Top 8 Websites To Learn English from Scratch

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Mandarin is the most spoken language in this world. Surprised why we never thought of learning Mandarin? It is because the language is used only in China and its surrounding areas. Global communication’s success requires a language that has a worldwide presence. And the badge of lingua franca goes to English. With 350 million native English speakers and about 400 plus millions using it as a second language, it is undoubtedly an indisputable global communication enabler and is a must-know. No wonder several websites to learn English are catching up on the popularity among help seekers!

Why learning the english language is a wise decision?

Your resume is surely going to get a lot of attention if you have included proficiency in writing, speaking and comprehending English as one of your skills. Other reasons to learn this global lingo are:

  1. Makes you eligible for various high-paying jobs abroad
  2. Allows you to take up courses at prestigious universities worldwide
  3. Fetches you the positions like public relations officer, or spokesperson for the companies
  4. Offers you a vocation to make bucks by teaching and coaching other people in the English language
  5. Makes you a confident communicator and effective public speaker

All charged to start learning English? Great! But, before you rush to English speaking courses and books, and get confused further, we suggest you turn to online solutions for this feat. The online world is full of tutorials, podcasts, one-to-one classes, and other e-learning solutions that can allow you to learn English in a self-paced manner. The good news is you need not search for all these tools individually. There are websites that have done the resource accumulation job for you and extend to you the tailored experience of learning English online. Scroll down and have a look at the top websites for learning English as a novice.

Top websites to learn basic fundamentals of english

1. Duolingo

duolingo website screenshot

A free mobile app and website made in America, Duolingo is counting its way up the popularity chart and offers simplified solutions for learning 35+ languages. Learning through gamification way is the core of this English online teaching website. Spending a few minutes every day on this website or app can boost several English skills such as vocabulary, word usage, etc. It mimics a video game, where users earn rewards for every skill acquired or correct answer is given. People can compete in a community environment online and see their ranking in the world in a randomly selected group of 30 users. 

The Duolingo app includes support for developing English skills such as listening, reading sentences, etc. which are basic skills. Further, more practical learnings like phrase formation by arranging words, and matching images to words are also available. This app works for beginners as well as advanced-level learners. It offers the ease of selecting preferred language to read instructions to perform various tasks.

App Link: Web link

2. EnglishClub website screenshot

English Club offers the quintessential premise for learning English basics. It is the world’s premium site for learning English designed to meet the requirements of English as Second Language (ESL) learners. The website offers impeccable learning support for learning British English; users can learn nuances of American and Canadian English too.

The learners can find dynamic learning support designed through lessons, chats, ebooks, videos, and games. Using these resources, one can attain proficiency in basics like Grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Ingrain all English concepts and check proficiency levels achieved through quizzes.

English learners also find here gamified solutions for building spelling abilities through games like Hangman, Crosswords, etc. The chatting support provided connects learners with the best English teachers worldwide. Learning in action – this seems to be the flavor that oozes conspicuously from the activities like listening to news, watching short films, and writing blogs suggested here.

With an ESL forum and a 24-hour helpdesk, the learners can never feel alone and can reach for help at any point in time.

App Link: Web link

3. English Grammar

english grammar website

To learn English, you have to speak and write English, as often as you can, as many ways as you can. It seems to be the principle working behind this online English teaching interface. It traverses you through essential topics like adjectives, adverbs, business writing, conjunctions, essay writing, nouns, prepositions, pronouns proofreading, spellings, etc.

English Grammar allows you to download the pdf and videos of lessons to enable offline access. Enriched learning solutions like blogs and infographics take away the pain and bring more interesting ways of learning this global language.

Thinking of carving a niche for yourself as a content writer? English Grammar offers the best tools like word counter and grammar checker that corrects spelling errors, punctuation, and offers style suggestions. it can help you write polished English like a native writer when done constant practice.

App Link: Web link

4. Learn American English online

learn american english online

Learn American English Online is your one-stop solution for mastering American English. This free tool has all the features essential for developing communication skills that keep American English at the core of teaching. Find nuances of American English, Spellings, Expressions, etc, using which you can prepare to live like a local in the USA. It is designed to provide all-around support to American English learners.

