6 Dice Game Ideas For Learning About Fractions

Fraction games with dice

It is undeniable that the essence of board games has been unruffled. These games are often fragmentary without dice. More than just being an imperative part of the games, dice have turned handy in learning a vital mathematical concept, which is fractions! From activities to worksheets, educators use a number of methods to inculcate the … Read more

How Do Flashcards Help You Memorize?

How Flashcards help in memorization

Kids often learn fascinating notions by observing various visual cues like commercials, nameplates, and street signs. Clearly, we all like learning visually. Another fascinating aspect of these sources is that they offer bits of easy information frequently, often at regular intervals. The same notion is employed with the use of flashcards in learning. These miniature … Read more

5 Manipulatives For Teaching Quadrilateral To Beginners

Quadrilateral Manipulatives

A polygon with four sides and angles summing up to 360 degrees is a quadrilateral. Now, simply take a manipulative of quadrilateral-shaped structure in hand and try to revisit this statement. The latter is surely going to feel like a cakewalk. It is precisely why the manipulatives have risen to a higher reputation among both … Read more

5 Coin Manipulatives For Little Learners

coin manipualtives

It is a sight to watch when kids feel drawn to making payments on their own. They imitate elders and enquire about the pending bill amount, take the money slowly from the pocket and pay with a lot of pride on their faces. But, how to bring a child to that level of self-satisfaction while … Read more

Difference Between Abacus And Soroban

Abacus vs Soroban

Regular academics get fascinating when distinct manipulatives are employed in pedagogies. Math is one such subject where pupils can employ estimators. Abacus is one such handy reckoner that has attained universality. In View of after-school programs, the abacus has a set of edges and catches too. Does the implementation of Soroban mitigate these?  While the … Read more

9 Important Mental Math Tools And Resources

mental math tools & resources

Mathematical estimation without pen and paper is sometimes incumbent, which necessitates the comprehension of mental math skills. Calculating without the use of gadgets, using one’s mental potential turns pivotal, as it is needed practically time and again.  Germane training resources employed at a tender age can be instrumental for kids, nourishing their brains. That being … Read more

12 Helpful Homeschool Manipulatives For Little Aspirants

Homeschooling manipulatives

Learning difficulties, other attention-deficit disorders, and disabilities of both physical and learning nature pose hindrances to gaining education in conventional ways. Despite the Law of FAPE in place, students don’t get proper public education support at times. Homeschooling comes as a workable solution for such cases. It does have its challenges too. How to make … Read more

10 Manipulatives For Teaching Fraction Circles

fraction circle manipulatives

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. It took me a lot of struggle when I chose to enlighten my child with fractions of circles. When I could not make him understand what exactly 1/2, 3/4, etc of a circle mean, I found an easy solution in a pizza. … Read more

6 Best Manipulatives For Learning Triangles

Triangle Manipulatives

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Triangle is one of the unique geometrical shapes which requires in-depth study. A whole branch of maths called trigonometry is based on triangles; it is that important a figure. Teaching concepts based on triangles may require more than reading books. Especially, when … Read more

6 Best Orton Gillingham Approach Based Manipulatives

Orton Gillingham Approach Based Manipulatives

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Multisensory learning offers a source of respite to people who struggle with learning difficulties. This approach employs board games, manipulatives, worksheets, and activities that prove easier to wield than struggling to read from a book. One of the widely recognized ways of … Read more