8 Fun Pictograph Games To Play online

Picture graphs or pictographs are usually data presented in the form of pictures. Being a great way to depict numbers and statistics, making kids fond of a pictograph can often be a tight spot for parents and educators.  

But of course, math can always turn out to be a fun subject when you bring in the element of games, puzzles, and activities. 

Engage students via these interactive and easy-to-understand play games and activities that will use their logical reasoning and cognitive skills for observing. This article mentions a few ideas that will help you to teach the notion of pictograph or data analysis to children in distance or online learning.

Online games for teaching pictographs

Bar graphs can be a run-of-the-mill concept for kids; adorning these notions with images can turn them enticing visually. Therefore,  here are some pictograph-based online games that can help to ignite interest and knowledge in the kids.

1. Pictograph game 

 Pictograph game 

The game is actually a quiz where the student has to answer a set of questions based upon the data given in the form of pictures. The data are elementary to observe and understand and also very interactive and attractive. Answer the questions correctly and win points

This game has brilliant graphics that will ignite the creative spot of the child’s brain along with which more importantly, the questions will also make your child practice and go through the various mathematical operations. 

2. Fishing Pictograph Game

Fishing pictograph game

A very interactive pictograph game where you have to catch the fish when the fish swimming in the water aligns exactly along with the fishing hook. Make sure the hook is not getting touched by the jellyfish swimming along with them. Once all the fishes are caught, they will be represented in a picture graph. Use the picture to answer the questions linked ‘how many.’’ Answer the questions correctly to move to the next level. Be careful as the higher the level you move, the more will be the number of jellyfish.

The best part regarding this game is particularly how engaging it is. Not only will it utilize the observatory skills of the kid but also the concentration skills.

3. Tally chart 

Tally chart 

In this game, the concept of tally will be taught to children, and using this knowledge, they will have to answer the questions in the quiz provided by the game. The graph will show the number of objects as collected by the player or student. 

The game has an easy interface and good graphics to keep the child engaged in it. It also provides tally chart worksheets, tally chart makers, and other data analysis activities as further options for the child to learn pictographs.

4. Fruit-fall


A fun and interactive game, where the player has to catch the falling fruits in the basket over the farmer’s head preventing them from hitting his head. The farmer will have to be moved left and right to catch the fruits as it falls faster and faster as you pass each level. A picture graph will then appear through which you have to analyse the ‘how many’ questions. 

This activity is not only great for learning how to identify and appraise graphs but also a great source of learning about healthy food habits or about farming for the students.

5. Reading Picture Graphs

Reading Picture Graphs

 This is a basic pictograph game that can be played by children who have either just learned the concept of picture graph, data, and how to analyze it, or it can be an introduction game session for introducing picture graphs to kids. A very easy, quiz-based game where you simply have to answer a few basic questions looking at the data represented by a picture graph and gain a score.

The interface of this game is very basic and simple, so for beginners, this will be a great source of learning about data and picture graphs. This will encourage them to practice more on this concept and will also help in developing proficiency in this concept. This game is suitable for first-grade kids.

6. Fuzz bugs graphing

Fuzz bugs graphing

 This game will make the children experience so much fun in creating and interpreting bar graphs. The kids will be constructing a bar graph by sorting the fuzz bugs. Then, they will interpret the graph by answering a series of questions based on many criteria like size, colour, shape, etc of the bugs.

With a fun interface, this game is a perfect way to learn the concept of graphs, data, and pictographs that will encourage and develop the cognitive skills of the child even more.

7. Picture Graph Games

Picture graph games

Being a quiz game, this one asks questions to students on the basis of the picture given, and the statistics shown on the pictograph. For example, the question asked is ‘how many kids like the pink colour?’ and the pictograph shows 5 pictures in red, 4 in blue, 2 in green, and 1 in pink, which means that the answer to the question is ‘1.’

This game also provides a scoreboard, where students can track their performance and get to know their level of understanding in the game. If the player answers incorrectly, the game also points out the right answer; therefore, in this way, the knowledge of the student gets enhanced. 

8. Interpret Pictograph

Interpret Pictograph

As the name suggests, this game is all about interpreting the data shown in the pictograph. This interactive game asks questions based on the data shown. For example, how many ants are there on Julia’s legs? The player would have to count and tell the right answer.

There is also a scoreboard that keeps the count of all the right and wrong answers. This game can be a great tool to practice pictographs and test the understanding level. It can also be used as an evaluation method by teachers to test whether or not the student has understood the concept of pictographs.


Math may always be fun if we want to make it enticing. It can be overwhelming to teach a child and to learn for a child the concept of data if it is not brought down to their level at the beginning stage. Pictures and graphics make learning engaging and interactive, which help you to communicate with children and get to know how far they have learned and understood the concept. We hope these 10 pictograph games have made learning easier for the children.

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