conversations, which can lead you to the professional role you are interested in. 

While creating an elevator pitch, it’s important to note that elevator pitches are not one-size-fits-all. Every student must take time to curate it depending on their strengths, interests, and future goals. It will help if you dive in some brainstorming activities to get your ideas on paper. Furthermore, you can’t just have one elevator pitch and be done with it. You must modify your pitch based on the requirements of a particular role so you can appear to be a perfect fit for it.

So, that’s all for today! We hope you can now successfully create a stunning elevator pitch that will help you land your dream projects. Be sure to practice your pitch so you can use it at the next networking event, career fair, or in the elevator when you come across someone you look up to or want to work with. Those 30 seconds are precious!

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