10 Prime Number Games And Activities For Beginners

prime number Games & Activities

The concept of a ‘prime’ number seems like an elite member of the number system. The word prime suggests that there is something special and unique about these numbers, something different from the non-prime or so-called regular numbers. In a way, that actually is the case with prime numbers. They might just be considered and … Read more

7 Fun Online Games to Learn and Practice Prime Factorization

Fun online games for learn prime factorization

Do you remember the last time you learned mathematics in the most fun way? Initially, calculations were done on paper and seemed boring! But, luckily for students today, the scenario has changed totally. Today, there are multiple options available, and one of them is learning through online games, which makes the learning part fun and … Read more

Free Printable Prime and Composite Number 1-100 Charts & Practice Worksheets [PDF]

Free Printable Prime and Composite Number 1-100 Charts [PDF] with blank template included

Read and write the numbers, and then perform operations like addition and subtraction. All is hunky-dory till this point. The real struggle starts when somebody tells you that these numbers have got the types too. What?!!! Yes, it is perhaps the first reaction you may receive from a child. In pre-primary days, they learn about … Read more