Free Printable Prime and Composite Number 1-100 Charts [PDF]

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Read and write the numbers, and then perform operations like addition and subtraction. All is hunky-dory till this point. The real struggle starts when somebody tells you that these numbers have got the types too. What?!!! Yes, it is perhaps the first reaction you may receive from a child.

In pre-primary days, they learn about odd number, even number, dodging number, etc. Going further, numbers do acquire different names, depending upon how these can be broken down into smaller parts. One such classification is prime and composite numbers. In this post, we have provided you with prime and composite numbers printable PDF charts to learn and practice.

What do prime and composite number 1-100 charts offer?

We have designed prime and composite numbers charts keeping certain learning requirements in mind. These are:

  • Engaging visual presentation of the concept: Identify and pick prime numbers and composite numbers from 1-100 numbers set. To clear the smallest shred of doubt, we have highlighted the numbers containing prime and composite ones in different colors. Thus, your learning will be entirely confusion-free, and an ingrained one too.
  • Well-designed reference material: Learn prime and composite numbers with a more focused approach. We have purposely created two pre-filled printable PDF formats for prime and composite numbers separately. The idea is to help you grasp one concept to perfection without muddling it with the other.
  • Interesting practice tool: Apply what you have learned in the blank 1-100 prime and composite numbers charts PDFs. Once you are confident of knowing these numbers and want to check learning, you can solve the blank sheet by filling in the correct boxes.

Can’t wait to start using prime and composite numbers 1-100 chart? No worries! Please find below the printables PDFs for prime and composite numbers that you can download, save or print for free.

Free printable Prime Number 1-100 Blank Chart Template [PDF]
Free printable Prime Number 1-100 Chart Template [PDF]
Free printable Composite Number 1-100 Blank Chart Template [PDF]
Free printable Composite Number 1-100  Chart Template [PDF]

How to use prime and composite 1-100 number charts?

Early math learners tend to do a lot of mistakes in picking the prime and composite numbers from a given set. A quick trick lies in improving their performance by using these printable charts in a few interesting ways.

Just to give a quick recap of the concept, prime numbers have only two factors – 1 and the number itself. And composite numbers are numbers that may have more than two factors, in addition to 1 and the number itself. With this hint to apply, users can employ our free printables as:

  • Homework: Fill in the blank prime and composite numbers charts as a homework activity. We have filled in one number for you to give an idea.
  • Quick test: Give a quick test to the students by asking them to fill. Even prefilled charts can be used to do ‘identify prime and composite numbers’ activity. Put the chart in front of the student and ask him to put fingers on the prime or composite numbers when asked. It works as a good mental workout.
  • Classroom intervention material: Acquaint students with prime and composite numbers by giving them quick reference material. You can do a quick number talk session also, by asking them the strategy behind picking the number as prime or composite.
  • Progressive learning tool: Students who need extra effort in grasping numbers can start with prime number charts’ 2-3 lines only and then keep increasing the challenge cumulatively by covering more rows. Also, they may start with the prime numbers first, master them, and then move to composite numbers; finally, they can learn to pick both from the given set. Thus, you can adopt a systematic approach to ingrain this concept in students.

Summing up

Whether you are a teacher, a guardian, a student, or a self-learner, these prime and composite numbers 1-100 charts fit your individual requirements perfectly. Include these in your learning or teaching materials and move to higher proficiency levels with ease.

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