8 Cool Games For Learning Mean, Median, & Mode Online

It is quite normal to see kids either avoiding math concepts or not being willing to grasp those in class. Thus, few specially designed internet-based mathematical learning games are there to fill in as an asset to make them familiar with the ideas of Mean, Median, Mode concepts. 

These online games are useful in clearing the ideas, and children gain a complete comprehension of math abilities and how these are connected with each other. The best thing about these online games is that children would have fun playing them alongside strong learning of math concepts.

On this note, let’s dig deeper and look at the various online games that would help clear the concept of mean, median, and mode. 

Mean median mode – A vital mathematical concept

Measuring central tendency is a solitary value that endeavors to portray a bunch of information by distinguishing the central position inside that arrangement of information. 

The mean (frequently called the average) is, in all probability, the proportion of central tendency that you are generally acquainted with.

The mean, median, and mode are, on the whole, substantial proportions of central tendency; however, under various conditions, a few proportions of central tendency becomes more suitable to use than others. In the accompanying segment, we will take a gander at the mean, mode, and median and under what conditions they are typically fitting to be utilized.

Which one is ideal and when?

Whenever you have a consistent and correct appropriation of information, the mean, median, and mode are equal. However, assuming that you don’t have a balanced figure, the median is regularly the best proportion of central tendency.

Whenever you have a number in a series, the median or mode is normally the most ideal decision. For clear-cut information, you need to utilize the mode.

In situations where you are settling on the mean and median as the better proportion of central tendency, you are likewise figuring out which kinds of measurable theory tests are fitting for your information, assuming that is your definitive objective.

What is the common purpose of mean median mode? – Practical uses

Here is a quick definition of:

Mean: The normal worth in a dataset.

Middle: The center worth in a dataset.

Mode: The most often happening value(s) in a dataset.

People and organizations utilize these measurements all the time in various fields to acquire a superior comprehension of datasets.

1. Healthcare Sector

The mean, middle, and mode are broadly involved by protection examiners and statisticians in the medical services industry. For instance:

Mean: Insurance investigators regularly ascertain the mean age of the people to give protection and to know the normal age of clients.

Median: Actuaries frequently compute the median sum spent on medical care every year by people to know how much protection they should have the option to give to people.

Mode: Actuaries additionally compute the method of their clients, so they can realize which age bunch utilizes their protection the most.

2. Human Resource Department

The mean, middle, and mode are frequently utilized by people who work in Human Resource divisions at organizations. For instance:

Mean: Human Resource supervisors regularly work out the mean compensation of people in a specific field, so they can realize what sort of “normal” pay to propose to new representatives.

Median: Human Resource administrators additionally regularly work out the middle compensation in specific fields to be educated regarding what the common “center” pay is for a specific field.

Mode: Human Resource directors likewise work out the method of various situations in the organization to know about the most well-known place of representatives at their organization.

3. Advertising

Mean: Advertisers and marketers calculate the average or mean revenue that they earned through their ads so that they are able to comprehend how much profit their company or product made due to each ad. 

Median: It becomes imperative for marketers to calculate the median revenue that they have earned through one advertisement. This is so that they can understand how substantially the median ad is performing. 

Mode: To acknowledge which type of ad – newspaper, TV, radio, or digital is working the best, the mode is calculated to check the success of each ad form so that the company can use that more vastly.

4. Housing

Mean: Real estate agents or brokers calculate the average or mean rate of the house in a particular location so that their customers can comprehend what to anticipate and look for. For this, a mean of the prices of the houses is taken out to understand the average.

Median: The brokers also calculate the median of the flats, apartments, or houses to understand the price better. This is also because prices in real estate are impacted hugely by other outliers. 

Mode: The mode is calculated to get a better idea of the number of rooms per house so that the clients can anticipate the number of rooms at an average. 

5. Automobile Industry

Mean: In the automobile industry, the mean is calculated to understand the total sales of cars in a quarter or year. Through the mean, the company can better comprehend their sales pattern and average sales.

Median: A median of cars is taken out to grasp how much they have invested, and what returns are they getting out of every car. Therefore, the median informs the company about the median price.

Mode: Every car company has multiple models. But how to get to know which ones are working the best for them? To know the most hot-selling car, the mode needs to be taken out. 

Online games for learning mean, median, and mode concepts

Now that we know how math helps us even in our daily life as well as professional life, playing online games to learn Mean, Median and Mode can be a fun experience for kids. Let’s find a few online math games to gain your kid’s mastery of these math concepts. 

1. Mean, Median, Mode Online Game

mean, median and mode game

This game allows the children to have a fun time while learning the concepts of Mean, Median, and Mode. The kids are given a certain number of balls to be thrown from the holes displayed on the wall. Each hole displays a different number which is the points they would get if the balls goes through that particular hole. 

Later, when the round finishes, the kid would have to calculate the mean, median, mode, and range of the points that they have collected by throwing the balls. With multiple levels, the kids can learn something or the other at each level. 

