Subitizing Activities For Kindergarten: Teaching the art of approximation and pattern recognition

Subitizing Activities For Kindergarten

Subitizing is the art of recognizing numbers by a glance, without undergoing the actual process of counting. Derived from a Latin word subitus, which roughly translates into ‘sudden’, Subitizing is a learning strategy that calls for a fair approximation of the numbers, without having an exact estimate of the same. Importance of Subitising Subitising is … Read more

Best Activities To Teach Subitizing: The art of grasping numbers with a glance

Best Activities To learn Subitizing

Subitizing is a new-age learning methodology that is moving away from the era of rote learning. It is derived from the Latin word subitus, which roughly translated in English means ‘sudden’. It refers to a learning strategy around recognizing numbers with a glance and without actually counting them individually. The ‘sudden’ glance of numbers should … Read more

Free Printable Subitizing Worksheets for Practice [PDF]

Free Printable Subitizing Worksheets PDF

Children tend to count things individually or on their fingers; it is a basic skill. But, before developing this skill, they tend to count without counting literally. This sense of counting by sight is called subitizing. It prepares the students to guess the value of a given set before finding its exact quantity. Various manipulatives … Read more

7 Cool Online Subitizing Games For Kids

List of top 7 subitizing games for little kids

Like you read certain words totally by sight and do not put conscious efforts into reading them, there are basic calculations that you can do without counting them on your fingers. It is more like calculating by eyes. This method of finding a certain amount without actually counting elements one by one is called subitizing. … Read more