8 Cool Probability Games To Play Online

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When we hear the word “Probability”, we are reminded of our middle school math class and everything that it brought. Tossing a coin, rolling a die and playing cards were some resources that we used to understand the subject of Probability.

Probability is a basic skill that enables students to approach problems with a new perspective. As useful as it is, you may find it hard to introduce this topic to them. Students tend to find Math intimidating and boring; however, given the real-life utilities of Probability, we must find better ways to educate our children.

How online games help students understand Probability?

So, the question arises: How can we teach children probability in a way that is engaging, colorful, and fun for them to peak their interest in learning?

Well, online games are probably something that your kids have started liking. They provide an optimum solution to polish your child’s math skills.

Probability isn’t just a subject for high-school kids; it’s a topic of great importance farther in their lives, too, helping them see things analytically.  

It can help students understand how likely it is for a possible event to occur and explore the idea of chance occurrences. Here are some ways online games can help your child learn this subject:

  • Engaging with such games can help improve the child’s retentivity and help them better interact with the subject at hand.
  • The fun and laughter that students experience while playing online games can help them look at studying in a happier way and encourage them to look forward to learning.
  • Nurturing their love for maths in the long run, these games encourage students to continue practicing, especially when they are lagging in class due to low comprehension of the concept.
  • Online Games can help boost the students’ confidence and develop their critical reasoning skills. It also provides them with practice independent thinking.

List of online games for learning probability concept

Through this article, we will provide you with some exciting Online Probability Games that students will have a great time learning and playing with.

1. Probability Fair

 Probability Fair

The online probability game starts with spinning a wheel of fortune which then unlocks five other games for your child to play. In a game like “Duck Pluck”, you have to pick a duck that you feel is most probable to win a race. In “Shell Game”, you have to keep track of a pea underneath a shell.

2. Probability Washing Line 

This learning game is one in which a player drags the shirts onto the washing line so that words related to probability (such as likely, possible, certain, etc.) are arranged in a sequence. The words with the least probability are put to the left side and the words with the highest probability are put towards the right side of the clothing rack. It also encourages students to learn terms related to probability, thus, enhancing their vocabulary and furthering their understanding.

3. The Spinner

The Spinner

Just as the name hints, “The Spinner” is an online probability game where you spin the wheel to arrive at a particular decision (event). The fun part of this game is that you can customize the wheel and the number of times you spin to suit your preferences and explore different ways you can utilize the concept of probability.

4. Probability Simulations on Math Mammoth

 Probability Simulations on Math Mammoth

Math Mammoth provides probability simulation games that can be downloaded and used while learning. These fun and interactive simulations can be downloaded as .xls files. They provide you with games such as  Dice Roller, Two-coin Toss, Number of Males and Females in a Sample of Ten People, and  Sample of Six Students to name a few.

5. Exploring Probability (Object Interactive)

. Exploring Probability (Object Interactive)

This resource available on Math Interactives offers to help your child learn about the outcomes of trials such as rolling a die, tossing a coin, spinning the wheel, and even learning about events with multiple probabilities. They also give access to print resources and solutions and have a board game.

6. TinyTap- Probability

TinyTap- Probability

Amongst the many user-made games available on TinyTap, Probability is a game that caters exactly to what its name suggests. This is a fun game that students in the primary grades can play. It’s an interactive interface, and fun questionnaires are sure to keep your child hooked.

7. The Vile Vendor

The Vile Vendor

A cool-looking vending machine forms the premise of this interactive probability game where you can guess the likelihood of getting a certain drink using the terms “likely,” “unlikely,” “probable,” “impossible,” “certain,” and so on. Not only does this help in their understanding of the subject Probability, but it also aids with their English comprehension and vocabulary as an added bonus!

8. Probability as a Fraction

Scholastic Corporation provides this informative probability-teaching game that teaches students about fractions. It also helps students understand related vocabularies like outcomes, events, likelihood, and certainty. The game does so using the means of virtual playing cards that players can pick and bet upon to understand the concept better.

Wrapping up,

You can enable your children to play and learn simultaneously through methods that they find attractive and exciting. These online probability game suggestions will hopefully help you to pick out the right games to let your kids embark on a learning adventure of their own! These games can be instrumental in helping students who take time to comprehend and quiz them to check their understanding of the concept probability. 

If you know of a cool educational game that we may have missed, let us know in the comments below. Happy playing!

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