Free Printable Number Flashcards 1-100 with words [PDF]

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Numbers are the first thing to learn as a preschooler math student. But, it is very hard to make kids realize the importance of learning these. They may tend to stray away from the learning curve due to learning disabilities.

Keeping up with discomforts, there is always a need to devise ways that ease the learning process. Flashcards are one of the teaching supports available since19th century. Their appealing look and deliverability quotient earn them a reputation of being dependable teaching materials for early numeric literacy learners.

In the series of such kinds of engaging learning supports, we present to you the printable number flashcards 1-100 with words (number names).

For better clarity and the added convenience of learning, our 1-100 numbers bundle comprises 4 flashcards containing 25 numbers each. You may take a look below and download and save, or print these as required:

Free Printable Number Flashcards 1-100 with words [PDF] upto 25
Free Printable Number Flashcards 1-100 with words [PDF] upto 50
Free Printable Number Flashcards 1-100 with words [PDF] upto 75
Free Printable Number Flashcards 1-100 with words [PDF] upto 100

How to use our printable number flashcards

Using our printable number flashcards can help little kids master the numbers from 1-100 along with their spellings. We have designed these printables to help you in multiple ways, such as:

  • You can take a print of these flashcards and use these as a readymade knowledge refresher tool. Giving practice frequently becomes easier with these printables on 1-100 numbers in hand.
  • How about organizing a quick quiz for early learners? You can hide some numbers and ask children the appropriate option. Also, it works as a very engaging oral assessment tool useful for putting up questions like ascending order, descending order, etc.
  • Apart from studies, as an innovative game jockey, you can employ these number flashcards for party games like Lotto, etc.

Why use our number flashcards printable PDFs?

Learning numbers can become less cumbersome for students when printable flashcards are used to empower students with math fluency. Teachers or parents may decide the time and frequency of interacting with the child while using this teaching tool. The best purposes served are:

  • Gaining familiarity with numbers: Flashcards offer a playful way to help young learners acquaint themselves with the shape and look of numbers. With regular practice involving number flashcards printable 1-100 (with words), preschoolers can master the way one requires to voice out the numbers.
  • Learn spellings: With words provided at the bottom of the number, our printable numbers 1-100 flashcards are a good start to learn number names’ spellings. A quick glance can help working up the associative memory. It helps the learners quicken the transition from the identification of the number stage to that of writing spellings.
  • Learn the sequence of numbers: Only preschoolers won’t benefit from our printable numbers 1-100 flashcards. Students at higher levels can employ these flashcards for learning dodging numbers. Further, math beginners can employ these for learning what comes before or after any number. Teachers can ask to recite and recall the numbers in the correct sequence.

Benefits of using our printable 1-100 number flashcards PDFs

Our printable flashcards on numbers are in consonance with the expectations of innovative teachers. Those teachers who are into implementing effective pedagogical resources always look for guiding materials like these handy notes.

The printable numbers 1-100 flashcards with words, owing to their vibrant appeal, fit their requirements appreciably. Apart from the visual appeal, the other benefits include:

  • Better engagement in the learning process: The bright colors of these printables catch the attention of inquisitive kids easily. That is why we have designed these cards in vibrant hues.
  • Ready-to-use, handy learning support: Even if there is no teacher in the scene, the parents can use these printable flashcards to give more practice at home to kids. (Extracted from How “Quizlet Learning Tools and Flashcards” can be used in a course, Amanda Cappon)
  • Deep ingraining of number concepts assured: Flashcards boost quick concept recall. Since we have developed these in device-friendly formats, these offer you practical pretext to use screen time (Dean, 2012), etc. in driving kids to learning numbers. More repetitions equal ingrained strengthening of numeric literacy among early learners.

Wrapping up

Employ these printable number flashcards 1-100 with words for teaching numbers at the pre-school stage for proven results. The world is swearing by the efficacy of these flashcards; so why deprive yourself of the same? Download and save, or print these flashcards and give the best education tool that your budding math genius truly deserves.

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