This online game is another fun-filled choice to make children learn. It makes kids explore more about Mean Median and Mode concepts.

2. Mean, Median, Mode Online Game 

Mean, Median, Mode Online Game 

Who wouldn’t like to inculcate the concepts of Mean Median and Mode to their kids effortlessly? This online game will do just that by asking questions about these concepts for a variety of data sets. After completing the rounds, students would be able to successfully determine which is the mean, median, and mode in the data set given. 

Colorful screens and multiple levels are the main attraction of this game to learn Mean, Median, and Mode in a fun way. This fun and engaging game have colorful tables to attract kids. This game challenges students and presents data in various formats to make kids learn the concepts of Mean, Median, and Mode.

3. Math Tank Average Game

Math Tank Average Game

In math tank, you need to drive your tank safely through the minefield by finding the mean of the given numbers. By moving the tank sideways, you can put it on the right path towards the right mean. If you choose the wrong mean and drive the tank through the wrong mean, your tank will be blown by a blast. 

The tank is the main attraction, and its speed makes the game exhilarating; with different levels. This game helps the kids learn the concept of mean, median, and mode in an engaging play way. 

To make the game more exciting, the players need to move sideways to collect coins too. Therefore, choosing the correct mean isn’t the only objective. But, collecting as many points too is the target.

4. Mean, Mode, Median – Statistics Game

 Mean, Mode, Median - Statistics Game

Most of the kids find it difficult to learn math concepts in class. A fun game by Turtle Diary can be a solution to this issue. This game is designed to provide multiple learning methods through a fun approach. First, it teaches the concept by giving lessons in animated form, and then it asks questions in MCQ form.

The game focuses on learning the concepts and with its levels and attractive interface, it makes kids’ learning and experience enjoyable.

This Mean Median and Mode Game helps to gain a comprehensive understanding of these concepts.

5. Choose Your Average

 Choose Your Average

In choosing the average, players get turns to throw the dice 3 times. Then the player has to select the mean, median or mode to score and can claim a square if it gets the right answer. 

A red square can be claimed by clicking on it once, and to get a blue square, you need to click twice. 

This is a two-player game, which makes it more captivating. This game is an online game that lets students identify the Mean Median and Mode of a given number. The game helps kids to understand the concepts well in a fun way. Although this is a continuous game that doesn’t end, it can be played for long hours, which in a way would be beneficial for kids trying to cope with the concept. 

Moreover, this game would involve the presence of a teacher or a parent as the game doesn’t give out the results, but the educator can be there to point out the mistakes. This game can act as a good evaluation tool which would require teachers to be as proactive as the students.

6. Bike Racing Math Average Game

Bike Racing Math Average Game

Who doesn’t like bike racing? Here is a game where kids can ride their bikes virtually to go to the finish line! The game requires players to ride their bikes and pave their way by finding the mean of the given numbers. The catch in the game is that all players are racing against competitors to give players an adrenaline rush. 

But at the same time, participants have to be careful as picking the wrong answer will make the speed of your bike slow. To speed up, you need to click on the right average option. This way, kids can find the concepts interesting and will learn quickly. 

7. Range, Mode, Median, and Mean – Statistics Game

Range, Mode, Median, and Mean - Statistics Game

In statistics, the calculation of the median is a basic concept that the kids would have to learn. It’s quite easy for kids to be confused with median with mean and mode. And that’s why it is viable to practice calculating the median.

The game involves tanks and some shooting. But the blasts should be on the answer to the question asked! For example, the question is, find the mean of 1,2,4, and 8 – out of the various options given, the player would have to point and shoot the tank with the mean of the given numbers. If the answer is wrong, the tank shoots back, and the player’s tank catches fire! And just like that, the game is over! Hence, precision is particularly required in the game to reach to the next level. 

It makes a kid master the skills to calculate the median. This interactive game with examples taken from real life is a good way to help them in Median calculation.

8. Mean Median and Mode Jeopardy Game

Mean Median and Mode Jeopardy Game

Kids can opt to this jeopardy game to learn to calculate Mean, Median, and Mode concepts in an interactive way to measure the central tendency of the given data. To calculate the mean of a given set of data, the sum should be data divided by the number of things in that set. Applying this rule, the game offers many mind-boggling questions that need to be answered very thoughtfully.

The player really needs precision to answer every question correctly, and can often land players in a jeopardy, as the name suggests. Basically, once you choose your avatar, you would be given questions based on mean, median and mode — but, with a twist of combining other concepts like algebra, where one number would be hidden, and the mean would be given to find out ‘x.’

There is an option that gives you a choice to play a single-player game or multiplayer option, where the player can decide whether they want to play alone or with their gang!


The difficulty and complex concepts of Mean, Median, and Mode can be overwhelming for kids at times. In this digital Era, these online games are a good option to teach them these vital concepts of Math. Internet-based games have fun, interesting, and interactive interfaces to make the kids learn these complex concepts easily. These games can be an option to beat the activity for kids.

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