8 Fun Energy Activities for Elementary Students 

Energy activities

Ever thought why the paper plane flies only a little distance when thrown with hands as compared to when elastics are used to propel its speed? It’s the elastic energy that boosts up the speed of our regular paper planes and provides them a burst of speed.  Similarly, students can find the applications of different … Read more

13 Fun Movement Breaks For Elementary Students

Movements Break

As students transition from kindergarten to elementary, there are certain expectations put on them regarding how they should behave, and study in a class. It is very common to see that students especially elementary students tend to lose focus and become bored while attending a class. One of the reasons behind this is the long … Read more

10 Fun Morphology Activities For Elementary Class

morophology Activities

Welcome to the wacky and wonderful world of wordplay! Did you know that the English language has over a million words? That’s a lot of words to play with, and we’re here to help you become a master of word manipulation through our exciting morphology activities. Prepare to explore the fascinating world of prefixes, suffixes, … Read more

10 Fun Observation Games & Activities For Elementary Students

observation games and activities

You must have seen students asking different questions looking at the sky during day and night. They are generally filled with so many questions about the existence of stars or why trees move only during certain times. Where do these questions come from? Purely through observation! The more they observe, the more they are attracted … Read more

7 Activities For Teaching Personal Hygiene To Elementary Students

personal hygine activities

Imagine a world where brushing teeth, washing hands, and taking care of personal hygiene are not only important but also incredibly fun and exciting! In this world, students eagerly anticipate hygiene lessons and look forward to discovering new and creative ways to stay healthy and clean. Therefore, activities are a great way to promote good … Read more

10 Important Skills Needed To Be An Elementary School Teacher

Skills need to be an elementary teacher

Are you an elementary teacher, or are you hoping to become one? Whichever the reason, teaching is the most rewarding profession. Elementary school teachers play a very crucial role in young children’s education and growth. Their hard work and importance can not be neglected. A primary school teacher manages a classroom and instructs students in … Read more

How To Teach Organizational Skills To Elementary Students?

organisational skills

A group of strategic abilities known as organization skills aid students in making the best use of their time and effort to accomplish their objectives. Both effective study techniques and organization are crucial in the classroom. For students, being organized is particularly important because it assists them to learn how to prioritize activities, set and … Read more

25 Quotes Highlighting The Hardwork Of A Elementary Teacher

elementary teacher quotes

Elementary school teachers play a crucial role in a person’s development during the initial years of life. After parents, teachers are the ones who understand all the needs and requirements of a student. Though they don’t receive enough praise for the constant hard work they put in inside and outside the classroom, Teachers influence and … Read more

8 Fun Social-emotional Learning Games For Middle-school & Elementary Students

sel games

Social and emotional learning holds similar significance as academic performance in the lives of students. This is especially true for elementary and middle school students because their young minds are constantly developing the skills that help an individual regulate their emotions and thrive in a social environment. Activities and games are a fun way of … Read more

6 Awesome Summer Math Camps For Elementary Students

Summer math camps for elementary students

As the summer rolls in, there arrives a number of fun things to do. The long vacation is often a perfect time to enroll in clubs and camps that may enrich the students in multiple new arenas the child is looking forward to it.  While schooling too focuses on all-around development, summer programs and camps … Read more