8 Fun Manipulatives For Little Music Aspirants

music manipulatives

Music education is an exciting journey of musical intelligence discovery and expression, where the mind and heart come together in perfect harmony. It’s a place where creativity flourishes and imaginations soar, where students can connect with the world through rhythm and melody. And at the heart of this musical adventure are the manipulatives, simple objects … Read more

Can Dyscalculia Affect Dancing Skills?

Dyscalculia, often described as “Number Dyslexia“, might come in the way of many talented people who want to pursue their passion, even in areas like performing arts. Professions like music and dance may seem far away from needing any kind of quantitative aptitude but the fact that some have difficulties even counting rhythms, remembering sequences, … Read more

Is playing piano difficult for individuals with dyscalculia?

Dyscalculia and piano

REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S EXPERT PANEL ON AUGUST 15, 2022 Dyscalculia is the inability to count numbers or decode symbols. It is also associated with deficits in calculations and most mathematical processes. It affects the number sense building ability of children. In addition to that, they cannot identify numbers and signs or understand directions. Although incorporating music in … Read more

Music And Dyscalculia: Does it help?

Music And Dyscalculia: Does it help?

Dyscalculia, as we know it now completely, is a learning disorder that interferes with the number-learning ability of children. It affects number sense-building ability. Also, they can’t identify numbers and signs or understand directions or spatial orientations perfectly. They are not good with currency bills as well. So, can’t they be taught numbers at all? … Read more