Statistics Vs Probability: What’s the difference?

When we say, “96% of the people think England will win the match”, we are giving a figure that has come after particular research and observation. On the other hand, if we are saying “England has a strong team, hence they have a great chance of winning the match” in this situation, we are imposing … Read more

14 Examples Of Statistics In Real Life To Understand It Better

Do you know teachers’ evaluation results and maintain attendance? Are you aware of the everyday occurrence of weather conditions? They all use statistics to derive and present data in the form of numbers. The practice or science of statistics is the wide-scale collection and analysis of numerical data, primarily for the goal of interpreting representatives. … Read more

40 Famous Quotes Highlighting The Power Of Statistics

Statistics quotes

Statistics is a powerful tool that can be used to make sense of the world around us. By understanding and analyzing numerical data, we can gain insights into trends and patterns that would be otherwise hidden. As a result, statistics can be used to help us make decisions in our personal lives and inform policymaking … Read more

Special Education Teacher Average Salary: How much to expect?

Special Education Teacher Average Salary

Being a teacher is a respectable position. And aspiring to be a special education teacher is further challenging and distinct to choose. This can be clearly made out from the pay that they get in different locations. All the aspirants looking towards this profession might want to know about earnings too. Here we came up … Read more

Math Anxiety Statistics: Some Concerning Numbers

Math Anxiety Statistics

To perform something that is new or pivotal often stipulates some stress. This can be a concern when such pressures outstrip. Evidently, feeling nervous, sweating, and fear for prolonged periods is not healthy. Some individuals are observed to avert subjects like math, probably due to math anxiety.  In such contexts, the stress can be mitigated … Read more

10 Activities For Introducing Mean, Median & Mode Concepts

Mean, median and mode activities

Math has countless ideas that should be instructed to students such that they comprehend them as well as retain these notions to apply later. Central tendency, the notion of averages is one of the crucial parts of math that can have many pragmatic applications. For that reason, to Inculcate Mean Median and Mode in students, … Read more

8 Cool Games For Learning Mean, Median, & Mode Online

Online Games for mean,median& mode

It is quite normal to see kids either avoiding math concepts or not being willing to grasp those in class. Thus, few specially designed internet-based mathematical learning games are there to fill in as an asset to make them familiar with the ideas of Mean, Median, Mode concepts.  These online games are useful in clearing … Read more

9 Engaging Statistics Games And Activities

Statistics games & activities

What comes to your mind when you hear the term “Statistics”? Tough mathematical, numerical data. Isn’t it? Statistics has become an indispensable part of life, but getting the hang of this concept can be a hard nut to crack.  More than being arduous, statistics can be baffling too! But what if you learn and practice … Read more