7 Websites For Making Creative Flashcards Online

Knowing the various powers and incapacities of flashcards, teachers, and educators get coaxed with the need to indulge their little learners in some flashcard learning! Knowing the various benefits of these index cards, including enhancing memory, educators wish to entail this method for better education.

From math formulas to English grammar, flashcards help with almost every subject. But, are you still buying your flashcards? Well, making them can also be a great option! But have you thought about making them hassle-free online? 

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If you run searches on the internet and even search on the app store of your mobile, you will find that there are a host of websites and apps that will help you make your own flashcards. Make creative flashcards using the templates and other features available on these graphic designing tools like images, icons, themes, and symbols. 

After you are done making your flashcards, these websites will allow you to download and print them out too. On this note, let’s check out some similar websites in this post! 

Flashcards: A crucial learning manipulative

Flashcards are learning aids and have information that students need to know, remember, and recall later. These cards are, therefore, memorization tools. Schools have used flashcards as study aids for years and years now. 

If you want to introduce kids to new concepts and toddlers to new words or images, flashcards are one of the best ways to engage them for teaching so. They are playful means to teach children something new. There are a few remarkable advantages of using flashcards for teaching-learning in class. Flashcards are used to reap the benefits of repetition and develop children’s memorization capability. 

When learners are at a very young age, they learn better through play. Teaching and learning using flashcards is so much fun. One can also use digital flashcards to boost early childhood education as an educator. 

When teaching preschoolers, the main benefits of flashcards are that they help in cognitive development, make a toddler more aware of the world, develop fine motor skills, inculcate thinking skills, and help in instilling confidence.

Websites that lets you create flashcards online

Since traditional flashcards have been effective and successful study aids, these handy tools have also evolved themselves to be more adapted in today’s age of social media platforms and functional applications. 

No more spending hours making flashcards using index cards and markers; You can make digital flashcards in shapes and sizes of your choice. All one would need is either a smartphone, a laptop or desktop, or a tablet. If you want to hold these flashcards physically, most of the top websites will let you print your digital flashcards. 

If you want to create unique flashcards, the following websites are your best bet:

1. Brainscape

Brainscape ranks number 1 in our list, and it has also managed to garner millions of subscribers. Its smart interface has made it a favorite among people. There is a daily card limit, though, and for creating unlimited flashcards and adding audio and images to them, you will have to opt for a paid membership.

There are color-coded flashcards that can be used on a wide variety of subjects. Brainscape’s sensible class structure helps to track a learner’s progress. 

The standout feature is that it pays importance to problem areas in later sessions. Students and educators can make their flashcards easily using their android, iPhone or even an iPad. 

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2. Cram

If you are a novice at making online flashcards and looking for a simplistic online tool for it, signing up at Cram is a must. After setting up your free account, you have to make a new set of Flashcards. This can be done for any subject. There is a flashcard editor which will help you to add information at the front and back of the flashcards and also to add pictures or any text. 

After creating a set of creative flashcards, you can use them for evaluating your students by playing a quiz or a game using them. Educators can also use them to teach information to students. 

The Cram app works on Android and iOS devices too.

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3. Flashcard Online

The flashcard generator in Flashcard Online is also very easy to understand. The best thing is users do not have to sign up for an account at all. You can still make flashcards from wherever you want. The steps of creating the flashcards are very easy to follow. 

While creating your teaching material, Select a design out of a large number of templates. Educators can save them as PDFs once they are done. Users will be able to download them for free too. Keeping a PDF file handy is helpful when you would want to print them out.

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4. Quizlet

The flashcard creator on this website is very organized and another ideal one for beginner flashcard makers. Way back in 2005, Andrew Sutherland had created this educational website. This online flashcard maker is extremely straightforward. 

If you want to create flashcards on Quizlet, you will simply have to provide the necessary definitions and information. To make the flashcards more effective for teaching, you can add pictures to each card. Both students and teachers can visit Quizlet to learn about different studying materials and methods. On top of that, the website is completely free!

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5. GoConqr

If you want to teach some key information to your students, make the ideal flashcards by using the GoConqr website. The flashcard-making procedure is quite advanced on this platform. The website has a lot of free content and also features like a calendar and groups. To use the premium features, one would have to buy a subscription to the website. 

Teachers who are teaching a certain subject or grade can share the information once they create their profiles. You will be able to make flashcards by clicking on ‘Create.’ You can use both the sides of flashcards and also format the background, text, and so on using the editor. Users can also import cards on GoConqr.  

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6. StudyBlue

StudyBlue is now Chegg after Chegg has acquired this student education platform. Here not only experts but students can make and review flashcards according to their needs. A student can create an accounting by sharing where and what they are studying. These pieces of information are useful in recommending appropriate flashcards. 

While studying or teaching, you can flip these flashcards in any order and can also use them for quizzes. If you are a student, the result given at the end of every session will definitely help with improvement.

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7. ProProfs

This is another of the top sites where you can create flashcards using a free account. You will get the option of creating a flashcard using a template that must be selected beforehand. With this online flashcard maker, you will be able to make five flashcards in minutes. 

ProProfs is one of the best flashcard makers because there are great features like the ability to share the flashcards through emails, embed code, shareable links, and on social sites. Users can play games and quizzes and see the website’s knowledge base. You can put both images and texts on flashcards and also edit your previous stack of flashcards as you want to. There is a lot of flexibility.

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Why should you make flashcards online?

The biggest plus point of making flashcards online is that it saves paper. It also saves one from spending money as an educator when you make flashcards online. This is also because most websites will let users create creative flashcards for free. 

Flashcards are handy tools for revision. They support the techniques of constant repetition and assist in fast learning. By making online flashcards, you will help your students to remember grammar rules, important dates and notes, equations and formulas, and so on. Teachers can also use them to conduct quizzes. 


On the internet, you will find multiple ways of generating flashcards. Thanks to the advancement of technology, all of the above-listed websites will help you. They provide hassle-free tools to make flashcards without paying any money. These websites also have some helpful features that make them special and worthy of being called the best websites for making online flashcards. 
Individuals who like to teach with the help of flashcards or are going to attempt it for the first time should visit one of these websites. Boost your classes while you teach by using flashcards you have made. Try these sites to make flashcards according to your teaching needs.

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