7 Online Abacus Training Classes For Little Math Aspirants

Online abacus training classes

It is believed that the Abacus was first used 5,000 years ago by Chinese merchants to facilitate their buzzing trade transactions. Rightly regarded as the first-ever calculating tool, Abacus still maintains its relevance in today’s age due to its strong fundamental nature and easy-to-understand techniques. Not only does it stimulate logical thinking, but it also … Read more

7 Best Orton Gillingham Based Reading Programs

Orton Gillingham based reading programs

Isn’t it exceptional for a child with learning disabilities to get a specialized approach to cope with peers? A good deal of educators believe and strive for finer instruction techniques for them by bringing neuroscientific information and principles of remediation together.   Even if compromised neurologically, learners can now keep up with their learning persuasively. To … Read more

10 Must-Try Free Online Math Manipulatives

10 Must-Try Free Online Math Manipulatives

Math manipulatives have been around us for years. Their use started rampantly after the implementation of the IDEA Act which directs educational institutes to be more inclusive in their approach. Students with learning difficulties need additional help in internalizing math concepts. Math manipulatives offer this much-needed alternative learning support which also helps in concept visualization[1]. … Read more

Top 8 Engaging Online Pattern Games for Little Learners

List of top 8 engaging online pattern games

The ability to identify patterns displays mathematical intelligence and is one of the prime determiners of a child’s logical reasoning skills. This logical-mathematical intelligence[1] is required to develop problem-solving capabilities. Also termed as shape intelligence or patterns intelligence, the ability to identify patterns can help in understanding structures, which does help in daily life. It … Read more

7 Phonics Reading Programs to try online

List of top 7 online phonics reading program

Reading is an important basic skill. Children from their very first year in pre-school are taught letter recognition and their pronunciation. Gradually, they are moved to spelling and word formation. With the introduction of technology in education initiatives, the repertoire of phonics learning tools has become quite enriched. One of the popular technology-driven resources is … Read more