9 Important Mental Math Tools And Resources

mental math tools & resources

Mathematical estimation without pen and paper is sometimes incumbent, which necessitates the comprehension of mental math skills. Calculating without the use of gadgets, using one’s mental potential turns pivotal, as it is needed practically time and again.  Germane training resources employed at a tender age can be instrumental for kids, nourishing their brains. That being … Read more

Orton Gillingham Approach: Everything You Need To Know

What is Orton Gillingham approach?

It would be a great scenario where every student learns at the same pace as the instructors. Pragmatically, this may not be possible due to the personal compromises of some pupils. While some have no issues with customary pace, some may need relaxed and individualized training to compete with peers. Fortunately, we can hang on … Read more

List Of Speech Sound Examples And Resources

speech sound examples and resources

Speech development is a crucial process as it enables communication. It starts from a very early age when a kid starts to babble and make various sounds. If the grasping skills are strong, the child may start speaking clear sentences at the very first year of school, and sometimes at home too. However, progress does … Read more

Dyslexia Tools And Resources For Adults

Dyslexia resources and tools for adults

Dyslexia is not a disease that can be cured. It needs to be worked around and managed. In many cases, dyslexia remains undiagnosed because people choose to give up on their academic endeavors instead of getting assessed for special learning needs. Good News is that there is no need to hide behind excuses or run … Read more

7 Must-Have Orton Gillingham Tools And Resources

important resources for orton gillingham approach

Who doesn’t love a straightforward, direct, organized, chronological, and descriptive practice of teaching literacy? Orton-Gillingham is one such approach that lays out facile means to instruct compromising students too. This learning technique which has been validated for more than 80 years can be even handier with valuable resources. In this accord, let us mull over … Read more

Important Components Of A Number Sense Lesson Plan

Number sense lesson plan

Teaching number sense requires systematic intervention to build this skill in children. It is why there is a well-thought process carried out in classroom sessions. Popular as a lesson plan among educators, this process schedule tells about how number sense will be taught in class. In simple words, a lesson plan is a written version … Read more

9 Awesome Manipulatives For Teaching Graphs and Charts

Manipulatives for Learning Graphs

Yes, we can always make a table to structure our data, but what if you have too much data? That is where graphs and charts come to your rescue. Graphs and charts are essential tools to analyze and visualize the data. They represent data in an organized way which helps us process content and make … Read more

Important Resources For Implementing Multisensory Learning Approach

Important Resources For Implementing Multisensory Learning Approach

“That kid could not comprehend what was written in the book!”, “It pained to see my kid struggling with simple counting even at 4th Std!”, “My kid shies away from reciting poems, can’t understand why!” All these concerns point that there is something different needed for some kids to learn basic skills. On deeper exploration … Read more

9 Spelling Programs for Kids with Dyslexia

9 Spelling Programs for Kids with Dyslexia

It is so unfortunate that even after being discovered for so long, Learning disabilities (LDs), such as dyslexia and dysgraphia, are still misconstrued in individuals. People’s awareness about dyslexia is very much required as if ignored, can seriously impact the confidence of the individuals suffering from it. This is generally observed in a dyslexic person … Read more

7 Must-have Handwriting Apps For Adults: Digital aids to improve penmanship

7 Must-have Handwriting Apps For Adults

The Digital era that has dawned has reduced the need of paper and pen as means of communication. However, a handwritten note in beautiful calligraphy still possesses the old-world charm that can open many doors of dialogue and discourse.  Of course, changing with the new world is the need of the hour. Hence, a little … Read more