Top 8 Engaging Online Pattern Games for Little Learners

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The ability to identify patterns is one of the prime determiners of a child’s logical reasoning skills or displays mathematical intelligence. This intelligence is required to have problem-solving capabilities. Also termed as shape intelligence or patterns intelligence, the ability to identify patterns can help in understanding structures, which does help in daily life.

It also lays the foundation for easy geometry learning. Let’s explore how patterns intelligence can be achieved with the online patterns games, and which are the best ones available.

Importance of online patterns games

Pattern learning is a part of math reasoning building. It completes the mathematical competence of a child. Various tests are developed to find the ability of children’s brains to find the pattern or visualize shapes; accordingly, the teachers follow the code of guidance. Some students need more practice than others, and this is where additional resources like online pattern games can provide learning support.

Online patterns games help in the following ways:

  • Games for patterns initiate learning through discussions
  • These enhance the logic reasoning abilities of the child
  • Pattern games help visualize shapes and their relevance in the surrounding environment
  • Online patterns games help utilize technology to give more practice to children who tend to avoid books
  • The games improve qualities like perception, critical analysis, memory boosting, and others.

To add to all, the games based on pattern learning can help utilize a child’s internet time for mathematical skill enhancement purposes. Listed here are the most engaging online patterns games that can help you entice your child into mathematical skill development and without feeling bored.

Top 8 Engaging Online Patterns Games

1. AuroraBound – Pattern Puzzles

AuroraBound - Pattern Puzzles

An exciting and mentally soothing game for one and all! This pattern puzzle is designed to offer a learning-based recreation material for the kids as well as adults. The homeschoolers can employ logic, utilize matching skills, and improve their hand-eye coordination by practicing puzzles on this game regularly.

By playing this in a time-pressed manner, the kids can enhance their memorization capabilities and be fluent with patterns. While 1000s of unique puzzles offer ample practice and can keep you busy year-round, increasing complexities can help the players tease their minds as per their capability. This online pattern game introduces shapes and designs in an absorbing manner and is sound learning support.

Game Link: Playstore | Appstore

2. Brain Sequence – Mental Deoxidixer Game

Brain Sequence - Mental Deoxidixer Game

The gameplay of this online pattern game is quite supportive of the brain stimulation needs. The players are shown a sequence, then they need to fill the spaces with the objects they saw in the sequence in the next step of making sequences. It is ideal for improving the sequential memory and boosts the pattern retention ability of the mind.

The game is found to be quite effective for developing the color and shape sequence recognition ability. To top it all, this online learning booster offers the assessment tool for gauging the progress and ultimately, strengthens the working memory.

Game Link: Playstore

3. Kids Mosaic Art Shape and Color Picture Puzzles

Kids Mosaic Art Shape and Color Picture Puzzles

This pattern game offers an activity-oriented way of learning shapes, designs, and patterns. The players get to fiddle with a variety of pattern-creation ideas with the help of shapely blocks of various sizes and colors.

This pattern game has a plethora of designs and shapes to make. These design inspirations are nothing but the animals, means of transport, buildings, and several other things that children come across in their surroundings. Hence, apart from providing support for mosaic learning, it tells about the relevance of knowing shapes.

Game Link: Playstore

4. Geoboard: Puzzle for kids drawing lines shapes

Geoboard: Puzzle for kids drawing lines shapes

Geoboard coming to your mobile or tablet screen is a wonderful idea! Shape learning activity becomes more joyful when done in a progressive manner. This online pattern game offers a good start for the learning process.

Children can start with line, then move to letters, and further, explore the design patterns that are nothing but extending lines in various directions. Thus, this game offers the advantage of learning letters. One can assess the progress by comparing the ‘before’ and ‘after’ results.

Game Link: Playstore

5. Patterned


Patterned is quite similar to what you do with a jigsaw puzzle board game. The players get the set of pieces of a picture which they need to fit on the screen.

By the simple act of drag and drop, the early learners of shape learn about the composition of a picture, its elements, and how the shapes can be put together to create an entirely different pattern or design. This game improves cognition and offers a better understanding of the pattern-making process while working up the brain.

Game Link: AppStore

6. Patterns

Patterns 3 patterns games in 1 app

A pattern is not only about sorting and fitting the pieces of a puzzle and making structure. A sequence is also a type of linear pattern, where the objects appear in some order. As a pattern learner, a child has to apply logical reasoning skills too.

This skill becomes easy to develop with the game that offers understanding or identification of a pattern and then choosing the next in the series. The children can be given at hints first in this game, then with progression in learning, they can start to pick the objects and make a pattern without any help. This online pattern game can be played using a time-based challenge to acquire fluency.

Game Link: AppStore

7. Pattern Memory Game

Pattern Memory Game

Pattern memory game is an ideal platform to acquire skills for sequence, and shape intelligence. The shapes and patterns become easy to grasp when the brain is trained to recognize, memorize and decode the order.

This game is designed to challenge the mind and improve the mental capacity of the players by offering them challenges with varying complexities. The game is designed for both kids and adults, and helps improve the memory of players with regular practice and constant effort to move high up the proficiency levels.

Game Link: Playstore | AppStore

8. Learning Patterns – Pattern & Logic Game for Kids 

Learning Patterns - Pattern & Logic Game for Kids

Learning of patters starts at an early age; therefore, this online pattern game is designed, keeping the needs of budding learners in mind. They can play this game to learn the pattern of numbers, letters, and various shapes.

The overall result is a confident child with better logic reasoning skills. Various exercises and activities involving shape identification and sorting boost the child’s learning and offer them added ease with the shapes and the sequencing skills. Whether it is number sequencing or the arrangement of letters, the easy games provide the best edutainment material for the kids, allowing them to grasp patterns concepts remarkably.

Game Link: Appstore

Activities you can do with online patterns games

Online patterns games can be introduced as a study material with the help of discussion and guidance. Homeschoolers as well as other learners can do following activities with these games:

  • Build designs with the help of blocks
  • Take pattern decoding challenges
  • Perform sequence completion activities
  • Draw and design shapes and patterns
  • Memorize shapes and the underlying patterns of a design

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