7 Engaging Manipulatives For Learning Probability Concepts

Probability Manipulatives

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Teaching math is tough. And when variables enter the scene, the challenge enhances manifold. Educators adopt several ways to ease the learning procedures. Manipulatives, among different pedagogical tools, have got the nod of NCTM too.  Found to be effective in reducing math … Read more

Top 7 Websites For Practicing Cuisenaire Rods Concepts Online

cuisenaire rods websites

Cuisenaire Rods are a simple and interactive learning tool that consists of various colored rods of different lengths. It facilitates a practical approach to exploring the math and mathematical concepts, including arithmetics, co-ordinate geometry, factorials, etc., in a manipulative approach. These can be approached through various online methods. Online Cuisenaire Rods is a virtual manipulative … Read more

10 Engaging Cuisenaire Rods Activities For The Classroom

Cuisenaire rods activities

Cuisenaire Rods are a manipulative teaching tool used in classrooms around the world. The kit consists of square pieces of different colors and lengths that students use to learn math facts, addition, subtraction multiplication tables, geometry, and English.  Not only in multiple subjects but these manipulatives can be employed in multiple ways for the same … Read more

10 Fun Ten-Frame Games To Play Online

Online Ten Frame Games

Reckoning numbers may be perceived as a fundamental block of math skills for little learners. Looking into a few available alternatives, Ten frames can be a working pick not only for its easy implementation but also for its accommodation for easy operations as well. Further, online ten frame options like games may add on to … Read more

6 Interactive Online Tangram Manipulatives

tangram manipulatives

Just like a tiny memory card holds a lot of data, a set of 7 shapes may create almost anything. Yes, we are talking about tangrams. This Chinese-originated puzzle eventually turned into a well-liked option for young ones to play with their imagination and learn about shapes at the same time.  A digital version of … Read more

6 Manipulatives For Teaching Symmetry To Little Learners

symetry manipulative

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Looking at a couple of similar artifacts neatly arranged on a shelf may often be serene to our eyes. One of the eminent reasons maybe because they are symmetrical. Even when we fold a piece of perfect paper at the center, we … Read more

5 Interesting Manipulatives For Calculus

Calculus Manipulatives

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Mathematics is not only about whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. There are certain values that are infinitesimally small and denote quantities such as a change in area or change in speed, etc. Calculus is the branch of maths that primarily deals with … Read more

8 Fun Pictograph Games To Play online

Online Pictograph games

Picture graphs or pictographs are usually data presented in the form of pictures. Being a great way to depict numbers and statistics, making kids fond of a pictograph can often be a tight spot for parents and educators.   But of course, math can always turn out to be a fun subject when you bring in … Read more

Abacus Or Kumon Math Program: Which One To Go For?

Abacus vs Kumon

In the hope of getting their kids a little extra help with classroom preaching, parents always lookout for academic enrichment programs. There can be various reasons for this search, such as may be the student is struggling with the subject or just needs a little help to get higher marks and knowledge. Abacus is a … Read more

Flashcards Or Making Notes: Which One To Go For?

Flashcards or making notes?

While classroom and online lectures are often accomodating in comprehending concepts finer, these may not be adequate to retain information later for preparations and revision. May it be subjects like Math or geography, note-taking or similar practices turns necessary. As we all know, Note-taking is a process of writing down crucial points during or after … Read more