Quick And Easy DIY Flashcards For Your Little Ones

I remember using flashcards for my daughter when she was a toddler and all the way to her first grade. These learning tools helped her learn about the things around her while introducing her to basic concepts.  As flashcards are bright and colorful, they immediately grab the attention of little kids, which is the primary … Read more

Flashcards Or Making Notes: Which One To Go For?

Flashcards or making notes?

While classroom and online lectures are often accomodating in comprehending concepts finer, these may not be adequate to retain information later for preparations and revision. May it be subjects like Math or geography, note-taking or similar practices turns necessary. As we all know, Note-taking is a process of writing down crucial points during or after … Read more

How Effective Are Flashcards For Adults With Learning Disabilities?

Efficiency of flashcards with LD

Teaching with Flashcards is a conventional method for working on students’ capacities to make them review data and comprehend the concepts. Not only for kids but also for adults, flashcards can function as a visual backing, as these are explicitly intended to animate learning. They help with innovation and powerful language. Moreover, they help in … Read more

6 Engaging Flashcards Games To Play Online

Online flashcard games

How would you make your students memorize a word or any other information? You may conduct a flashcard activity to make them learn the words in the classroom. Yet, making DIY flashcards and maintaining them can be a hassle. Here, online flashcard games can be useful as compelling learning apparatus. Online flashcard games are a … Read more

7 Websites For Making Creative Flashcards Online

Websites for making flashcards

Knowing the various powers and incapacities of flashcards, teachers, and educators get coaxed with the need to indulge their little learners in some flashcard learning! Knowing the various benefits of these index cards, including enhancing memory, educators wish to entail this method for better education. From math formulas to English grammar, flashcards help with almost … Read more

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Flashcards

Pros and cons of flashcards

In a world of smartphones and iPads, are flashcards relevant enough? As we know, children have got the hang of visual learning more than ever. Thus, flashcards, also known as index cards, help stimulate and motivate kids by helping them learn and retain easily.  They are small note cards, typically two-sided with a prompt on … Read more

How Do Flashcards Help You Memorize?

How Flashcards help in memorization

Kids often learn fascinating notions by observing various visual cues like commercials, nameplates, and street signs. Clearly, we all like learning visually. Another fascinating aspect of these sources is that they offer bits of easy information frequently, often at regular intervals. The same notion is employed with the use of flashcards in learning. These miniature … Read more

Free Printable Number Flashcards 1-100 with words [PDF]

Free Printable Number Flashcards 1-100 with words [PDF]

Numbers are the first thing to learn as a preschool math student. But, it is very hard to make kids realize the importance of learning these. They may tend to stray away from the learning curve due to learning disabilities. Keeping up with discomfort, there is always a need to devise ways that ease the … Read more