IEP Binder Checklist [PDF Included]

IEP Binder Checklist

IEP goals can be the best way to organize and list out what attributes are to be enhanced in the special child. Along with this list, parents make a record of multiple other documents to address the IEP process and meetings effortlessly. To fasten all of these in a reliable file, an IEP binder is … Read more

Grammar IEP Goals [PDF Included]

Grammar IEP Goals

Learning English is important irrespective of age and grade. However, the smoothness and steadiness of grasping might not be the same for everyone. However, to overcome this, schools are opting for a disciplined approach toward transforming education according to the needs of these special children. For this, they involve parents and caretakers to form a … Read more

Top 11 Innovative Note-Taking Apps For Students

Best note-taking apps for students

Apart from paper-based strategies, students nowadays. utilize computers or cellphones for nearly everything, including schoolwork, online classes, and communication with peers. The way the style of schooling is continuously changing, and note-taking is not an exception to this. For many students, taking notes is a time-consuming task. Further, ensuring all the information is interpretable can … Read more

Top 7 Websites For Practicing Cuisenaire Rods Concepts Online

cuisenaire rods websites

Cuisenaire Rods are a simple and interactive learning tool that consists of various colored rods of different lengths. It facilitates a practical approach to exploring the math and mathematical concepts, including arithmetics, co-ordinate geometry, factorials, etc., in a manipulative approach. These can be approached through various online methods. Online Cuisenaire Rods is a virtual manipulative … Read more

Top 10 Websites To Consider For Brain Breaks

Websites for brain breaks

Be it in elementary or high schooling,  the end goal of the learner is to be efficient in the classroom and while preparing assignments. In the case of longer sessions, these little brains may need recreation. While the sports period may be effective, smaller brain breaks may often be essential to rejuvenate pupils in shorter … Read more

9 Important Tools And Resources For Improving Executive Functioning In Adults

Tools & Resources for executive function skills

Be it planning for a party, or a family trip one needs to organize and put tasks in order and ensure these are accomplished. The ability to manage such divergent tasks all within a certain time span requires executive functioning skills. Comprehending the same, some may perceive to learn these in order to make a … Read more

Important Tools And Resources For Visual Learning

Tools & Resources for visual learning

Individuals often retain information not only through reading but also through visual learning. For that reason, we often effortlessly remember the signs and hoardings. Accordingly, learners may learn topics finer when the educators employ some visually appealing tools along with the traditional pedagogies.  Visual learning tools can be perceived as the set of ideas and … Read more

7 Story Books For Kindergarteners To Learn Sequencing In A Fun Way

Sequencing books for Kindergarten

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. A day consists of morning, afternoon, evening, and night. This sequence can be discerned by observing it every day; similarly, ensuring befitting resources and activities may be obligatory to comprehend sequencing. For little learners who are often ready to explore what’s around, … Read more

Best Books To Start You Off With Kinesthetic Learning

Books for kinesthetic learning

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Books have been distraction-free sources of information. Being available in multiple formats like ebooks and hardcovers, readers can have multiple options to choose from. That being the case, some books can be befitting to start off with kinesthetic learning. Not only for … Read more

7 Manipulatives For Teaching Grammar Concepts

Grammar manipulatives

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. English is the language of the world. One needs to learn phonics, spelling, vocabulary, and ultimately, grammar to communicate error-free manner. A sentence or speech comprises parts such as noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverbs, etc. A Grammar beginner can perform better by … Read more