7 Cool Online Subitizing Games For Kids

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Like you read certain words totally by sight and do not put conscious efforts into reading them, there are basic calculations that you can do without counting them on your fingers. It is more like calculating by eyes. This method of finding a certain amount without actually counting elements one by one is called subitizing.

It can be considered an outcome of a well-developed number sense. Can there be a playful way of learning this skill? Certainly yes! The solution is available in Subitizing Games, which you can play online as a part of the technology in education initiatives. Sometimes, these games are recommended for children who love playing on mobile phones; as these can help use the screen time for learning something substantial.

How subitizing games are used for building math skills in children?

Subitizing learning games are designed to help children work up their brains to do problems quickly and correctly. That is why, these are introduced for basic calculations, at first.

Further, with practice, the children can employ the learning of these games to attain fluency with number sense.

The concept of number bonds also comes to reality when the mind calculates the dots or other countable items by grouping them in different ways. So, let’s take a look at some of the interesting subitizing games available online.

7 Interesting subitizing games for kids

1. Tug Team Multiplication

Tug Team Multiplication Subitizing Game

The numbers are represented by tractors in this online subitizing game. All you need to know is to employ your easy multiplication skills and pick the correct answer from the options provided.

The different sounds emerging from tractors help you know if the answer is correct or wrong. Changing the number of trucks according to the change in problem keeps you engaged and compels your brain to be quick in thinking and processing the inputs provided.

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2. Gracie & Friends Birthday Cafe

Gracie & Friends Birthday Cafe

Designed for Pre-K and K levels, this game gives an enticing way to indulge in the subitizing activity. The teachers can provide scaffolding to the early learners of subitizing by giving them something interesting to know what numbers and the corresponding group of figures look like.

With the help of mental calculations, the children can find the answers to simple problems of additions or subtractions. This game is an ideal representation of the subitizing problem and takes the doubts away from the learning process.

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3. Subitizing Seeds

Subitizing Seeds

Here is a cute educational online game that gives kids a good round of practice in subitizing along with instilling the desire to plant new seeds. A huge flower pot displays the number of seeds to be planted. Players must view the seed packets displayed on the left side of the screen and quickly select the one that contains the exact same seed as displayed on the pot. 

Dragging and dropping the right number of seeds into the flower pot will make the little gardener water the seeds which grow into beautiful blossoms. When the pot is too full, players can even clear the pot by clicking on the trash can button and enjoy more rounds of practice.

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4. How many How much

How many How much subitizing game

How Many How Much is one of the several interesting subitizing games available on the website gregtangmath.com. This online game requires the players to compare the two sets of objects in terms of their quantities.

Also, they have to find how much more or less, or how many more or fewer one type of object is from another. So, you build number sense by practicing and subitizing and quickening the calculation process by skipping the individual counting of everyday items like vegetables, fruits, stars, etc.

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5. Counting in the Kitchen

Counting in the Kitchen Subitiing game

The cook prepares the items and stacks them up on the plates. A number appears on the top of the screen, which the player needs to read and pick the plate that has the food items corresponding to that figure.

The fast pace of this game offers good scope for subitizing and helps children see what the number denotes in terms of quantity. The game offers multiple benefits like enhancing number sense, number identification, counting, skipping numbers, and others. Perfect for kids who belong to preschooling days to kindergarten, this subitizing game helps lay a strong foundation for advanced math skills.

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6. Subitizing – Ten Frame

Subitizing - Ten Frame Gae

A ten-frame becomes your playground and dots your muse! This game is designed to subitize operations to number 10. By simply looking at the dots, you are picking the quantity displayed on the ten frames and moving on to the next slide.

The faster you do, the clearer your number sense is. Also, the ability to subitize and guess the correct answer by sight enhances remarkably. Bookmark this Ten Frame Game on your browser and play it as many times as you want in your free time. It is sure to give you ample practice on the subitizing activity.

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7. Christmas Subitize 6-10

Christmas Subitize 6-10

This multiple-choice game is another great resource for students to learn subitizing and can be used for math centers, indoor recess time, or even at home. Built on a Christmas theme, the game presents a ten-frame that displays a certain number of Christmassy objects such as presents, reindeer, gingerbread cookies, etc. Players must identify the number of objects and select the right option. 

The game has a total of 25 questions that must be solved to get the final score. You have a leaderboard that displays the names of the players with the highest scores and the time taken to complete the game. It is a fun game for kindergarten and first-grade students where they learn subitizing numbers from six to ten.

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How to use subitizing games to develop math skills in children?

Certain strategies are quite helpful in giving subitizing games a fitting place in the learning program. Here are a few tips that can help you charge up the students to optimal curiosity to play these games:

  • Show ample examples in advance and assert the easiness. Number talk sessions can also help. When they see the demonstrator performing so well, they are all excited to do it by themselves and mentally aim to do better or faster.
  • Talk about the rewards waiting for students at the end of the game. Players do have scorecards at the end, but you can make it more exciting by announcing rewards for the highest scorers.
  • You can keep a time tab to drive the players into subitizing instead of counting. Though choosing to start with a longer time, quickly change the pace so that the very essence of subitizing is absorbed and practiced amply by the learners.

Wrapping Up

Subitizing is a unique ability that can help polish a student’s math skills. The faster one is in grouping, pattern recognition, and identifying numbers, the quicker one gets at solving math. Getting early math learners into the habit of grasping numbers with a glance is possible with regular practice through worksheets, subitizing activities, and games. We hope your students enjoy the online games highlighted in this article and have a great time learning math in a fun and joyful way.

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