High Scope vs. Creative Curriculum: What’s the difference?

highscope vs. creative curriculum

If you are finding yourself lost in the world of preschool curriculums, worry not! Most parents face this dilemma about which curriculum they should choose for their ‘ready-for-preschool’ child. This confusion is quite obvious as you hear names like Reggio Emilia, Montessori, Waldorf, HighScope, Creative Curriculum, and many more! Each of these uniquely designed curriculums … Read more

6 Most Successful Research-Based Reading Programs for Struggling Readers

Research based reading

Reading is a fundamental skill. Every person must be a proficient reader to understand the vast expanse of information available in the world. The beginning of reading skills starts during the early school years to support future educational endeavors. But reading is not something that comes naturally to many children. Several students and adults worldwide … Read more

10 Summer Math Programs For Middle School Students

Summer math program for Middle school

While a summer break provides the much-needed time to relax and rejuvenate, it can create a gap in the mathematical learning skills of students. Being distanced from scheduled classes, assignments, and homework, hampers the regular required practice which can potentially affect the overall understanding of math concepts. Well, a summer math program tailored specifically for … Read more

10 Interesting Extended School Year Program Ideas

Are you a special education teacher looking for some interesting ideas for your extended school year program? Just like you, many teachers in the country offer their services for extended school year programs to help students with special needs. We know how crucial it is to provide a continuous learning environment to these students so … Read more

5 Programs Involving Structured Literacy Approach

Structured literacy programs

Structure Literacy – the thorough technique of literacy pedagogy that has proven benefits and effects on students, especially those with dyslexia. While programs under this module address the foundation elements of reading comprehension that concern word recognition, decoding, and verbal language skills; the techniques used under these programs also help struggling readers with one-on-one interventions … Read more

10 Helpful Programs For Adults With Dyslexia

Affordable programs for adults with dyslexia

The world is transforming itself to acclimate each of us every day. Whether we have a different way of living or incur certain difficulties that limit our functioning, absorbing anything that favors our sensory and cognitive skills is a win-win. While a lot of programs are introduced for children with dyslexia at the schooling level, … Read more

Abacus Or Kumon Math Program: Which One To Go For?

Abacus vs Kumon

In the hope of getting their kids a little extra help with classroom preaching, parents always lookout for academic enrichment programs. There can be various reasons for this search, such as may be the student is struggling with the subject or just needs a little help to get higher marks and knowledge. Abacus is a … Read more

7 Best Orton Gillingham Based Reading Programs

Orton Gillingham based reading programs

Isn’t it exceptional for a child with learning disabilities to get a specialized approach to cope with peers? A good deal of educators believe and strive for finer instruction techniques for them by bringing neuroscientific information and principles of remediation together.   Even if compromised neurologically, learners can now keep up with their learning persuasively. To … Read more

Benefits Of Stem Education In Elementary School

Benefits Of Stem Education In Elementary School

With the rise of new teaching patterns in schools along with modernization in technology, STEM education has become more indispensable than ever. Many educators and institutions are leaning towards this idea of teaching as this helps students by promoting critical thinking, problem-solving, and much more. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This teaching … Read more

9 Spelling Programs for Kids with Dyslexia

Spelling Programs for Kids with Dyslexia

It is so unfortunate that even after being discovered for so long, Learning disabilities (LDs), such as dyslexia and dysgraphia, are still misconstrued[1] in individuals. People’s awareness about dyslexia is very much required as if ignored, can seriously impact the confidence of the individuals suffering from it. This is generally observed in a dyslexic person … Read more