Statistics Vs Probability: What’s the difference?

When we say, “96% of the people think England will win the match”, we are giving a figure that has come after particular research and observation. On the other hand, if we are saying “England has a strong team, hence they have a great chance of winning the match” in this situation, we are imposing … Read more

20 Funny Jokes Involving The Probability Concept

Probability jokes

Probability is the likelihood that something will occur. When we don’t know how an event will turn out, we can discuss the likelihood or possibility of several outcomes. The subject of this area of mathematics is the appearance of random events. Values in probability are generally expressed from 0 to 1. Mathematicians have used probability … Read more

8 Fun Activities For Understanding Probability Concepts

Probability activities

While teaching elementary probability, explaining the concepts in a way in which the kids are able to grasp the arithmetic involved gets crucial. This subject lends itself to many interactive activities and demonstrations, which may be a lot of fun.  Probability is a difficult concept, but making your kids learn it from the lower classes … Read more

7 Engaging Manipulatives For Learning Probability Concepts

Probability Manipulatives

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Teaching math is tough. And when variables enter the scene, the challenge enhances manifold. Educators adopt several ways to ease the learning procedures. Manipulatives, among different pedagogical tools, have got the nod of NCTM too.  Found to be effective in reducing math … Read more

11 Real-Life Examples Of Probability To Understand It Better

Probability in real life examples

Have you ever seen a weather forecast? How does it show that there is a ‘probability’ of rain and a ‘chance’ of thunderstorm? This can be one classic example of probability in real life! Although the concept of probability can be inculcated by various online games and board games, however, learning probability may not be … Read more

8 Cool Probability Games To Play Online

online Probability Games

When we hear the word “Probability”, we are reminded of our middle school math class and everything that it brought. Tossing a coin, rolling a die and playing cards were some resources that we used to understand the subject of Probability. Probability is a basic skill that enables students to approach problems with a new … Read more

Top 9 board games that involve Probability concept

List of top 9 board games for probability

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. How board games can teach probability? The question certainly sounds interesting. Actually, the board games involve various decisions like reaching to the Home, destroying a castle, building a business empire, etc. that compel players to apply probability. With the help of … Read more