Special Education Teacher Average Salary: How much to expect?

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Being a teacher is a respectable position. And aspiring to be a special education teacher is further challenging and distinct to choose. This can be clearly made out from the pay that they get in different locations. All the aspirants looking towards this profession might want to know about earnings too.

Here we came up with the detailed special education teacher average salary statistics. These figures can not only be motivating but also show how the economy values these instructors to aid special children. Make sure to traverse through all the insights provided. 

Special education teachers- Are they paid differently?

Teachers are an important part of a learner’s academic process. The role of a special education teacher is different altogether. Apart from general staffing responsibilities, they are often assigned additional work. Further, they need to have a better attitude to motivate special children.

What makes special education teaching a further responsibility is to make sure about personalization of training to multiple students at the same time while adhering to the IEP or 504 plan, which a few students are part of. These inferences are often enough to make out that the pay for special teachers is distinct. 

The statistics from a well-known job-searching platform indeed support these inferences with its statistics. It is found that the average salary of teachers in the US is around $1806, whereas, in the case of a special education teacher, it is around $3720. This clearly shows that the role of special education is important. 

What is the average salary of special education teachers?

Special education teachers

The values of average salaries often fluctuate on various factors. But an average person can be determined to understand the scenario better. Let us look into some interesting average Salary Statistics:

1. Salaries In US

We have comprehended the indeed values of average salaries at around $52,539 per year. A clear idea is ensured by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. According to this academy, the average annual salary of a special education teacher is around $61,720. It claims that this is the amount around 50 percent of instructors are presently being paid. 

Also, some other interesting values were also listed:

  • The top-paying industry for Special education teachers is the management of companies and enterprises. The average pay here is around $104,250
  • And, lowest-paying departments include Developmental disability and mental health facilities. Here the wages are around $52,220.

The overall average figure matches with the inferences of salary.com too- which shows a value of around $59,154. Combining inferences from all these values, it is estimated that the average salary can range between $50k to around $60k in the United States. 

2. Salaries In India

The salary range in India has a large amount of fluctuation. For government special education teachers, this can range from as low as Rs 20,000 to Rs 3.5 lacs per year. The average amount of salaries in India is around Rs 21,291 per month, as given by the Indeed statistics. This figure makes out the average of all the prime cities in the country. 

3. Salaries in Luxembourg

This country is the richest country and also pays the highest salaries to teachers. The average pay here ranges from around $67,120 to $73,046. These figures are not too far from that of the United States but can be marked as the best-paying country. 

4. Salaries in NewZealand

New Zealand can lie as one of the other good-paying countries for special teachers. According to SalaryExplorer, the pay for special education teachers is around 83200 NZD per year. In other words, it is about $52,056 which is a noteworthy figure.

5. Salaries in Germany

Similar is the case with Germany too. Being one of the top special education teachers in the country, the average pay is around 3200 EUR per month according to SalaryExplorer in 2022 which accounts for about $39981.72 per year. 

Special education teacher’s salaries- Regulations that make up their pay

The pay and statistics that we traversed through in previous lines are the averages of all the teachers. To dive deeper into it, there are multiple factors that may determine the pay of the candidate. Here are some important attributes worth considering:

  • Grades to be handled: The salaries and grades are often directly linked. A teacher with higher grades often ensures avail of higher pay. But elementary schools may be the exception to this. For instance, if we consider average pay in the United States, elementary school special education teacher gets around $71,420, whereas other schools offer around $49,430
  • Location: The demography of the teacher is another important factor that may determine the pay. In countries like Luxembourg, the pay is manifold more than in India. Also, even inside the country, the pay may change from state to state. In India, the average salary in Delhi is around Rs 25,109, whereas it is around Rs 17,371 in Gurgaon. 
  • Government norms and support: The affecting factors here may include the country-based norms and tax deductions of the teacher. Some countries like the United States focus on Teachers and their economy. 
  • Industry of their recruitment: Special education teachers are recruited in multiple industries with slightly different roles. This factor also determines the variation in pay. It is depicted previously that management of companies pays higher compared to mental health centers. 

Additional insights 

While DataUSA gives out similar average salary figures of around $52,261, there are a few other interesting insights that you may like traversing through.

  • The elementary and secondary schools recruit the largest number of special education teachers. 
  • The places that recruit the most teachers are Cherokee County, Franklin, Grand Isle, and Newcity. These areas are concentrated with most special education teachers. 
  • The difference between Male and Female salaries is also marked out, which is $2404 per year. 
  • As of 2019, the average wage distribution GINI was 0.284. GINI means the statistical variation of wages here studied across the country. 
  • The growth rate was 70.3%, with around 430k people getting recruited in these positions as of 2019.
  • Female teachers are seen to be around more than 5 times compared to male teachers.

Concluding thoughts…

Without a second thought, being in a profession like teaching is often respectable. Despite many other eminent factors, wages can be a bonus factor to it. The statistics of salaries we gave out here are not only reliable but also can give a better idea about the financial background of special education teaching. Check out these insights and make sure to land at an appropriate position with better clarity of the scenario. 

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