The website has color-coded lessons in blue, red, yellow, green, purple, orange, and violet to provide a comprehensive progression path to early learners. The users can take up the courses on grammar and other fundamentals and move steadily through beginners, intermediate, and advanced grade learning stages.

With a clear and well-designed repertoire of audio, videos, quizzes, written information, and suggested reading resources, this website provides resources aligned to the needs of American English learners. Apart from the text-based resources, the users can browse through listening labs, YouTube videos, dialogue/conversation. Moreover, with the knowledge of slang and correct pronunciations, you can save yourself from various embarrassing situations during a typical day in America.

App Link: Web link

5. Many things

many things esl learning site

An ultimate website for people studying ESL, filled with lots of learning resources! You can participate in quizzes, listen to podcasts, access vocabulary builders and have reading sessions, etc. These resources can collectively make you an English expert with regular practice.

For quick learning, there are options like sentence generators available. The website is mobile-friendly and contains quite user-centric resources, such as grammar lessons to solve scrambled sentences, crossword puzzles, reading with audio, etc. With daily pronunciation practice enablers and learning supports like YouTube video with “listen and repeat” feature, American stories, and texts, this website serves your English-learning needs the best.

App Link: Web link

6. GCF Global

gcf global engllish learning platform

Are you looking for a featured-enriched platform to learn English? If yes, GCF Global serves as the best alternative. It offers well-designed lessons, engaging videos, and many interactive games, that allow building concepts and applying them to gauge progress.

Aspirants searching for solutions to improve writing and reading skills can benefit from tutorials for Grammar. The focus is on imparting practical ways of learning English. With corrective solutions. hints and tips on how to improve conversation, the users can bring more sophistication in their way of communicating in English.

In addition to learning conversation, the users can employ this website for building the writing skills too. The website focuses on routine writing, business writing and other essentialities that help learners excel in written communication. Regular practice is sure to bring fluidity in the way you write with English as a medium.

App Link: Web link

7. ABCya

abcya website

Learn English the gamification way with ABCya. This illustrative website amalgamates fun with learning and drives kids at early learning stage to foray further into language development. This app is designed to stimulate impressional minds of young learners to absorb interesting facts and concepts that can groom them into an English expert going forward.

Meant for preschoolers to Grade 6 students, ABCya is designed to offer progressive learning support to basic English learners. Starting from alphabets to forming words and further moving to phrase and sentence development, the users can excel at all stages leading to their becoming an English nerd.

As a young child, figuring out everything at once can be a bit overwhelming. This challenge to keep fears or resistance to learning away requires gamified or fun-filled ways of imparting instructions. ABCya stands out in its engaging appeal and provides tasks to do that can help young children build and enhance basic skills of English reading, listening, and writing. Whether it is comprehension abilities, speaking ability or accent development, you can make children English pros without burdening them with activities that look like boring tasks.

App Link: Web link

8. TV41

tv411 website vocabulary platform

TV411 is a seamlessly tailored learning hub that assists adults in learning English in an exceptionally practical manner. English language learners (ELL) of all age groups and from different professional backgrounds can accomplish their language building endeavors with simplified solutions available at this web interface.

The website walks the learners through all departments of English proficiency by giving them resources to acquire basic skills first. By applying their basic skills, they transition smoothly into more advanced learning. The high point of this website is its engaging video content that provides learners with high-quality language enhancement solutions.

It is not only about writing correct sentences or big essays error-free when it comes to adults’ needs of acquiring English skills. They require to be conversant in several writing arts that may range from journals to resumes, to even an autobiography someday. With the best grip on writing and conversational skills available at this website, they may give a positive direction to their career by making that much-needed impression.

App Link: Web link

Wrapping up

Websites offer you a compact yet detailed solution for learning and adopting English so that it looks coming from you naturally. When you want to supplement the usual instructions like speak and write daily, add a new word to your vocabulary every day, etc. with other beneficial features having a deeper impact, websites can offer you a proven support.

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