How to Improve Reading Comprehension Skills of 3rd-graders?

How to Improve Reading Comprehension Skills of 3rd-graders?

From learning to read to reading to learn your child has to go through a process that is crucial in itself. Usually, till 2 nd grade your kid learns to read, they start developing the habit of reading words but as the curriculum proceeds to 3rd grade, it becomes imperative that your kid understands the … Read more

8 Must-Read Books For Dyslexic Readers

8 Must-Read Books For Dyslexic Readers

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Reading difficulties are the most conspicuous in Dyslexic children. So, why the books for Dyslexia? The answer lies in the fact that books for dyslexic readers are designed while keeping the learning and psychological needs of such people in mind. These books … Read more

Top 7 Must-Try Reading Apps for First Graders

List of top Reading Apps for First Graders

It is a thing of common liking among parents that they want their kids to be fluent readers. They accumulate a number of resources and look for schools that offer good support for building reading and oratory skills in their children. The good news is that a big resource is available right in your hands … Read more

7 Phonics Reading Programs to try online

List of top 7 online phonics reading program

Reading is an important basic skill. Children from their very first year in pre-school are taught letter recognition and their pronunciation. Gradually, they are moved to spellings and word formation. With the introduction of technology in education initiatives, the repertoire of phonics learning tools has become quite enriched. One of the popular technology-driven resources is … Read more

12 Best Online Sight Word Games For Kids

A list of top 12 sight word games

Literary skills are among the core skills that must be inculcated in any child for coping up better with the world. The foundational basics that can strengthen one’s literary skills are the frequency with which one can recognize the words. If one could recognize a word at the very instant one sees it, without the … Read more

Top 15 books on learning sight words

List of top 15 books for learning sight words

Please Note : This post may contains affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Sight words are the commonly used words that need to be recognized at a glance. Instant words and snap words are the other names of sight words. These words appear too often in sentence and help add lucidity to it. Sight … Read more

Top 10 manipulatives to improve reading skills

list of top 10 reading manipulatives

Manipulatives for reading can be used as tools for engagement, gamification and assortment activities that can help cultivate language skills in a child. The dyslexic children who find it difficult to identify the shapes of the letters or relate to the sequence of the letters in the words can benefit from the tangibility of manipulatives. They can use it as an alternative to conventional methods of reading and writing words.