Special Education Assessment Checklist [PDF Included]

Special Assessment Checklist

Imagine you’re a teacher in a special education classroom, surrounded by students with diverse needs and abilities. You’re determined to provide each of them with the best possible education, but with so many factors to consider, it can be challenging to ensure you’re covering all your bases. That’s where the Special Education Assessment Checklist comes … Read more

Inclusive Classroom Environment Checklist [PDF Included]

inclusive classroom environment checklist

An inclusive classroom environment is a learning environment that is welcoming and supportive of all students, regardless of their abilities, backgrounds, or experiences. In an inclusive classroom, students are valued for their unique perspectives and contributions and are encouraged to participate and engage with the material and with their peers. An inclusive classroom environment is … Read more

Important Tools And Resources For Successful Project Based Learning

project based learning

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Project Based Learning is a learning method that is used by many teachers, professionals as well as students to acquire knowledge and develop skills by working for a certain period of time to understand, analyze, solve and respond to a challenging set … Read more

Printable Situational Awareness Checklist [Pdf Included]

situational awareness

“Situational awareness requires outward focus, listening, observing, and consideration of the dynamics of the situation as well as an inward awareness to manage ourselves to be the most effective.”- Lee Ellis. As used in daily speech, situation awareness refers to the present-moment cognizance or understanding needed to move around, operate equipment, or maintain a system. … Read more

List Of Project-Based Learning Survey Questions For Teachers

Project based learning survey questions for teachers

Passive learning and teaching have been at the receiving end of questions for a long time. More and more educators are now suggesting that passive classrooms are not sufficient for the growth of students. As the world requires more problem and solution-focused development of students, active learning methods came into the picture, to equip teachers … Read more

List of support resources for parents having a child with learning disorder


The parenting learning curve takes on a completely different facet when you have a kid with special needs. However, it is a wonderful experience to connect with your child through various means and build a healthy bond. You can feel isolated, be riddled with concerns, about what’s best for your child, and not know who … Read more

Printable Functional Math Checklist [PDF Included]

Functional math skills checklist

Functional math skills are required in order to live independently in a society where we can analyze things on our own and make choices that benefit an ideal living. Functional skills make it feasible to decide where we want to live, how we want to make money, what to do with the earned money, and … Read more

List Of Questions For Teachers To Ask Parents At Parent-Teacher Conferences [PDF Included]

Questions for teachers to ask parents at parent teacher conferences

Parent-Teacher conferences can be one of the most crucial days in the life of a teacher, parent, and student. This is because the teacher would have to put their best foot forward and be there to answer all doubts and queries of the parents or guardians. At the same time, parents get to know how … Read more

IEP Binder Checklist [PDF Included]

IEP Binder Checklist

IEP goals can be the best way to organize and list out what attributes are to be enhanced in the special child. Along with this list, parents make a record of multiple other documents to address the IEP process and meetings effortlessly. To fasten all of these in a reliable file, an IEP binder is … Read more

Grammar IEP Goals [PDF Included]

Grammar IEP Goals

Learning English is important irrespective of age and grade. However, the smoothness and steadiness of grasping might not be the same for everyone. However, to overcome this, schools are opting for a disciplined approach toward transforming education according to the needs of these special children. For this, they involve parents and caretakers to form a … Read more