7 Fun Online Games to Learn and Practice Prime Factorization

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Do you remember the last time you learned mathematics in the most fun way? Initially, calculations were done on paper and seemed boring! But, luckily for students today, the scenario has changed totally. Today, there are multiple options available, and one of them is learning through online games, which makes the learning part fun and exciting.

These online games make tangled concepts of mathematics a piece of cake for the students! In this article, we are going to dive deep into the world of online gaming and know how it can help students to learn about prime factorization quicker and finer.

Online Games For Prime Factorization: Bliss Or Boon?

While there are other ways to learn Prime Factorization, learning mathematical concepts through online games is subsequent to learning through traditional methods. This might sound startling, but playing online Prime Factorization games has students learning faster than the other ways. There are several reasons why playing online Prime Factorization games can be constructive for students. Some of them are more focused, attention to detail, and comprehension of the concept. 

Students are more attentive to the details and get more focused while playing games. This way, students learn more complex mathematical concepts easily.

Playing games can bring many responses to problems, following patterns, completing tasks, critical thinking, and activities like these hammer upon thinking! When a student tries to find the solution, that is the moment they start learning maths. 

However, there are limitations to gaming. Modern gaming is exposed to violence, politics, entertainment, etc. Sticking to the right guided path is essential. Using games correctly can bring needed results. This is why indulging in learning games, which can benefit the student by helping them learn a concept like Prime Factorization, can be a virtue. 

Today, complex maths for students such as Prime Factorization is solved by playing online games. Digitalization has brought the attention of all the teachers and students to the screens of their laptops and tablets. Children can now learn and play games at the same time. 

Games that make learning prime factorization fun

1. Sigma Prime 

Sigma Prime

Sigma Prime is a game about an Alien invasion. The game’s ultimate goal is to break them down by throwing lasers on them. This is possible only when you perform division and multiplication. This fun survival game intrigues the students as they have to fight for their lives, be the players of the game, and simultaneously perform prime factorization to save their lives and end the aliens. 

2. Meteor Defense 2

Meteor Defense 2

Set in an unknown planet, this fun game demands students to calculate whether the meteor pacing towards the surface is a prime number or not. The ultimate mission is that you have to hit a Prime Number, and if you don’t, the meteor starts pacing up. Try to avoid getting your shelters destroyed by the Meteor and keep calculating as fast as you can. Once the player begins hitting more meteors, the density increases, and your calculations have to pace up as well. 

3. Factorization Forest

Factorization Forest

This is a question-and-answer game for middle school students, giving an aesthetic feel of a forest and nature. Choosing to build a forest in the game, each time when students give the right answer, they get to add a tree of their choice in the forest. This online game is free to play for students as it welcomes them to bring their skillset to practical usage. By answering correctly and getting a tree as a reward acts as encouragement for the students to practice prime factors through this game. 

4. Ninja Numbers

Ninja Numbers

Much like Fruit Ninja, your sword will cut the prime numbers in this game, and you will earn points. If you cut non-prime numbers, you will get strikes, and three strikes will mean the game is over. This can be good practice for quick thinking and acting accordingly. Games have always made students smarter as they demand a lot of attention and decision-making abilities. Ninja Numbers is an enjoyable and fast game with an exciting interactive user interface and a lot of colors. This game establishes the fact that learning need not be boring and can also involve fun. 

5. MathPup Hook Prime Composite

MathPup Hook Prime

A little puppy is swinging between two points until you hit the Prime number that is floating on the screen. This game is point-based, as you keep kitting the Prime numbers you will earn points. However, this game doesn’t come with a time clock, so you can keep swinging the puppy as long as you like. The game restarts when you hit the wrong number. But you have infinite chances to practice and calculate which number is the correct Prime number floating on the screen. 

6. Factor Trees

Factor Trees

Sometimes, playing alone can prove boring and uninteresting, but playing against a player can be challenging and fun. Factor Game brings you the experience of playing against a computer mastermind in which the computer will try to defeat you by giving you a tough equation to solve. Different numbers are displayed on the trees, and the player needs to give the correct prime factors for the number displayed. For example, the number 75 appears, for which, the student must give the two prime factors. Later, the bigger number again needs to be simplified. This way, students learn prime factorization and simplification of large numbers. 

7. Factor Feeder

Factor Feeder

Factor Feeder can make anyone hungry for knowledge as well as food. As a player, you are tasked to find factors for a given number and eat number titles to hit correct answers and score high. This game is fun, exhilarating yet inculcates learning. Factor feeder will become the go-to game for students who find it challenging to understand prime factorization.

Improved Learning Process

Mathematics can be a troublesome subject when it comes to memorizing. With so many formulas and different strategies to apply, maths is easily labeled as boring and tough! Prime Factorization can be a part of this bracket where students find themselves baffled. 

Prime Factorization can be a complex concept, and the only way to get better is by practicing it regularly. Through the medium of the game, students get to apply and see if they get the correct answer. This learning technique is utilized in many parts of the world and is growing widely. 

The improved learning process is the sole motto of allowing students to have access to online educational games to improve their skills. Moreover, these online games can also be used by educators and parents to check the comprehension of the student when it comes to prime factorization. This makes these online games a great testing tool. 

Wrapping up,

The complexity of Prime Factorization can leave children bewildered and confused most of the time. With passing time, students are becoming more reliant on the internet and becoming aware of its benefits. Online games are also stress-busters for students while learning topics like Prime Factorization and tough calculations. From learning about percentages to square roots, there are many more online games that we have talked about, which can help your child in countless ways. If you have any other prime factorization game recommendations, tell us in the comments section below!

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