Free Printable 1-120 Number Chart [PDF] with Missing Numbers and Blank Template

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‘How to introduce numbers to preschoolers?’ Some sew numbers into songs; a few others play games. All activities have their specific utilities. However, none of this guarantees ingrained learning. Educators do worry about the learning taken over by fun. Perhaps this is why the teachers supplement the activities with other consumables such as Printable number charts PDFs.

Number charts 1-120: A terrific learning support for little learners

A parent’s journey from introducing kids to numbers to making them a number ninja is not easy. They require solutions that ease the process of introducing numbers to kids. Number charts 1-120 with filled boxes serve as the primary teaching tool. These can serve multiple purposes:

  • Boost number identification capability: Number charts 1-120 can provide suitable learning support to kids at the early stage. Give daily practice of reading numbers from the charts, speak with them or rhyme them into poems. Just don’t forget to keep a finger or stick on the number you speak; it boosts number-name association ability!
  • Teach a thing or two about number sequencing: You can use charts with numbered boxes to acquaint starters with numbers’ sequencing. Provide hints for what comes after, before, and between by spotting the number of the chart. After a simple demo, you can ask children to try themselves.
  • Guide through the process of dodging numbers: Once kids become comfortable with number sequencing, you can work up their minds into dodging numbers. A simple trick is to hide the corresponding set of numbers to teach dodging by two, three, five, or ten.

Excited to try all these in your next session with number beginners? Great! We bring you here easy-to-use, printable number charts 1-120 with filled boxes to use for hanging on walls or saving on your mobile teaching supports:

Free Printable 1-120 Number Chart [PDF]  Template

Get hold of teaching how to write numbers with blank number charts 1-120

When kids become comfortable identifying numbers’ names, shapes, sequences, and their relative positions, it is time to apply what they have learned. Here, they move from reading numbers to learning how to write those numbers. Our blank number charts 1-120 printables can give kids a robust headstart to grasp the writing process.

Activities possible to do with blank number charts 1-120 PDF printables are:

  • Writing numbers: You can start with only one line and move further by asking to complete the remaining lines as the learning progresses.
  • Practice writing numbers: Students can erase the numbers and reuse the same chart for practicing. Alternatively, you can have multiple copies printed to share. One simple tip is to ask them to speak and write. It works up plasticity of mind, and they mechanically write the number as soon as they hear the name.
  • Give tests: You can use blank number charts 1-120 printables for giving tests. You can maintain records of weekly or monthly tests by filing these sheets done by the kindergarteners and set future teaching goals.
  • Home assignments: Teachers can employ these number charts to give home assignments to kids. Writing numbers 1-120 on a colorful sheet makes for an engaging activity to do at home.

Download and print blank number charts 1-120 provided to you as free templates below:

Free Printable 1-120 Number Chart [PDF] Blank Template

Move to higher challenges with missing numbers  chart 1-120

The transition from math computation to reasoning becomes easier when you design problems around the basic concepts. One such reasoning-based practice question for early number learners is – fill in the box with missing numbers.

We have designed free printable missing numbers charts 1-120 in two formats to offer you variety in options, as displayed below. You can copy, download or save these printable PDF number charts with missing numbers for various teaching purposes:

Best uses of missing numbers chart 1-120

The best utility of missing numbers chart 1-120 becomes possible to utilize when you employ these charts as:

  • Test material: Give a quick test to kids and help them understand their achievements and progress level.
  • Quizmaster: You can clip on the chart on boards and ask kids randomly about missing numbers.
  • Homeschooling teaching support: Provide homeschoolers a practice material to bring better organization in their learning process.

The uses of missing numbers charts 1-120 apply to the blank and filled number charts, which we explained above in this post.

Wrapping up,

Help kids attain numeric literacy by giving a solid headstart with these number charts. These visual presentations and practice tools can effectively ingrain concept build-up and stimulate the impressionable minds of little learners.

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